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Liberty Simplified - New Talkshoe Call "Revelations In Law"

Join up with the witness protection program. Be your brother/sister's witness!

I hope you all enjoy my debut as one of the hosts of a new talkshoe call helping to simplify the law for those of you who would like access to the courts in order to defend your rights.


Intro #1 "What is the Game & Who are the Players?"
Intro #2 "Presumptions, Assumptions & Ordering a Meal."
Episode 1 "Capacity & the Person."
Debate #1 "Is the Path to Anarchy Through the Constitution?"

At the current time we do not have a set show schedule. If/when we get enough people wanting us to do live shows you will be notified of their airtime/day. If you would like to get on the notification list send me a PM or email me @yahoo.com.

Blessings :)

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For Debate #1 "Is the Path to Anarchy Through the Constitution?"

thanks, vince!

keep 'em coming!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Finished Your 1st Debate :

You have certainly chosen an arduous work for yourself.

All the Best

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Good Start :

I like your analogy between Bench sitter judges and Sports Referees. Clear and simple examples.

I would never consider the Prosecutor a “Sovereign” bringing “Charges” in a STATE initiated action. The Plaintiff is the PEOPLE of the STATE of ( wherever ), or the Department of CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ( pick any bureaucracy ) .

They are the Plaintiffs in Action. Prosecuting Attorney is mere representative of same.

So, the PEOPLE eh? Guess what? You are presumed one of the PEOPLE. Otherwise you wouldn't be there consenting to be governed.

It's recently been nailed down that an infraction type of Arrangement is Administrative in nature. ( possibly ALL Arraignments ). Interesting as Administrative Law was set up to keep the government in line. Not individual you or me. Government cannot be Plaintiff in an admin. Action. Unless you establish Standing you consent to answer the charges you've presumptively brought against yourself as one of THE PEOPLE.


In Intro #2, you hit a nail on the head. Counter Claim is KEY to establishing your Standing. Arraignment is where you gotta make it. Here is where you Notice them. Written Counter Claim filed in a timely manner.

Part of the Claim establishes that gov. agencies and such aren't qualified to bring a complaint in the first place. So then what am I doing here ( you time wasting idiots ) ?

Some test cases are under way that are proving interesting results. The people involved are never called to the Bench to Plead or Answer. POOF – all gone.

I hope they have presence of mind to get a copy of the daily Court Docket to see if their matter is listed in the roll. I doubt it.

So what we have is apparently cases being Withdrawn without Notice.

Dang. It was boring enough to have to sit in the gallery all day to have your matter heard and possibly dismissed in an other wise empty room. Or continued till next week and assignment to a Magistrate in an Arbitration room where there IS no Gallery for potential witnesses.

Now we gotta sit there all day to make certain we aren't set up for a Bench Warrant.

Oh well. The Fun Never Ends.

Otherwise, Good start.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Actually in most states

it is the STATE CORPORATION that is the plaintiff. The simplest way to shut any prosecutor down is to invoke Trinsey v Pagliaro which stated "Statements of council in brief or in argument are not sufficient for summary judgement."

The DA has no first hand knowledge of anything. He can't testify. All he can do is call witnesses and enter evidence onto the record.

I agree he is merely a representative. The nice thing is he's a rep of an entity that cannot speak for itself thereby once you shut the DA up they basically can't do a darn thing. UNTIL that point however the DA is considered the "sovereign of the court" IMO. It's up to you to challenge his standing or you accept that status if you're not objecting to his asserting it and attempting to make you subject to his rule.

Actually you are assumed to be a corporate employee of US INC as a "US citizen" for more on that check this link:


You are dead on with the administrative "law" presumption. The judge is administrating a CORPORATE estate that is named after you (which is the PERSON) because you have not declared an executor in your will... see on paper YOU'RE DEAD.

IRS has you listed as a decedent - this entire fraud is done in probate courts where you're considered dead or "lost at sea" and therefore cannot administrate your own affairs, so the state steps up and does their trustee duties.

Best wishes with whatever you got going on... feel free to msg me if you'd like to discuss it and perhaps I can give you some suggestions :) Always happy to.

Good Post D T :

Second Trinsey v. Pagliaro, D.C. Pa. 1964, 229 F. Supp. 647 .

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

I'll Give an Upvote :.

And listen. Wonder how quick this gets moved to "Weird Stuff" ?

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info


Third recording is up - "Capacity and the Person"

Feedback appreciated.


Well said. I can understand what you say.

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+1 bump


The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Thanks J.D.

I am PRAYING that this is the catalyst to create the "100th monkey effect" - not that I think anyone here is a chimp ;-) The only reason folks cannot achieve justice in the courts is because the PTB have succeeded in making the process APPEAR DAUNTING... but it's all just an illusion to distract you from seeing that this is exactly what is going on.

HERE... look at ME in my BLACK ROBE... I'm the BOSS! When in fact the robe should have some white stripes so the sports fans will recognize the judge for what he is.

To accept that the judge is running things would be the same as watching a football game where there is one coach and two teams - instead of two coaches, one ref and a bunch of fans in the stands.

Consider if there are no fans in the stands... isn't that basically a "scrimmage?" It's practice. So when these attorneys are doing all this stuff in hearings as well as pre-trial they are just PRACTICING.

We do not want to practice law when our rights are concerned. We do our practicing at home and show up for game day prepared.

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Carl Miller told the judge over his case for illegally practicing law "I ain't practicing I know what the hell I'm doing" when asked "Did you practice law without a license?".

He said for that case he defended himself with a clause in American Jurisprudence volume 16 on Constitutional Law, a copy of SCOTUS case Murdock V. Pennsylvania and a U.S. Constitution.

He uses the Murdock V Pennsylvania ruling that says something along the lines of a government can't take a Right and issue a license or a fee for that right.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Yeah just about

although I believe it's "license and a fee for it."

Common sense, but not common knowledge.

Vince, I listened to this. I commend your efforts and hope that you will continue.

Work on presentation a tiny bit [less pause, better flow] and it will go far :-)

The analogies are terrific.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Actually I left the pauses in

to give the listener a chance for each point to sink in.

It's tailored for people that are not as abreast of these topics as you and I. Thanks for the feedback.


Ahh, so that's why those analogies sunk in so well!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


If you can't visualize it... you're flying blind.

interesting information,

interesting information, thanks.

Thanks for the encouragement Bill

Thanks guys...

Please do not forget to vote-up and spread the information. If you believe this should be front page information please let the mods know. I feel if the folks at DP could understand how the Law works they would be able to defend their rights and it wouldn't matter what the politicians do.

Think about it... virtually every politician is an Attorney AT law who perverts it to their own narrow-minded, greedy aims. They want you to vote, send them money and watch them on TV instead of ignoring them and just learning how to stand up for yourself when they want to do something TO YOU through the courts.

There's absolutely no need for a CIVIL WAR. If people want to kill each other there's obviously nothing we can do about it.

...but you do have a choice. I'll leave the porch light on for ya ;-)


Keep up the good work.

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Praise YHWH!

Awesome post.

Thanks bro. Of course I want liberty! :)

The Law

The Law can be a great sport if you know how to play by the rules.