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Important (Stunning!) Document Released


After many years of research, under the radar, an International law group and it's subsequent partners, uncovers the structure by which the banking "powers that WERE" (formerly the "powers that be") run and control individuals, the U.S. and other countries through the Uniform Commercial Code. This article is a summary of the group and their work, followed by links to filed documents and interviews. It was just announced a few days ago and will be big news (alternatively speaking) in the weeks to come.


UILO Doc. UCC No.’s

Caleb Paul Skinner
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Hollis Randall Hillner

Guarding, preserving, protecting and implementing
the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within

public policy, UCC 1-308, The Public Trust, through its duly bonded
Trustees of record, UCC 1- 201(31) and (33), knowingly, willingly, and
intentionally duly issues this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of DISCLOSURE
regarding “POINT ZERO” pursuant to mandate, this December 25th, in the
year of our creator, Two Thousand and Twelve as the creator lives, the
following is true and correct and we are competent to say so:

Yes. The Commercial Registry. The Uniform Commercial Code. Commerce.
Whether “Domestic” and “International”…matters not. Over many moments of
present, it was quietly and covertly made the supreme law of all lands
on earth, the secretly prized pinnacle of human capital and natural
wealth registration and management of what have been formerly referred
to as the “powers that be.” With feverish focus and commitment, it has
been made uniform right before your very eyes…albeit, “eyes wide shut”
for the most part. What is not widely known, is that this “supreme law”
has been duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE and duly gifted to the people
equally and jointly as their full indefeasible title, ownership, and
rights as SECURED PARTY, a matter of record, unrebuttable and

In line with the most skilled magicians known and unknown, the existence
of another sort of “magician” began to emerge. A sort with the
unrivaled charisma, acting skills, and “backing” of the most decorated
talent. A sort with a fanatically deep-rooted and cultured focus and
commitment that was perceived by them as “un-rootable”,
“undiscoverable.” This sort, deceptively tantalized the people with the
distraction of CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRACY created by the slight of
knowingly arrogant hand on one side, while the other hand covertly
REGISTERED the Truth in COMMERCE by the “slight of the pen” with the

Swearing absolute solidarity amongst their own kind, this sort agreed
to secrecy…never to reveal the Truth, for fear and absolute knowing
that this sort’s world, nay their very existence, would end if the Truth
were ever known to “their audience”, “their capital”, the people. At
the very best, if the Truth be known, the people would no longer believe
and pay tribute again, leaving this sort of magician to disintegrate in
the sole vampiric company of their own kind. At the very worst….well,
this sort never got this far. Their ego was so great they could not
fathom someone outside of their inducted kind competent enough to
discover the Truth, let alone someone being of capacity, willing and
intent to effectively use and enforce it…

In order to insure this sort’s Agenda, they routinely and tirelessly
trained their apprentices to practice this sort’s “magic”. At any and
all costs, the Agenda was deviously preserved, protected, and, for the
most part, quietly and covertly implemented by REGISTRATION in COMMERCE.
When doubt crept in amongst their own kind, this sort would resort to
the darkest methods imaginable and unimaginable to keep their kind “in

(continue with link above)

Link to original documents: http://www.peoplestrust1776.org
Link to Interview with Trustee: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com

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Who believes this garbage? I

Who believes this garbage? I imagine a little digging will turn up Benjamen Fullford.

Even if this were somehow true, what the hell possible good could come of giving a bunch of mindless sheep billions of $ worth of gold? The only thing that would accomplish is to devalue gold to the point of worthlessness by erradicating scarcity.

What possible good comes of a thing which gives everyone free crap? Its the giving of free crap that has sewn the seeds for where we are today as it is.

This is as looney-toon as it gets. You can tell just by listening to the bozo talking about it. He sounds like he's 15 and the word "Cosmic" appears in his first sentence. Never a good sign.

There are no armies of super-ninjas coming to save us. Jesus isn't landing to nuke the evil bankers. You are not getting a bunch of money for free from the White Hats. But most of all.. I cannot stress this enough: The banking empire is not going to be surrendering because some dumbass filed a form at the Hauge.

Remember all the arguments we make against gun laws? CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS. What makes anyone think the banksters at the top would ever decide to hang their heads and call it quits because someone filed a paper? They OWN the law enforcers.

