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Queen of England Has Gold Carriage Worth 370 BILLION? Yes, I said Billion!

This was in my email from someone I subscribe to on youtube. I haven't researched whether or not the whole video is accurate but it makes sense. Warning, it will make you MAD as Hell!


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I would slap a sticker on it... "Fort Knox"


Safety Triangle

Must stick out like a sore thumb lol


Yes and you finance it

by all kinds of derivatives if you are a "US citizen." The key word to research here is "bonds." Income tax goes directly to the Crown Corporation in London.


more power to her, if true

I wish I had one.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but....

much of the Queens wealth that is mentioned in this ill informed hit piece, belongs not to her, but to Great Briton. The Coach belongs to the State as does much (not all) of the land that the Queen has use of.
The State also owns the crown jewels and many of her "homes".
Well researched and intelligent information go along way to waking up the populous about the UN and it's ugly plan for Earth. Pieces like this don't help.

I Thought "The Crown" Owned It All

Not the country. So who's "the crown"?


Unless I'm mistaken, "The

Unless I'm mistaken, "The Crown" is a corporate entity which, in this case, represents The City of London, basically a free state within Britain, like the Vatican City, within Italy and Washington, D.C. within the U.S.

Of course, her being the state figurehead, I'd like to see an average member of the "state" go try and take a spin in "his" golden carriage. LOL

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can anyone say...

marie antoinette?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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