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"Move and F*king die" cop fired. (video)

The Hurst, Texas police officer that was caught on film physically and verbally assaulting a 17-year-old boy has been fired, according to NBC-DFW.

“Hurst police officer Disraeli Arnold has been fired after being recorded on video threatening a teen and using profane language,” NBCDFW.com states.

Officer Arnold, a four-year police force veteran who was deemed “embarrassing” by his police department after footage of the incident surfaced, was filmed in November arriving to “assist” his colleague who, at the time, was struggling to detain a lively 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez.

“On Thursday, Hurst police said Arnold was ‘indefinitely suspended for violations of Hurst Police Department General Orders and Civil Service rules relating to his actions on Nov. 20, 2012′ and ‘an internal affairs investigation was conducted for violations … to include the unnecessary use of force, being disrespectful to a citizen, and the use of indecent, profane, or harsh language in the performance of official duties,’” reported NBC. “Arnold has 10 days to appeal the termination.”

In the video, Arnold can be seen running up to his fellow officer and landing a knee to Rodriguez’s head.

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Department is limiting its liability in case of lawsuit.

If it can be shown that the victim's rights were violated the cop may end up forfeiting his home and wealth.

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Unnecessary use of force?

How is that not "assault" and then why is the cop not in jail?

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Coming to a town near you.

He's a child molester, kid was 17.

They have lists for that.

Free includes debt-free!