Seriously, stop with the delusional floaty hopful garbage. Dig your heels in, take your local party over and start MAKING change.

Why so negative man?

Chill out, smoke a J or something. Even if it is pointless, WTF you getting so worked up for?

Unlike you, I personally haven't given into some complete doom scenario where 100% of those in the system are there for evil purposes. At best they're just un-awakended individuals trapped in the web. What if enough of Good guys can actually sow their own seeds of Truth here and there.

No one knows where this is all going. none of it. We just have to keep going regardless of any crazy promises like getting billions of dollars.

And for the record, giving away free crap is NOT what got us into this mess. The People who's land became the USA were people one with nature, of sharing, of community, without a monetary system and what DID fuck it up were the people that came over here and saw these people and their culture as EASY TO WIPE OUT rather than to learn from and be inspired. There's no money in that.

People will make change how they see fit and many just like any bit of optimistic outlook no matter how crazy it may sound. You got success stories to share of your own, then share them, motivate people instead of shitting on them. We're all in this together so have a bit of respect. That's basically what this is all about anyway.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


That was one hell of a good read.

Am I a lawyer? No. Do I know for certain this is legit? No.

But do I understand that my rights are given to me by my Creator? YES. That any other system that places itself in between myself and my Creator-given rights is a false illusionary system that ONLY exists because I have consented to it? YES.

These events seem to be a Legal definition and declaration of these "Prime" rights from our Creator that stand above any imposed system of participatory slavery.

I cannot begin to imagine how this will all turn out, nor can anyone else, because we, as Human Beings, have NEVER been in this situation before. This is a new paradigm shift. A consciousness shift. A spiritual revolution where LOVE "governs" all.

We are Close.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Proof that you as an Individual are a "Corporation."

According to these docs all individuals, businesses, the IRS, even countries are designated corporations and then run through the UCC. That IS the secret government.

Google "strawman and stock exchange." All corporations have to be listed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. When you were born and an application was filled out for a birth certificate, you as an individual became a corporate entity. Look at any of your licenses, etc., and your name will be in all capital letters. On your bank checks your name will be in capital letters, and because the account is in the name of a corporate entity, you as John Doe the person (lower case) cannot sign your name EXCEPT as someone authorized by the corporation to do so. So if you look on the signature line it will be slighly fuzzier than the other lines on the check and there will be a small MP which means the line is in "microprint" (you can see samples of this if you google "straw man and stock exchange.) Or you can get a very powerful magnifier. What the microprint says is "authorized signature only."

And you never knew....Try calling your bank tomorrow and see if they will let you print your name in lower case. Not that anyone at that level has a clue either.

I believe you're correct

On birth Certificates your name is in all Caps and is the first such document that does classify you as a corporation. Not sure it matters whether other documentation has it in caps since the Earliest document is usually the binding one.

All in all, this is just on paper. It's all an illusion. And once you know that it really doesn't matter. It's just how they get you into The Matrix.

If any of this declaration stuff is legit it's gonna be like a Legal Red Pill.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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My checks beg to differ

My name is in mixed case on my checks.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

This is related to this story

Italy’s central bank blocks Vatican credit card payments


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Show me the money

I'll believe it when I see the money in my hands, or when UPS delivers my 3 million ounces. Just a like skeptical here.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

No mention of this on

NESARA's Website?

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

If this is true...

Then every man woman and child on the planet will receive 3 million ounces of gold at the present market rate. The foundation of this according to the person making the announcement is the intrinsic inner worth of every human being.

This would place everyone on a level playing field and symbolically fulfil a particular Biblical promise:

Isaiah 40:3 A voice cries out, “In the wilderness clear a way for the Lord; construct in the desert a road for our God. 40:4 Every valley must be elevated and every mountain and hill levelled. The rough terrain will become a level plain, the rugged landscape a wide valley.40:5 The glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it at the same time. For the Lord has decreed it.”

This prophecy was repeated by the prophet John the Baptist in Luke 3:4-6 relating to the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is also applicable to the present time when the corporate Messiah, Head and Body, is to be revealed worldwide.

Symbolically this is perfectly in keeping with other events taking place in the spiritual dimension at this point in time. (Gold is the symbol of the nature and character of God.)

