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White House Releases New Secure Info Sharing Strategy

This was just released via Whitehouse.gov. Seems to be written in a rather innocuous manner, although it probably is carefully worded. See a lot of "Data Tagging" mentioned, fusion centers, and of course thrown in a few times is the need to protect civil liberties, etc. Maybe someone else could interpret it for a broader perspective.

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The most ominous part is in the introduction

To prevent acts of terrorism on American soil, we must enlist all of our intelligence, law
enforcement, and homeland security capabilities. We will continue to integrate and leverage
state and major urban area fusion centers that have the capability to share classified
information; establish a nationwide framework for reporting suspicious activity; and
implement an integrated approach to our counterterrorism information systems to ensure
that the analysts, agents, and officers who protect us have access to all relevant intelligence
throughout the government. We are improving information sharing and cooperation by
linking networks to facilitate Federal, state, and local capabilities to seamlessly exchange
messages and information, conduct searches, and collaborate.
– National Security Strategy, May 2010

The rest seems to be the plan to connect the separate networks and agents together, so they all use the same type of thumb drive, etc.

The base assumption for what and why they are doing this is flawed.

Just open the box and see

Did Bush draft this document?

Did Bush draft this document? Reeks of Neo-Con police state.

Southern Agrarian