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Sandy Hook Top Unanswered Questions

I'd like to compile a brief list of questions regarding the Sandy Hook shootings to be sent to all our major networks. So please submit your questions and vote them up or down. Please no discussions, just the question you want answered.

In an effort to use the voting as the determining factor, please no lists, maybe a question and a related follow up.

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What is the significance of the DHS run HSEEP operations

held directly next to the school two years prior to the shooting?

Who wrote the script for this story?



What guns were used for what.

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hey Peggy R

did you read the post?
questions only, please.
there are plenty of threads with an abundance of discussion you can post your comment on.
i didn't reply to you directly so you may edit your comment to a question if you wish. and don't reply to me so i can change this to a question.

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Someone on my FB page posted this comment below. I hope it is true

I personally know someone who lost his daughter, and I have been told from a firsthand source that the parents and many towns people are now asking the same questions. It is not "FB bullshit" It has nothing to do with Facebook. I didn't make the above video. Please don't call this "bullshit" before doing any of the research. I don't support and follow "bullshit." They are not telling the truth. They are not showing the video feeds. They are not talking about the second and third possible shooters apprehended by the police. Men wearing the same outfit as Lanza. The claims of the weapons used are absolutely conflicting and unsound. Nobody has confirmed yet what guns were used for what. Take a look yourself. The parents should appreciate people asking questions. Just because you can't wrap your head around the possibility that this was an intentional killing, not at all done by a "lone gunman" doesn't mean others don't care about the parents. People want answers. That's all.

My List Posted Before

1. The coroner's report on Nancy Lanza's time of death.
2. The coroner's report on Adam Lanza's time of death.

3. Statement by the police describing Ryan Lanza's identification found on Adam Lanza's body.

4. Statement by Natalie Hammond, wounded survivor at Sandy
Hook describing what she saw and heard.

5. Statement by the other unknown wounded survivor at
Sandy Hook describing what he (or she) saw and heard.

6. Statement by the custodian who ran down the hallway
warning about the gunfire as to what he saw or heard.

7. Statement by Adam Lanza's physician (if any) who:
diagnosed Lanza's mental state, list of pharmaceutical
drugs prescribed as a course of treatment, number of
follow-up visits, and any referrals to other qualified
mental health professionals.

8. Ballistic report confirming the guns used to murder
Nancy Lanza, the children and Adam Lanza were all from
the firearms kept at the Lanza home.

Why did the police handle and empty

the gun in the boot of the car?
Also, what drugs was the chief coroner on when he gave that ridiculous "interview"?

Why was the State of Connecticut

running a FEMA exercise that day called for dealing with the needs of children in a crisis?

How did the name Sandy Hook

get pointed to in the Batman movie as a "strike zone"?

How did Hurricane Sandy

make an immediate left turn(hook) virtually right over a bay named Sandy Hook?

Double Jeopardy:

What is poetic license ?


All the better to follow the story line ...

"The only way to understand present and future risks is to look into the past, ...”


... down the deep sink holes.


Playing out the scenarios in the jeopardy rounds.

[ I was wrong, I thought it was a pageant, ...


it's a game show for thinkers where framing questions is the answer. ]


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i got one

why was the staging area set up at the fire dpt.instead of where
the actual shooting took place?
who owns the car with the 2 bullet holes in door post?
okay,so that was 2,my bad

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

if the weapon used to

kill the victims used "special" ammo "designed to stay in the tissue", which weapon was fired through the wall and into the teachers car in the parking lot?

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Where is the security video footage?

Did anyone take crime scene photo's of the alleged shooter and the guns at the scene? Because from what I've seen, no one has given a consistent account of what guns really were there.

Also, have they been examined for prints?

Has it been determined what gun (or kind of gun) the bullet came from that killed the shooter?

Who were the people that the police had "proned out"?

Who was the person that a child witnessed the cops having face down cuffed in front of the firehouse?

Who were the two men that were running away in the woods?

Prescriptions and violent video games?

It’s time the entertainment and the drug industries step up to the plate for some accountability. Here’s my questions:

1.) Was this young man on any prescribed mind altering drugs? If so, give us the names?

2.) What kind of violent video games, or violent movies were found in his basement?

when were the permits pulled

to refurbish the new school?
were they planning to relocate before the shootings?

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

who was

the man caught in the woods? and who got away?

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

who does

Ct. tag # 872 - yeo belong to?

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
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