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Ten biggest killers in the U.S.

I would also insist on another classification. assault weapons. I believe are between 200 and 1000. http://jpfo.org/images11/10-big-killers-824.jpg Would not hurt to keep it bumped and put on front page.

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to put things into perspective

Nader did a study? Showed 700,000 medical casualties.

Maybe the doctors don't like smokers (snark)

My grandfather didn't die of tobacco use. His copper deficiency weakened his aorta to the point of aneurysm. How do they figure these numbers.

Still, this chart puts thing into perspective. Avoiding unneeded or free medical care is a safer path.

Over 30,000 die a year on Government roadways.

Free includes debt-free!

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I think I'll try to memorize this

so I can use it in conversation with my leftist friends.

Google is government.

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Bump for videographers & writers to incorporate in their

opinion pieces.

Thanks for the solid evidence/ numbers, doc011.