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We need a coordinated action to stop the gun ban.

I want PRE-EMPTIVE action. It is FOLLY to wait until this becomes law, then start trying to fight it. THIS NEEDS STOPPED
Here are my ideas, in the order of effectiveness from my perspective. Let me say, I HATE ideas that begin with "If we all" but this time, we really have to pull together or we lose. I would LOVE to see a better idea, or several of them. If you don't like mine, say so but PLEASE offer alternatives.

1. Contact every Congressman and Senator and advise them that "The People" are organizing to levy charges of treason against any and all members of the House and Senate that attempt to undermine the second amendment. If we got enough phone calls to them, the mere threat could put the brakes on this juggernaut.

2. Organize a mass protest day, not in one location because people have trouble getting around in this economy and weather, but at every city hall in America. Make it fun, have "Hunter eduction" and concealed carry classes, toy gun target shoots, whatever. But get the people out in public IN THEIR OWN TOWNS so that local officers understand how we feel.

3. That is it. I am out of ideas, and I don't like it. Please give me more options.