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What other countries have the individual's right to bear arms written into their constitution?

I have not studied this question that much, however it seems significant to me that the right to keep and bear arms is written into our nation's founding document.

Is it true that most other industrialized countries have already been disarmed? Were their governments limited by their constitutions in writing from infringing upon these rights? If so how were those restrictions circumvented legally? If not, how convenient.

The simple sentence of the 2nd amendment seems to be presenting quite a legal hurdle in order to complete the conformation of America to the status of the rest of the socialized industrial world.

As if this wasn't clear enough already, if the gun regulations they are proposing at a federal level are passed, there should be no question that we are not operating under the government of the Constitution of the United States of America, but under some other corporation with other rules.

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