Once this universal equality is established then no one need work. The curse of Adam will be lifted and the compulsion to work will be cancelled.

Genesis 3:17 "But to Adam he said, “Because you obeyed your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat from it,’ cursed is the ground thanks to you; in painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. 3:18 It will produce thorns and thistles for you, but you will eat the grain of the field. 3:19 By the sweat of your brow you will eat food until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you will return.”

At this point true freedom will be realised and only voluntary service will be necessary. This once again is a realisation of a prophetic picture given by the Lord Jesus Christ at the time of the last meal He ate with His disciples just before His betrayal, trial and Crucifixion.

John 13:3 "Because Jesus knew that the Father had handed all things over to him, and that he had come from God and was going back to God, 13:4 he got up from the meal, removed his outer clothes, took a towel and tied it around himself. 13:5 He poured water into the washbasin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to dry them with the towel he had wrapped around himself.

13:6 Then he came to Simon Peter. Peter said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?” 13:7 Jesus replied, “You do not understand what I am doing now, but you will understand after these things.”

The source of humility is spiritual power and of absolute humility absolute spiritual power.

These announcements should be understood for what they are, a symbolic description of the conditions obtaining in the Kingdom of God. In order to cope with the conditions of the Kingdom the nature of humanity must be changed into the nature and character of God. This is the work of the measure of the fullness of the Spirit of God that is to be dispensed by the sons of God when they are made manifest.

Ephesians 3:14 "For this reason I kneel before the Father, 3:15 from whom every family in heaven and on the earth is named. 3:16 I pray that according to the wealth of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in the inner person, 3:17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, so that, because you have been rooted and grounded in love, 3:18 you may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 3:19 and thus to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God."

When the woman called Heather who has written these things says that we are now free she is stating the Truth. This liberty is the result of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ which sets everyone free from the Adamic curse.

Romans 5:6 "For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. 5:7 (For rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person perhaps someone might possibly dare to die.) 7 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 5:9 Much more then, because we have now been declared righteous by his blood, we will be saved through him from God’s wrath. 5:10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son, how much more, since we have been reconciled, will we be saved by his life?

5:12 So then, just as sin entered the world through one man and death through sin, and so death spread to all people as a result of which all sinned...5:15 But the gracious gift is not like the transgression. For if the many died through the transgression of the one man, how much more did the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the one man Jesus Christ multiply to the many!...5:18 Consequently, just as condemnation for all people came through one transgression, so too through the one righteous act came righteousness leading to life for all people."

In the spiritual dimension there is no time and everything is present as it always is. The outworking of the spiritual reality of the Redemption provided by the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world must be worked out over time and this is why God created Time.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Sounds like

Somebody doesn't want you to keep doing what your now doing..a distraction.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

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+1 bump


The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson



If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

The elites break the law

all the time. They own governments and their armies, legal systems, and law enforcement entities. They own the mechanized means to dispose of much of humanity. It's sad, but true. We've all slept too long and through too much to be able to reverse the course in any peaceful, epiphanic manner.

Sorry to be negative. I hate being negative.

This is nice and all, but the fraudsters won't "go peacefully"; they know that their own persecution--never mind prosecution--will result. They will not humbly shrug their shoulders and say "Sorry, you can have it all back....". Twisted minds do not transcend.

I can't see anything close to a peaceful transfer of "power" happening, no matter how lawful it may be on paper. Our federal government, alone, would have to reconstitute itself--never mind all MS media, etc.--and purge its own overwhelming criminal element and mode of operations, etc.

Their end game is our destruction, and no amount of last minute "shining the light" on anything will avert disaster.

What army (literally ARMY(IES) of thousands plus) of "good guys" is going to back this "law"? Because that is what it will take.

There was some talk a couple of years back about something similar... accompanied by the revelation of free energy for all, etc. etc. etc. ... ? Seems like somebody was effing with us.

I do love to be proven wrong, however....

What would the Founders do?

What army of thousands will it take? GOOD QUESTION

Because, as Heather Tucci, the designated Trustee says, it is important to know that right now, with the filing of the documents, that YOU ARE FREE. It is in FULL FORCE and EFFECT. It is CURED, it is DONE. You can actually use the documents to sort any situation in which you currently find yourself (when no harm was done) and this is being tested already.

