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Why Does Someone Become A Statist?

That’s right, it’s back! Time to get the liberty juices flowing here in 2013, and what better way than to bring back Mondays with Murray! For those unfamiliar, each week we’ll look at a short clip of the man known as “Mr. Libertarian”, the economist, historian and philosopher, Murray Rothbard preaching libertarian wisdom. It’s a big week for Murray and I, as tomorrow begins a six week course at the Mises Academy, Rothbard: A Life Lived For Liberty, taught by David Gordon. If you’re at all interested in how Murray Rothbard became “Mr. Libertarian”, this course promises to be another great one, as Gordon is not only a great scholar and teacher, but he was a personal friend of Rothbard. I greatly look forward to his personal insight.

In this clip, Rothbard answers a question from what sounds like a Russian man saying he has been in the United States for four years and was shocked at the support for socialist ideas amongst the general population. He asks why this, getting a round of applause for asking, “are they plain stupid or..?”. Murray goes on to explain Lysander Spooner’s three types of people who support the State. These are the naives – people who directly benefit from the State aka the ruling class, the dupes – those who are well-intentioned and have simply been suckered into the system. We also have a third group – those who know the State is a scam but are too cowardly to do anything about it.

Rothbard points out the case of John Kenneth Galbraith, a Keynesian economist who made a career off of denouncing the evils of affluence. With that career of course, as with most of the top Statist intellectuals, he made a vast fortune for himself. Murray draws another laugh when he says that he “just can’t believe that this was only honest error, just can’t believe it”. This is a great highlight of how Murray always utilized humor to help drives his point. This is a lesson other libertarians should take to heart, as humor will often lower one’s guard and open them up to your ideas where they not be if you are simply screaming from the rooftops like a madman. Of course, we certainly support screaming from rooftops as well.

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If you "buy into" statism then you ARE a statist

......by-the-by; there is no buy-out clause.

How to tell if you are a statist:

1) You use FRNs
2) You buy oil-based products
3) You own stock in companies who use or own #1 or #2
4) You are a paid-in-full member of DMV
5) You buy products or invest or seek services from corporatist orgs
6) You vote
7) You lobby

.....and NO buying bitcoins does not eliminate participation; you buy bitcoins with cash -- well most do.

Always down-vote the truth -- it moves the conversation forward

upvoted, but

number 2 is extremely difficult to avoid, given that so many things are made using oil-based plastics. So, technically, aren't we all statists, since we're using computers?

I mean, where does the line get drawn before the term becomes meaningless, like so many "-ists" before it?

EDIT: Also, if you *really* want to get technical, everyone who has a NVIDIA product in their PC or mobile phone is supporting the MIC. Where does it end?

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holy crap!!!!

did you see the prices for rothbard's anatomy of the state on amazon? it starts at $145!!! this is bullshit! you can buy it at mises.org for $5! what kind of game is this? i've let them know through amazon's "lower price" option, and i tried to leave a comment on one of the seller's sites(it's being moderated, of course, so it probably won't show), but what can one person do?

may i ask that many people here help me and let amazon know that they can't get away with this, by making amazon aware of the lower price? i think they're trying to prevent people from buying and reading this important work.

and if more business could be directed to mises.org as a result, then all the better.




unbelievable that amazon would attempt to intellectually "cock-block" rothbard!

Amazon doesn't control the prices

Amazon, like EBay has user profiles for buyers and sellers and the book you linked is being sold by an official rothbard account.

good to know that

amazon is neutral. these sellers should be ashamed of themselves. i imagine they're not going to sell very many that way.

thanks for setting me straight. :)


is like being born into a religion. It's all many people know.

To have a regular income.

But for the same reason others embezzle.



This has much to do with personality type, also. I always say that many libertarians are born and the government makes the rest. Some people just don't think very deeply about the role of government, and they miss the problems until they get steamrollered by it.

Men, especially, seem to like battles for dominance, and the government is the ultimate earthly authority. Sometimes they don't see the problem with it and instead try to become a part of it.

People who have been bullied seek relief from a higher authority. I've noticed they seem to believe in an authoritarian (justice-providing or vengeful) God. They can also run to government saying, "save me."

Women who lack their own sense of power can tend to seek government as a substitute for a good husband (security, child-discipline--even calling the police because their kids won't behave). Otherwise, women tend to have a "leave them alone" libertarian attitude.

And, too many go into the voting booth as if ordering off the menu: they know they paid for the meal, so it's a matter of chosing what they want, never realizing they are sending armed goons to extort cash from themselves, their friends and families.

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Most statists

I know fall into the dupes or cowards categories. I had a discussion with a person on Facebook over the weekend on the Fed and how it finances the welfare and warfare state. This gentleman's resonse was to tell me to leave the country if I don't like the way it is run! If you don't buy the lies get out! I couldn't help but laugh.


How nice of you!

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