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Heaven on earth if you ask me...

Check out this guys farm in Austria. Simply Amazing in high altitude what they grow and do with permaculture he developed himself over 40 years and makes a good living too with no subsidies no fertilizers or chemicals etc... It's heaven on earth of you ask me.

Wow this guy uses rocks to heat his fish ponds with the sun this is amazing what he is doing we can all learn from him. He is even growing Lemons at altitude with no greenhouse... It doesn't give details on the lemons so I have to find out how he is doing it. But he says terracing and rocks and raised beds (not like what we do) create micro climates and more heat etc...

I am intrigued. Need to study this guy more...

Update 3/5/2013: apparently the videos above got pulled. so here is another one:

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Sepp Holzer is a true gardening genius.

What this guy does with slopes and water is truly mind blowing. Hugelkultur will be a big part of our high desert food forest. Good stuff here, for sure.

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my heaven on earth was my

my heaven on earth was my vacation to Sandals on the island of St Lucia....

Got a link?

Got a link?

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