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Fireball and explosion in sky over Santiago del Estero, Argentina

El Liberal
Fri, 04 Jan 2013 16:37 CST

Google translation: The quiet of the morning was broken yesterday by a loud noise and explosion that was heard over a wide area of ​​the Alberdi department. Some witnesses said that, previously, a fireball had streaked across the sky in a west to east direction. It is believed that it could have been a meteorite falling.

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We can't explain it.

We can't explain it. Therefore, aliens!

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It could have been a meteorite falling

Or..... It could have been the mother-ship returning from orbit filled with reptilian shape shifting aliens known as the annunaki who will enslave human beings and make us mine for gold.

A vote for Chris or Sue is a vote for pandas too.

Send them to meet up

With Todd and the gang in Alaska.Maybe they'll build him a trommel that actually works.