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Along the lines of patriot business, anybody wanna sell ink, car parts, any cross-ref components?

I had a client liquidate a business and they no longer need the software that we LICENSED to them, we own this software. It's ours and they no longer use it.

Built to work with the world's most popular e-commerce platform, Zen Cart, what this software does is allow an in-house team to identify parts and components that can fit in many machines or applications and offer cross-reference capability to the customer.


1. Basic computer printer builds are released under many names by many manufacturers and under many different printer models.

2. If you have the in-house knowledge, you can offer many solutions (OEM, aftermarket, remanufactured components) to leverage savings for the customer from many different supply chains.

3. There are agencies that provide half-witted cross reference tables for this stuff but they are all pretty shoddy and incomplete.

4. By uploading Excel spreadsheets, our software dynamically builds the search functionality for these components as well as dynamically building product descriptions that clearly state the cross-compatibility for these parts and these are SEO optimised. On the fly.


1. We are willing to license this software to any and all parties PROVIDED THEY ARE NON-COMPETITIVE. In other words, we will license this to a single other printer parts supplier, a single other autoparts supplier and etc., auto parts, marine engine parts, whatever. We won't license it to your direct competitor.

2. Our licenses are "single domain, perpetual use and transferable" which means you effectively "own" it, you can change it or modify it and you can list it as a transferable business asset in an exit scenario. What you can't do is resell it or duplicate it without further licensure. That's about as fair as we can make it.

3. First-come, first served for a fraction of what it would cost you to develop on your own. It's battle tested, it works.

4. We stand behind our products in terms of ongoing support.

5. DP people get first dibs before it goes up to the public.

Just PM me and we're in touch. And you got POWER LIKE A ZAIBATSU. And we're open to payment plans, revenue sharing, creative financing. Those kinds of deals have worked well in the past.

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