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Oathkeepers Video

I came across this on youtube and wanted to share it with DP
It's good to know there are people like this out there!

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I took great comfort knowing Oathkeepers existed when I found it

5 or 6years ago. But here is where we are today: Oathkeepers are not the ones who will get the order to disarm us. There are foreign troops all over this country now. Most active duty cops and military are NOT Oathkeepers, they are mercenaries. If we are to prevent a civil war or door to door gun confiscation / fights, we need people who will arrest traitors. We need people who will STOP those who try to execute un-Constitutional orders, and the easiest way to stop them is BEFORE they enact un-Constitutional laws.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm Hoping

those people you speak of will be the oathkeepers. After all, they are trained and informed.


Really Wish

people here would watch this. I found it encouraging. Thoughts anyone?


It's good

but like with so many other similarly themed videos, the music is way too loud. Tends to drown out the words.

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