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I Did Not Believe in “Chem-Trails” Until I Moved to Aspen, CO

Mountains don’t naturally get haze. Fog, yes – fog is a natural phenomenon caused by the moisture in the snow and rivers, and fog is very low-lying, close to its source. What I keep seeing in the sky, though, sure does not seem natural.

A haze covers the bright blue skies that are characteristic of the Rocky Mountains. Not just once in awhile; many times right before there is a prediction for moisture (so it seems). So, are they seeding the clouds? Snow is important to many industries up here, and seeding clouds is no conspiracy theory – that is real. What is in the dispersant? How could it affect the eco-system? Of all of the progressive places in our country, people should seem to be very concerned here in the Roaring Fork Valley, right? Our water supply is precious – so is the soil and air that we breathe. If anything is being is dispersed into the pristine blue skies around us, shouldn’t we, as a community, have a discussion about the potential side-effects of these dispersants entering our soil, water, and air?

I am going to be documenting this. I honestly did not believe too much in the whole concept of “chem-trails” (whatever the “chemical” in chem-trails may be), until I talked with some long-time residents of the Roaring Fork Valley and started to watch the patterns and frequency of these huge swaths of white take over the sky. I would still not have believed in it, except for the resulting haze that is like a shadow. The sun does not peek through, the blue sky is not blue – it is a sullen gray. The haze sticks around, and doesn’t leave. If it were just water dispersing in the sky, it would fade. These white trails don’t fade. They take away my blue sky – our blue sky.

Let’s have a discussion about being honest with our community and country. Let’s talk about what is being done – not in a fear-driven way, but in a common-sense way. Envisioning Dick Cheney flying an airplane spraying toxic metals is non-conducive to fixing the problem (although entertaining). What is going on and what are the side effects? Is there anything we can do about it? Who makes these decisions and if we have no power over those decision-makers (because unfortunately, we oftentimes don’t have a lot of power over the people who technically work for us (government)) – then what can we do to protect our health and our ecosystem?

Many thanks to the people who took the time to share with me (in a non-fear-based way) information about the blue sky.

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maybe you are 14 years old??


I live in phoenix,az

And this issue has been making me wonder lately because I live next the the 12th busiest airport in the world. (Sky Harbor 19th camelback is where I live - 8 miles from the airport to be exact)

What's interesting is you never see these trails from the commercial planes. The commercial planes do have trails especially when they are higher up and since the adoption of the GPS it's the same trail over and, over since we share a foriegn border most international flights come from LA. So even the eastern bound international flights don't create these.

Anywho the only time I see them is in formation. It's either one/two lines from the commercial planes coming and going or a checkerboard over the city. Considering phoenix is in the middle of no where in terms of flying and going on the shortest route there is just not many reasonable explanations.

The same patterns should appear over and over from the commercial planes, and they do. But the other patterns have no sort of consistency other than they are usually seen on the warmer days and not during the winter. Personally, if they are cloud seeding they are doing a horrible job. Just on the other side of the rockies california is going through the worst drought in history and in AZ we're fine.

That's what bugs me most too.


I would expect more of a spiderweb pattern.

looking back at my posts

You would swear I hate comma,,,s with a passion.

Giant checkerboard

over North Texas today


Hi Tisha, I recently had someone bring up the topic of "chem-trailing" or Geo-engineering aka weather control while vacationing in another country. I didn't believe it. Then, in November, I had someone highly regarded in the U.S.speak about the subject. We began to investigate. Lo and behold we learned it is not new. China, Russia and the USA participate in weather control. There is a well-done H.D. documentary on You Tube called "Why In The World Are They Spraying?" It delves into the subject and quite frankly, creeped us out a bit. What we are experiencing in our Rockie Mountain Valleys is called micro-climate change and helps boost the economic situation in our areas. I'm with you Tisha, we are now documenting when chem-trailing is occurring over our local skies, how long it's occurring, and its 48-72 hour effect. Anyone doubting, just check out the video. Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEfJO0-cTis. Question More!



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Same in the Springs.

Hello everyone. First comment although I've been following along since I found the site after securing a county/state delegate slot for Ron Paul this past election cycle.

I've witnessed the same, nearly non-stop, pattern spraying in Colorado Springs. I moved away from 2007-2010 and when I moved back, the blue skies were gone and the 'haze' fell over the mountain range daily. Besides health and eco-system concerns, I would also be interested in knowing whether the spaying contributes to the dramatic changes we are experiencing in western wild fires. This report: http://www.climatecentral.org/news/report-the-age-of-western... states global warming is the likely cause. But if fine metal particles are part of what is being dropped, wouldn't that be blanketing our already dry forests with an accelerant that builds up over time? I'm not a scientist but I would think it would contribute greatly to the hotter, faster moving, larger and more destructive fires noted in the data. If that was ever proven to be the case, could the government be held liable for property and lives lost in the fires? Sorry...more questions than answers.

