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Who enforces the constitution?

In the study of history I find an interesting question arise. Just who exactly enforces the constitution? My assumption is that it is the people who must enforce the constitution since it is designed to limit the powers of government. As such the government can never be expected to do it. Law enforcement cannot do it since they are at the whim of government and they too seek more power. The supreme court is a part of government and are also interested in the acquisition of power. Legislatures are at the front line of constitutional enforcement but they are the most guilty of overriding it. Does anyone have other ideas? With the gradual but consistent erosion of civil liberties here in the land of the constitution we had better make a decision soon. There needs to be some high level hangings so that we the people can send the right message to our government. We will not be toyed with any longer...

But that is my opinion. Prove me wrong!

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States What ?

Since the Trust Duties of the States have been Abandoned or otherwise Breached, it's up to you as an American to enforce the Contract aspect.

Don't yell "somebody needs to DO something about this", you ARE that somebody.

Search You Tube for "Carl Miller" and listen to part 1 of the 1995 vid "Know Your Constitution". Be prepared to listen FAST. A lot of ground is covered quickly.

No Patriot BS, Court Rules and Decisions ONLY.

You "Sovereigns" want your "Rights"? Give a listen to how you claim them in their Courts.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Madame Guillotine.


"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

The States :

They are Party to the corporate structure which was intended to maintain and manage certain powers and property in Public Trust.

I once stirred up shock in a Prof. Of Constitutional Studies. We had a small number of pleasant conversations until the subject of enforcement came up.

Over time He'd conceded the States position as superior to Federal within their bordered territories. He had conceded a Trust and Fiduciary Duty between State government and people of the individual State. He had conceded the Feds were also in a position of Trust in all regards. We agreed individuals were not party to the Constitution, that the States were. And KEY, the Bill of Rights was a list of Personal Property specifically exempted from the Trust, encroachment or control by any Government structure.

One day he asked “What would you do to enforce it?” .

I would push the State Legislatures to take up their responsibilities, dissolve and re-form the Federal. Then gave some references on the Federal Bankruptcy. Then pointed out Beneficiaries of a Trust could seize the Trust Property from bankrupt Trustees. About the only circumstance where this could occur. They could take all the power and authority back. ( like that would ever happen )

He blanched. Said he was glad not to be a Judge having to issue a Judicial Determination on the matter.

He never came around again.

Party pooper.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

We the People.

Unfortunately, while you were sleeping, a powerful, global political party stole it from you.
Now you have to take it back.

Been asking this another way for a few weeks now

Who arrests people for treason?
The answer to both seems to be "No one."
Will I try? Sure, that is what I am doing. But I do not have any type of "authority" to go handcuff someone and I have to jail to take them to. I had this silly notion that if someone swore an oath to uphold it, and was then given a badge and gun to honor that oath (whether military or police force), that THEY had an obligation to arrest traitors (and otherwise enforce the Constitution.) I was mistaken. These people feel no such obligation at all. Yet they still get their paychecks cut from my taxes...

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Right again

Everyone who has taken public office, joined the military or I guess the police force have taken an oath to uphold the constitution yet it is trodden on instead. We should be able to rely on people to keep their word and their oaths but we can't and there is no way for us to enforce it ourselves so your answer is right. NO ONE is enforcing the constitution.

Mankind does not like absolute law and rebels against it every time. If they can't adhere to the laws of the religion they profess then what makes us think they would uphold the laws of man.