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20 dead children = "Tragedy" while 40 paralyzed children = "Healthcare"


The parents call it a tragedy, but the people who poisoned their children honestly, with all their hearts, believed they were providing healthcare.

Pharma is run by a pack of murderous thugs. Modern medical training is about cut and prescribe, thanks to corporate funding of the Universities and continuing education programs. The last doctor I worked for was so uneducated on herbs that I had to tell him which ones were blood thinners. His education did not even teach him to ask about herbal therapies, let alone bother to know possible interactions or complications. I don't expect doctors to know enough to practice herbalism, but I expect a surgeon to know when VERY COMMONLY USED herbs are blood thinners. You think I am talking about some whacky, hippie tea? There are several that thin the blood, GARLIC among them.

This is the type of "healthcare" we will be forced to purchase.