I was skeptical in 2008

I've been observing ever since.

I've no doubt that they are up to somewhat.

Water vapor behaves different from whatever they are spraying: Persistence, color, opacity are different. Time to get some cheap sunglasses, polarized of course.


Free includes debt-free!

Steve Quayle has said some

Steve Quayle has said some bizarre things about why they are doing this, beyond the simple reasons of poisoning the earth and creating a global warming problem. He said something really weird about altering the light spectrum, where the rainbow is no longer as bright as it was over 20 years ago. He says it changes the frequency of our perception and makes it more conducive for demonic entities to enter into the planet. And he said that by changing the light frequency on this planet they will be able to one day harness the demonic energy and create a Lucifer being from the machines they are working on. Apparently he said they are working on machines that are trying to bring in a demonic spirit, physically, into this realm.


Sounds legit

That's the most likely use. Obviously.

Eric Hoffer

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This thread from 2009, would have helped you prior to your move.

This thread has 55 pages of info. Enjoy.

Daily Chemtrail Report.....
Submitted by Nui on Thu, 03/05/2009 - 18:26



The 107th Congress, Mr. Kucinich introduced this Bill:


You will verify the Government is authorized to:

....(ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or dam
19 aging or destroying, a person (or the biological
20 life, bodily health, mental health, or physical
21 and economic well-being of a person)—.

......(II) through the use of land-based,
2 sea-based, or space-based systems using
3 radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic,
4 sonic, laser, or other energies directed at
5 individual persons or targeted populations
6 for the purpose of information war, mood
7 management, or mind control of such per
8 sons or populations;....

............(III) by expelling chemical or biologi10
cal agents in the vicinity of a person.

TELL ME NOW...................WTF................~!



The bill's intention is to prohibit the construction and testing of such weapons. [What you quote is actually just a definition to the `weapons' and `weapons system']

BUT, I do think it's strange exactly what is included and how it's worded:

"(III) directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation) against that object; or

(IV) any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means."

I'm wondering if some of those things in (III) are developed but unacknowledged. :P

You're taking the bill out of

You're taking the bill out of context. It was to PROHIBIT the use of these weapons, with the section you pasted being definitions of the earlier terms in the bill.



I think avoiding the conspiracy-favored term "chemtrails" would be beneficial. These discussions quickly devolve into conspiracy talk and becomes a forum for gloom and doom paranoid beliefs that mysterious forces are out to kill "us" with mysterious chemicals from the sky, when the most obvious threats against us are those happening right in front of us at a political level... "We have met the enemy and he is us."... Why not simply call it what it is, "cloud seeding"?

No need for political correctness...

There is nothing wrong with CHEMTRAIL as a term. It is an accurate term for what it represents: a trail consisting of one or more chemicals.

Which chemical(s)? That's a mystery -- isn't it? A chemical could be one element or a combination of elements.

"Chemical" is a vague and ambiguous term, and a chemtrail's chemical(s) -- whatever it/they may be -- couldn't be considered appropriately/consistently identifiable, no more identifiable than any mysterious Unidentified Flying Object.

However mysterious chemtrails may be, we know chemtrails are used to manipulate weather, so I cannot agree with any person exclaiming invalid statements, such as: "Chemtrails don't exist!", "Chemtrails are a hoax!", or "Chemtrails are nothing but a conspiracy theory!"


The term Chemtrails comes from the Air Force Pilots who first created a version of them.

My personal thought is much of the current ones come from new fuel additives.

Chemtrails is the Air Force term. They coined it.

No, it was coined by people

No, it was coined by people connected the Art Bell radio show, a notorious source of conspiracy theory nonsense for insomniacs and folks with too much time on their hands.


Going to have to disagree

The term was coined during WWII. If I see something saying it was coined in the 90's I know it's wrong in the same way saying Dick Army started the Tea Party is wrong.

Let's see the evidence.

Your claim: "The term Chemtrails comes from the Air Force Pilots who first created a version of them."

Your proof: ?

cloud seeding is a misnomer here

think of it this way

rowboat is to battleship as cloud seeding is to chemtrails

Another name could be used. How about "arrogant asses who think they can and should control the weather without a thought to blowback trails"

Bit of a mouthful, that. I'll stick with chemtrails.

Just open the box and see

Velveta you sound like I did in 2007

I was my state's Ron Paul meetup organizer and I was baffled by these folks that would come in and gripe about Chemtrails. One day at a meetup I said (and I'll always remember it), "Look, we all have 'issues' that have brought us to this meeting in support of Ron Paul, but I'm going to tell you Chemtrails is not the primary issue. I'm not even convinced it is an issue. Let's just focus on real life, OK? Let's focus on this upcoming election." and I ended with "Chemtrails are not my issue."

