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Gun Control Public Service Announcements

Hey Daily Paulers, Orion Talk Radio has made 4 - 1 minute Gun Control Public Service Announcements and posted them on youtube. Please have a listen and feel free to re upload them, share them with friends or put on your websites.


All the best in 2013 from the hosts here at orion

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Public announcements

I always strive to compile/find the shortest and to the point messages to deliver. These are perfect.

Make discs and distribute to local sporting/gun shops/police/etc.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

They are

'perfect', aren't they? ...short, sweet and to the point.

Thanks OP for sharing them here.

I posted them on Twitter, one by one--allowing others to share them all, or just share their favorite(s)...

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GREAT short & sweet "facts about gun control" segments!

I sure hope these can be spread widely to the general public. Just the kind of "Public Service" (by highly motivated private individuals!) we need. Kudos & thanks to Orion Talk Radio!


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