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Rand's First Visit To Israel - What is he doing?

I suspect his son was arrested when he was to remind Rand that "We can get to your family." Here was Rand's response:

OK, Senator Paul. Truce. I will stop writing you off and give you some time to prove yourself. But stop acting like you don't need the grassroots when Romney (who had the full support of GOP "faithful") lost without us.

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OK, I am DEEPLY confused now.

I thought this was really important, and should be good news to those who like Rand and to those who do not like Rand. From the comments, I am about convinced that people are not even reading the article, just giving a knee-jerk reaction to any news about Rand.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I don't think

I don't think Ron Paul ever went to Israel to pucker-up.

Puckering up

calling for them to lose foreign aid from us is puckering up?

Clearly you didn't read the article.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

I'm having a hard time calling this "puckering up."

It was what I expected, but it is not what this is. This is a potential presidential candidate telling them they may get their allowance from Uncle Sammy cut off. Again, I am left wondering... did you read the article?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"a gradual reduction in aid"

once all aid is cut out to all the "bad guys"


As I said, "Truce."

I know what I would say if I got 5 minutes with Bibi, but... at least this is not the butt-kiss-fest I expected.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

could you not have posted it

without shoehorning some conspiracy theory about his drunk son into the equation?

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Everything seems to have a coincidental reason lately.

Do you find the number of so-called coincidences to be astounding?

Take our last campaign for instance:

Ron Paul staunchly opposed to all foreign aid.
Benton is silent for 2+ months while the enthusiasm for Ron Paul increases.
Campaign abruptly ended after biggest crowds & last money bomb with the innuendo given of death threats.
Rand announces Romney endorsement on Hannity next day and later Ryan.
Ron Paul delegates squashed at local, state, and national levels with little support given by the campaign and none by Rand.
Rand speaks in Tampa but cannot say his father's name.
Rand announces Israel trip.
Rand wants all foreign aid ended, except don't start with Israel.
Rand votes for 2013 defense budget, then votes against it when citizen detention provisions are left in it.
Rand's son charged with underage drinking.
The rest of the story remains to be seen.
How will Rand vote on future foreign bills to other countries and to Israel? These bills should be not treated differently.
If all are the same, meaning that all are unconstitutional, then all should be voted down by Rand.
I hope that will happen.

Thanks, Steve.

Kind of sobering when you lay it all out like that.
I have often wondered about Carol's MI, too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Uh, nope.

I call them like I see them. You are under no obligation to agree.
Silly of me to think anyone would pressure a rising politician by making a spectacle of his son.
Listen, my conspiraphobic little friend, one of the ways to protect those with their necks out it to point out that their neck is out and that we are watching that neck for signs of foul play.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I believe in conspiracies.

I've oft stated that conspiracies happen every day. There are plenty proven. My issue is with 'theories' about conspiracies like the one you just made up.

Conspiracies are fact. Your theories more often than not are fantasy.

Suspicion = conspiracy theory to you?

I did not post it as a fact, or even an opinion as it is not really my "opinion" at this point, just something that looks suspicious to me.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Just making some global connections

Smart if running for high offices.


If Rand were really on our side, he would realize that there is no provision in the US constitution for the USA to give money to Israel and would call for the immediate halt of doing so. He is calling for continuation of unconstitutional money transfers which is proof that he pisses on the constitution and that, in my book makes him my enemy.

All you hypocrites with a man-crush on Rand had better find a new boyfriend.

Rand is doing well.

All the armchair quarterbacks, wouldn't make it 10 seconds in the game. Run for local office, then see if you can work your way up to the Senate with your approach.

Good luck with that.....

LOL! So now I have a man-crush on Rand?

One reply earlier, I was slandering him. (By the way, I am a woman so at least I am not homo for Rand, right?)


He is in Israel (bad boy) and he is telling them the money faucet needs turned off (good boy.)

Maybe I should have put this in the OP: I think it is time for a truce. Let Rand have a little time to prove himself, but he needs to realize that Romney could not win without the grassroots, neither can he. Oh, wait. I DID put that in the OP. I guess coming out swinging is much more fun than gathering facts as they develop.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

OK, let's ask questions.....

...before we castigate him as the favorite darling of Jerry Falwell/Pat.Robertson's 1980's religious-right without a solid reason....

I will hit this at as many angles as I need to....let's play you're Israel; if you are NOT running budget deficits(are they???), and you KNOW the United States prints money to meet it's over-leveraged, mathematically impossible obligations....then why is Rand's position not their position??? As a friend....would you advise the US to stop propping up governments? Seriously, we didn't know these other "enemies of Israel" were bad guys?

Your attempted slander is unfounded....Rand is on cutting edge ground....I do not believe you have any evidence that he is a neo-con, clean up the world using military might to fulfill prophecy so Jesus will come back and rule from Jerusalem guy!

That is totally off the wall.

Where did I "attempt slander?" If you'd like to put down that whip and read again, I said nothing about neocons or Pat Robertson and that bit about Jesus was just a little whacko.
This was posted to point out that Rand did go to Israel (which turned my stomach) but now that he is there, he is NOT kissing butt. That is a good thing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.