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DONATE to the Iowa State Republican Party TODAY!

Folks, the Establishment is going to try and starve the Iowa State GOP and use its lack of fundraising as a reason why Ron Paul supporters EVERWHERE shouldnt be in charge of the Republican Party. I am asking you all to please find a way to DONATE to the Iowa State GOP. Ron Paul supporters control the State. We have to support them financially.

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100 for Iowa

Just Did

Gave $50 from ND



Donation BUMP for IOWA!!

DO NOT let these bastards manipulate things in their favour once again, They are starving the Ron Paul held state parties, so they can then run through the media, the mismanagment and incompetance stories.

Beat them to it, be proactive and get in front of them on this issue.

Save the Republic!

End the Fed!

I'll repeat this statement

I'll repeat this statement from last year. Every state GOP MUST primarily raise funds from its constituency, i.e. Iowans in this case. I donated to Iowa's state GOP last year after Ron Paul's supporters gained control. I'll do so again over the next few months. However, I want to stress that Ron's supporters in Iowa MUST find their primary sources of revenue within Iowa. Certainly, Iowans must be receptive to seeing their state party controlled by people who actually support the US Constitution. The state GOP needs to spread this latter message within Iowa and emphasize why its necessary for Iowans to support it. For those readers of the DP who can support our allies in Iowa, please do so.

For the Most Part I agree

For the most Part I agree, however in the short run it benefits our Movement and the efforts in each state we reside, if the States like Iowa are highly successful. In order to be successful they must raise alot of money.

The GOP is playing dirty now, its time for the nation of Ron Paul supporters to step up. At least in the short term.

Maybe, Ron can be convinced

Maybe, Ron can be convinced to appear at annual fundraisers for state GOPs under control of folks adhering to Ron's political positions. Possibly, Ron could combine such fundraising activities with his appearances on college campuses. I'm warning you, Ron, you'll be busier than ever now that you're "retired" for the House of Representatives... ;)

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