One very polite older woman spoke softly and said, "Isn't breathing an issue that concerns everyone?"

Well, on the day of Obama's Inauguration in January 2008, I saw the most weird thing.

It was sunset. The sky was covered in every single direction with these trails - just full of stripes in varying degrees of puffiness across the sky. And the sky had turned a serious red with the sun set. The stripes were leaving almost black shadows on the other red stripes. I grabbed my husband who is getting pretty annoyed with the whole Chemtrail chatter and I brought him out to look at it. We both stood there and stared. He said, "Well that's not normal". Since then I became more open to listening to this sort of stuff.

A couple of years ago I had forgotten my regular glasses (for distance) and had to wear my prescription sun glasses out on a very gloomy day. It wasn't raining but looked like it might. I was in my driveway and looked up at the sky. I saw several trails in the cloudy gray sky. I took off the sunglasses and couldn't see them. I put them back on - there they were. I went inside my house and got a camera with auto focus just to see if my vision was that bad with out my glasses. I took pictures nothing showed up but gray sky. I put my POLARIZED Sunglasses over the lens and took the picture. There were the trails!

My theory is that since the lens was polarized it is designed to detect glare from things like metal and defuse the reflective/distraction. In fact that's how they market Polarized lens. Since it was a cloudy day there probably was light bouncing around all over the place and the glare was probably not that great for the naked eye since it was cloudy. But somehow the polarized lens picked it up.

A friend of mine and I were at a street cafe near my house this past summer and I asked her if she could see the "trail" from the jet. She said no. I asked if she had polarized sunglasses. Yup. She put them on and said, "I'll be damned! no wonder my husband keeps talking about these things. He must see them all the time he wears prescription polarized glasses."

So Veleveta. Do you need to wear glasses? or do you have perfect vision? I'm finding the folks with perfect 20/20 don't see them as often as people who wear Polarized lenses.

I have since apologized, many times actually, to that woman from the meetup in 2007.

No longer theory, and not about cloud seeding.


Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Lisa Martino-Taylor

She's the source of the story in the video. Here's a direct link to her PDF: http://gradworks.umi.com/3515886.pdf


So she has what she considers proof and it occurred between 1945-70... In St. Louis. She has made it her "life's work" to uncover this proof, which is all in the massive (more than 500 page) PDF linked to above. I have no intention to read through every page of her PDF to determine if her data is a smoking gun or not. For the sake of argument, I'll assume everything she uncovered is true.

Having said that, there is zero proof any such tests are occurring today on a widespread basis and hundreds of accounts of hearsay and unsubstantiated opinions on the Internet isn't proof... it's a cottage industry.

Roselind Peterson has proof

I posted an interview with her below and it's exceptionally educational. She's an impressive investigator.

We don't call them chemtrails, we call it geo-engineering.

Agriculture Defense Coalation http://www.agriculturedefensecoalition.org/content/geoengine...

When it comes to global warming and climate change, we need look no further than geo-engineering. There are 60 government departments testing.. however, we are unable to test the plumes from flights of these military jets, there is no congressional or senate oversight.

It's a shame so many call them chemtrails.. we have advanced way beyond that.

So the very same government

So the very same government that can't do a single thing right, is incapable of the simplest things... THIS is the government that is "geoengineering" the entire planet with a secret coalition of countries, for the implied intention to subdue or slowly kill off the Earth's human population....Yeah. Right.

I don't understand your reply

Geo engineering is a NASA term. The information and research by Rosalind Peterson is from the government, explains treaties with Candada and Mexico, has maps, and charts that are from many county, state, national, federal records.

I don't see anywhere that Rosalind Peterson is talking about killing off the Earth human population.

I don't know where you are getting your information

"The term ‘geoengineering’ was coined in the early 1970’s by Italian physicist Cesare Marchetti and later formally published in the inaugural issue of the journal Climatic Change in 1977 to describe a method for ‘disposal’ of atmospheric CO2 through injection into sinking thermohaline oceanic currents (Marchetti, 1977). The term is a compound noun derived from the prefix ‘geo’ from the Greek gê meaning ‘Earth’; and the noun ‘engineering’ meaning the ‘application of science to design’ (Oxford English Dictionary). Until recently geoengineering has been absent from common dictionaries due to its origins and confinement within the epistemic discourses of Earth system science and related academic disciplines.

Following its deployment by various actors and emergence in public discourses on climate change, in June 2010 the term was considered to warrant a common definition in the Oxford English Dictionary. However, defining geoengineering is of course somewhat more complex than the Oxford English Dictionary’s modest offering (see Table 1). Here we begin to map out the complex etymology of geoengineering, revealing ambiguities as to what: i) constitutes geoengineering; ii) best delivers a linguistic framing; and iii) segregates its subset-classes."


NASA may use it, but they did not originate the term.