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Jesus & Ayn Rand on Love and Altruism

Do any of you think Libertarians ought to distance themselves from Ayn Rand? My perception of Ayn Rand has deeply altered in recent days and I'm beginning to wonder why she's such a hero for so many in the Liberty movement. One doesn't need to be a statist to be altruistic and compassionate. But but why should this woman be venerated so much? Sure, she may have had some good ideas but why don't we criticize her selfishness and heartlessness more often? Perhaps this is why liberals aren't attracted to the movement.
For the record, Ayn Rand was critical of Libertarianism, preferring her own philosophy of Objectivism.
Please discuss, I'm interested in what all your thoughts are after viewing this video.
I think Rose Wilder Lane and Isabel Paterson are much better role models for libertarian woman. They had more heart.

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Spock with a worse hair cut

I found Spock easier to understand, what is that accent? :)

Just open the box and see

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Have you ever read this or something like it before?

"...Ron Paul is not just Ron Paul. Ron Paul is an idea, a political philosophy, that is far larger than the man himself. Ron Paul followers are not a cult of personality. Paul is a diminutive elderly man who has never been much of a public speaker–he stumbles a lot and the timing of his delivery has never been polished. He is the farthest thing from charismatic, and sometimes the most important lines of his speeches get drowned out in cheering because he is not expert in riding the rhythms of the crowd. But that’s just the point. They are not cheering for Ron Paul, they are cheering for a concept of personal liberty and a standard of integrity that he has upheld for over 30 years."

Now substitute Ayn Rand's name in place of Ron Paul and you will have your answer. Her philosophy is far larger than the woman herself, IMO.

Think of her like AJ.

A mixed bag of nuts. She did a lot of good. On purpose, by accident, who knows? I know this: My father corresponded with her for years after working with her on the Goldwater campaign. He would not have stayed in touch if she did not have some good qualities. My father did not stay in touch long enough for me to ever know this while he was alive (a brother told me who was alive during that time.) It may be that she became to busy / famous to stay in touch, but I suspect something happened. When my father died, my mother found the letters she had written. Rather than sell them, she threw them away. (And no, there was nothing racy in the the letters. Just politics.) I suspect there may have been some parting of the ways, both my parents were adamant about monogamy - maybe they caught wind of her fooling around. I don't know, and they are all dead so I will never know. But, it is the one "personal" insight I have to go by, and I use it to say I am pretty sure she was a mixed bag of nuts, like the rest of us.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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Interesting story Fishy...

I admit, when I was younger and first read her I worshipped her, kind of how some people do with AJ (as you pointed out) now. I can now see some errors in her way, but I think she has some value to add to this movement. Her writing enabled me to look at economics and politics in a completely different way which eventually led me here.

Anyways, too bad the letters were tossed, it would have been interesting to read them.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

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Ayn Rand

She should not be looked at as some kind of hero, but she (or I guess her writing) has done some amazing things for people who are stuck in the economic ideas pushed on them in public schools.

People do criticize her (even here) for a lot of her ideas. I think she adds value to some areas of the movement and detracts from other areas. However, no one is perfect.

You are right, her ideas could turn people off, but so could Amash and others voting against Hurricane Sandy relief. I do agree with their vote, but it looks heartless and selfish. Until people realize that charity is better when it is not dictated and regulated by the government those people will not be interested in a libertarian movement anyways.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

sick video by ayn rand. its

sick video by ayn rand. its a shame people get her backwards (even on this site).

Her version of love is far far far superior to the petty version exposed by JC in the beginning of the video.

Do you love someone because of their mere existence as a human being, or do you love them because of their virtues and becasue they truly and specifically deserve it.
When you're at the altar, or when youre out to dinner with your wife on your wedding anniversary and she asks "do you love me?" which do you really think she means?

"Yea hunny, I love you. I mean, nothing specific to you 'deserving' my love or anything... god forbid I be percieved as... selfish *gasp* or anything... But I love you because i love all of gods creations."

I would also like to add in

I would also like to add in case people forgot...she was a racist zionist

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

In a free market and free society

people have the right to make as much money as he wants and use it as he wills. So, Aynd is saying people shouldn't be forced to give their money through taxation.

This video is a joke.

Every couple of months?

Every couple of months? years? we go through an Ayn question or two. She was an atheist, and lacked any moral sense or integrity. I am nor have I ever been a fan of Ayn.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Ayn Rand had no problem with the idea of charity i don't think

if it was voluntary. If giving money away makes you feel good then do it. Just don't enter the marketplace selling your stuff for cost thinking you are doing anyone any favors because you're not. Your customers will come away with unrealistic expectations, stifling commerce in the real world causing everyone to eventually starve. Better idea? Charge the most you can for your product and give away the profits later if that is what makes you, you, happy.

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correct. She is very easily

correct. She is very easily slandered and misunderstood where people believe she was against certain actions (loving someone else, helping someone else, etc). She was not. She was only concerned with people being AWARE that they are responsible for their own lives and their own eudaimonia (happiness, kinda).

If you want to give money to someone else because you truly feel that it improves the quality of your own life to do so, then it's obviously what you should do. But you're doing it for YOU, not THEM. Don't delude yourself about this. You're nobody's slave. Well you may be a slave of your "god", so let me rephrase: I'M nobody's slave.