It is done basically by (respectfully) asking a series of questions which leads your protagonist to the "ah ha" of knowing that the authority is not there to fine you, jail you, foreclose on you, whatever the situation might be. Always you are trying to go back to the authority they have to do what they are doing. She tested it in one county in her state of Washington and before it was over 19 judges had recused themselves!

Remember the couple that said they would be happy to pay their mortgage debt if they could show them who has the title? The case was dismissed, no payments ever again? Think this on a larger scale.

They are working right now on a statement to help individuals test this for themselves. I don't think I would start with the IRS. :) For now it is important to pass this on to all of your blogs, forums and most importantly to realize, to act, to BE as if you are free. By your very statement of "how many will it take?" you can see that we ARE the army of thousands, one by one. There is only one person that needs to be convinced. ME.

You may be right, but stay positive

Change is coming, albeit slowly. It is unraveling. Keep the faith.

I hope you're right.

I'll keep my fingers crossed....

What would the Founders do?

This really is

confusing, and hard to believe.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Not hard to believe, impossible

You have to be really, really, really high or really gnikcuf dumb to believe this fantasy. Yes, I said you are dumb if you believe this.

The conspiracy theorists that push this poop are the lowest class of tinfoilers... Fellow them if you want to be fined, go to jail or ripped off...


Does anyone remember Tim turner selling national ID cards for sovereign straw people? When he suckered all those lower level primates into electing him "president of the lollipop brigade" Everyone prepaid for his dumbass worthless identification cards and then the machine was stolen? Lol. I have no sympathy for suckers and I have only hatred for flimflamerry


When he suckered all those lower level primates into electing him "president of the lollipop brigade"

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I like fiction, but this is

Outrageously stupid.

Not so....

You didn't get past the legalese. The working theory is brilliant. Whether they can pull it off, is one thing. But it's totally brilliant. Really, skip the legal documents, they are there for the "powers" to see the details. Go to the interviews and the discussions.

I would say we are free and we need act accordingly.

I am we'll past the premise

I've swam through rivers of this bullshit. By the way, you have as much justification calling this Cantonese as you do legalese...

Legalese, Cantonese...it's all Greek

We are all jaded, with good reason. We've had many disappointments. And you could be absolutely right.
But stay with it a bit. Would you rather be right or happy?

If you believe this...

...then I have another important (stunning!) announcement for you. Alright, it turns out I'm the legitimate heir of Napoleon Bonaparte, right...and, uh, well the Louisiana purchase turned out to be fraudulent, because of Section 6.09 D3(r)P.a.(d)3(r)P of the Uniform Commercial Code...uh, LLC Inc. PERSON person. So, therefore, I still own it...so, uh..all you living east of the Mississippi, kindly send me the deeds to your houses...if you do this, I'll use my influence as His Highest Imperial Majesty to make the Treasury send you those Securities of the Person you're always asking about, no sales tax, promise...okie dokie?


...O foolish man, what can you not be made to believe?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Ready to sign over my deed

Does anyone have a crayon?


January 20, 2013 at Noon—Inauguration Day

The President-elect will take the Oath of Office and becomes the President of the United States.

For now, only the Congress and the courts have the authority to rule on substantive legal issues. "Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration"


The USA at the moment does NOT have a president.

It's so simple.....

Let's all make up a name and write up some pseudo-religious-legaleze. No, I am not a "bondservant" to this person's "creator".

I bet the IRS already has a form to file.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Legalese and the IRS

It's a legal document. The language has to be very precise. Legalese is never fun to read.

It's not about religion. It's an entire legal strategy. The Declaration of Independence says we have rights endowed by our creator. So that is not unusual...it is going back as far as you can go. Legally valid and necessary in this case to go back to "prime," or "zero-point."

Apparently everything set up by the Powers was a corporation and run through the UCC. Including the

You misunderstand

I could understand the language just fine. You keep replying to posts here as if we are all idiots and cannot read. I could read it. I get it. It is BS and moronic to waste the time.

Good luck studying you "maritime law" and the great hidden code known as......wait for it...... "Capital Letters"! Ahhhh!

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain