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Video Update: Alex Jones on Piers Morgan

Thanks to DPer sharpsteve for the YouTubes

Peirs Morgan Vs Alex Jones - The Gun Debate Round 1

Peirs Morgan Vs Alex Jones - The Great Gun Debate Round 2


CNN: Tonight, Piers Morgan returns for a live discussion on "Guns in America," and faces Alex Jones, the co-creator of White House petition to have Morgan deported. Tonight at 9pm Jones will discuss the petition and explain his strong beliefs on the Second Amendment.

Live Streams for those without cable:

Thanks to DPer David Infinger for breaking the news yesterday.

Jones was detained by the TSA this morning on the way to New York. Thanks to emalvini for alerting us here on the DP.

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This was a trap

CNN is one of the most aggressive domestic enemies in this country. I believe Alex Jones showed hubris and walked into a trap. I applaud his intentions, but Piers Morgan had him on to make us all look like "gun nuts" or "conspiracy theorists" AJ went off on some foolish rants, with the chimps and mass murder pills. I do believe his delivery, and getting right in that smug redcoat's face had a positive effect though.

Alex was awesome... and I'm usually exasperated with him!

Alex has a raspy voice which usually annoys me when he begins his passionate rant. And I avoided watching this video when I first heard about it because I thought I would cringe. But I was surprised that people thought Alex was over the top in this program. Alex showed us that we don't have to be sheeple and be politely interviewed in a courtroom manner... "Just answer the question." My impression of Alex Jones has improved and my respect has increased.

Alex, I encourage you to continue to assume the British accent, a winning linguistic technique that allows "ears" of a certain culture to better hear what you have to communicate. Awesome performance!

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

When it comes to AJ...

...I would remind us all that the best way to control dissent, is to lead it.

Just sayin'.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

I think most sheep will see

I think most sheep will see Alex Jones as a lunatic because he can't control his emotions but I love his ambition and was laughing hilariously while he was demeaning Piers Morgan. Haha. Alex opened my eyes to what is really happening in america. I would still be asleep like the other zombies out there. So hate him for who he is but at least he has the balls to stand up for what he believes in and fuck the script all to hell> :)

The biggest problem with him

The biggest problem with him is... he's convinced you that there is a script.

This video has gone viral

This video has gone viral like crazy.. It has over 3.4 million hits so far... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtyKofFih8Y

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Funny how many people think

Funny how many people think Alex Jones is any different from Sean Hannity.

Why the hell did he start shouting? What a damned asshole he is.

Ha Ha

Alex had me cracking up by the end; I am still laughing. He was like a wild bull on that show. The look on Piers face when he started up with his accent.... The other good thing is that in the CNN comment section, 2nd Amendment defenders are kicking ass on all those limousine liberals. Maybe Alex was over the top but it is better than having some easily cowed on the fence freedom lover out there.


If there is truth the comment

that Piers Morgan wants to invite AJ back on his show, what would the reasons be?

1. he got the best ratings he ever got
2. He needs to clean up the mess AJ left behind for him


AJ would be a fool to go back on his show. He should counter offer with inviting him on his show.

not sure who to believe

but Alex' people are saying he was kicked off the set and was supposed to do another 15 min segment.


Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Piers Morgan; undercover liebertarian.

I have noticed how he gets the most outspoken libertarians on his show and asks the most controversial questions in a way that "stirs" them up while he is "overriden" and "owned" and "speechless".

He even raises his factoids in considerable detail so that his "opponent" will make a noise about them.

I suspect him of being the umtimate fox. The longer he can keep that up, the better.

In the Second Video

at the 1:01 mark Piers ask "What was the weapon used at Sandy Hook?"

And Alex answers it's a 223M4 ........which is the semi automatic that was taken out of the trunk of the car was it not?

Which is this weapon is it not, the AR 15 semi automatic?


It was my understanding that there were only two hand guns found by Adam's body inside the school.

So what is that all about. There is no question in my mind that Alex would know that this weapon was not found inside the school but was in the trunk of a car.

I am confused about this to say the least.



"With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past." ~ Aaron Swartz

I decided to run an

I decided to run an experiment. I took everything that PM and AJ said in the first 5 minutes of the video and assigned marks to them. I based the marks on general knowledge and if the answer could be verified via a google search within 1 minute. Frankly this got very labour intensive which is why I stopped after only 5 mins. Even if you remove the plausible I could see a trend emerging. I stopped about the “why don’t you go back and face the hacking scandal". I don't mean to elevate myself but if so many readily criticise AJ for being a lunatic I wnated to see how many facts he said and with criticism was valid. Personally, there was fact after fact from Alex. I also saw this as a way to break down the “but he’s a lunatic, or he’s crazy” barrier. Especially since Ron Paul has had this very same treatment for many years.
“We did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners, the Russian government the official Chinese government” plausible/fact – probably doesn’t really want to deport Piers more interested in getting message out. 1 point AJ
Mao says political power goes out of the power of a gun he killed about 80 million people”. Again plausible, 20 million, 80 million somewhere in between. Plausible to fact no way of actually counting. One point AJ as 20 million or 80 million is semantic – fact remains
“Cos he’s the only one with the guns (referring to Mao)” – Probably not entirely factual given that somebody else probably beyond reasonable doubt did have a gun, however given the more probable meaning that his point was that Mao certainly had the most guns and military power. 1 point AJ
“….This is globalism and the mega banks that control the planet brag that they have taken over” – fact 1 point AJ
“… Brag that they’re going to take our guns as well... Taken everybody’s guns but the Swiss and the American people” – Mostly true. The inferment that every other country has gun control measures is correct. ½ point AJ for “everybody’s guns”. 1 point for banks bragging + 1 ½ points AJ
“When they get our guns they can have their world tyranny”. Possible to probable if US is disarmed who will be able to defeat world tyranny? ½ point awarded to AJ
“While the government buys 1.6 billion bullets.. drones…etc”. Fact government (DHS) purchased 1.6 billion dollars for domestic use. 1 point
“the second amendment isn’t there for duck hunting” – fact 1 point
“Indian women petition for the right to have firearms” correct – 1 point AJ
“20 % drop in crime rate in the last nine years” fact actual percentage may vary but 1 point AJ
“Tripled violent crime” referring to Britain’s gun ban”. Sources say anywhere between a “rise” and 89% correct – 1 point AJ
The attacker of the rape victim in India used an iron rod” correct 1 point AJ
“The tyrants did it” The tyrants didn’t rape the Indian woman but they did kill their own. ½ point
Lists Dictators that took guns – correct 1 point
“1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms…. Lemming…republic” – speculation yet probable ½ point
“…Texas revolution…my family”. Unknown, plausible (too lazy to verify) plausible ½ point
“Don’t try what your ancestors did before” correct 1 point
“come to America go shooting with me…. Join republic” probably not – ½ point
“yes I am finished” – incorrect – 1 point PM
“You will not take my right”. Piers Morgan will not be able to take AJ right – correct 1 point
“Prozac number one killer”. Plausible a few sources list it at as anywhere from number 4 to number one. ½ point
“Big pharma sponsors CNN” unknown plausible ½ point
“Number one cause of death suicide now” correct 1 point
“your answer is to put more people on drugs……” correct Piers said himself that he wants more federal funding for mental health. 1 point
“…same old scipt”. Correct personally heard the script from a few interviews 1 point
“trying to have a debate here” 1 point PM.
“How many gun murders in America” 1 point PM legitimate question
“About 11, 458” – correct 1 point
“….died from infections in hospitals…..197,000” several sources verify 1 point AJ
“How many gun murders in Britain” legitimate question 1 point PM
“great white…scared to swim” no verification needed correct 1 point
“repeat – how many gun murders” 1 point PM
“a very low amount. I already went over those figures”. A very low amount = correct I already went over those figures incorrect ½ point
“only a few hundred” incorrect 1 point PM

"“yes I am finished” –

"“yes I am finished” – incorrect – 1 point PM"

actually loled.

My 2 cents

I loved how AJ didn't allow the debate to be controlled. Piers always controls his debates by asking leading questions, talking over any communication that runs counter to his position, and forcing the focus on to content which supports his views. I loved how AJ played by his rules and just spewed counter information over the top of all of those attempted deceptive advances by Piers.

All of that said I really didn't like AJ's criticism, especially when he mocked Piers. I still found myself laughing through most of it though.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

Laughing through most of it

If AJ is good at anything it is sensationalism, and as you said his ability to not be controlled. It may difficult for many true patriots to control their emotional speech in the face of our oppressors whether those be bureaucrats or media elite etc. This is especially true with any topic that threatens the very core of our Freedoms.

Isn't it more than likely that AJ was invited knowing how he would represent and behave so they could later bring in the lawyer and the Kennedy's to further enhance their message of fear? The after-spin, when the lawyer says he would be afraid to go to AJ's house for a debate for fear of being shot. That was some real over-the-top sh*t and we all know it, but the sheeple just nod & bahaa. Wasn't this just part of their plan to begin with?

It is hard to say really if the cause would have been better represented by someone like Ben Swann, whom I think would have made great factual arguments and perhaps shown the light on the whole big charade and wrapped it up in a pill the general public could easily swallow. Yes, I think I would have liked watching that show more, but you have to admit AJ was entertaining.

The benefit of Alex Jones is he gets people talking. When the real issues come out in the conversation, god willing liberty will still be alive.

Thanks for your post. I have been lurking around here for years without posting, but this one motivated me somehow. Cheers

We are the tireless irate minority.

Which car you ridin' in

In my humble opinion, Alex Jones (as usual) comes across completely over the top. However, the message is solid gold and is definitely something we should all be paying attention to. On the other side, I believe Piers Morgan's entire show is equally over the top here, but in a much more cynical, passive aggressive, and opportunistic manner.
Leveraging the sensationalism of such a heinous act and driving it as a vehicle to promote the elimination of our 2nd amendment should be considered a crime. Shame on you Piers Morgan, shame on Diane Feinstein, President Obama, and all the other crony's who do the same.
From one American who took and oath to support and defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic: I say deport his ass and the rest of them as well. Booyah!

We are the tireless irate minority.

thank you alex jones

thanks for single-handedly slowing down the whole gun control debate and forcing the libs to backpedal and defended themselves all day today. now they are backing off and say they don't want to ban guns and just want to find a "middle ground" blah blah blah. if that the case then the Dianne Frankenstein legislation should be off the table now.

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His #1 Problem...

Was not making his case to the audience. Winning them over by presenting his POV.

Instead he just shouted at him, like calling him out on 6th Street.

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

Well said

You can't win a nationwide fight talking like a babbling buffoon and doing cheesy stand up comic British impressions.

It may make us feel good to see someone stick it to Piers but this sets us back in the eyes of the general public no matter how much most of you don't want to admit it. We are fighting a perception war and if we put the Howard Stern of the Liberty cause at the forefront we will lose.

It's how they defeated the anti-Vietnam movement but putting the most stoned out hippies on the camera, when truth be told lots of "main street" Americans where against the war. If we keep putting people who can't speak intelligently or rationally at the podium we will lose all the momentum we have. Most people are willing to listen to both side of a debate but will not put up with foaming at the mouth Alex Jones.

I don't understand...

I don't understand why so many Paulians like AJ. I find him to be very abrasive, and while I agree with a lot of what he says, he just comes off as a complete basket case. He certainly isn't advancing the cause of Liberty.

For Liberty!


There is a large group of people who believe whatever he says and swear it's true. Everything is a conspiracy with AJ, it makes him lose credibility when there is a true conspiracy such as 9/11. Chemtrails, Tsunamis, Earthquakes,etc. Many people would believe him if he told them the government was cloning an army to come take their guns or was building robot soldiers to annihilate 90% of the world population. Come on people


Alex Jones is either a fool or a double agent. He did more to hurt our cause than advance it. People on the fence were driven away and we were made to look more fringe. Piers Morgan got exactly what he wanted, he made gun owners look like a bunch of kooks. Thank you Alex for representing us so well. Larry Pratt handled Piers much better.

This will never change the

This will never change the mind of a gun control supporter. But nothing else will either. We are beyond that. This was awesome. And I'm not an AJ fan.

Your wrong

In the last two years I've turned 3 anit-gun people into gun owners (2 of them got their CCW) licenses. It takes time and you can't just scream at them like Alex Jones, opinions are not formed or changed overnight.

One of them was my neighbor who was a hardcore democrat. I didn't spit on him and scream about the "NWO, Bilderberg Group, THE ELITES" in true AJ fashion when he put an Obama sign in his yard in 2008. I invited him over for a BBQ, had him over for my children's birthday party, even had him and his girlfriend over for Thanksgiving. All the time taking the small chances to introduce the concepts of Liberty on the common grounds we did share like endless war and civil rights and then expand them on topics like the Federal Reserve and over sized government. I didn't scream at him or call him a "communist NWO lover" nor did I belittle his intelligence (he is a lawyer). He knew I was a gun owner from the day he moved in next door and after a year or so I invited him to a wild game dinner at my gun club and even got him too squeeze of a couple of shots at the range that day. In the following months I often invited him to the range when I would go on the weekends (which he politely refused). But last year he noticed me packing my car up for a hunting trip and low and behold he asked my on a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting as did it with his dad as a kid and wanted to get back into it. He got back into skeet shooting and a couple of months after that he purchases a M&P 40c and got his Ohio CPL.

I had to show him the gun owners are not all foaming the mouth AJ types that climb down the oppositions throats with pitchforks. Most of us are just honest, hard working, everyday people. It takes time to convert and disciple non-believers. YouTube clips, screaming at them, and insulting their intelligence will never work.

I'm glad that worked for you.

I'm glad that worked for you. I would not have handled that interview the way Alex Jones did. His mockery of Morgan was unprovoked and over the top for that setting. But man it sure was funny. You may be right about bringing people over. I wouldn't know. I live in a small city in NC. I don't personally know anyone who is anti-gun. Even the democrats I know like guns. I'm mainly thinking of the people I hear of in the media. I mostly talk about other issues with people, like the FED. I'd be preaching to the choir if I talked about guns. Don't own any myself. But I support them.

I thought it was funny

Didn't do a bit of good for the cause, but I really enjoyed how Alex seemed to know Piers' game and just wouldn't let him play it. I doubt he changed the minds of anyone opposed to guns, but it sure was entertaining.

I pretty much said the same

I pretty much said the same thing in the comments to one of the parts of this. After seeing Piers talk over so many people, it was refreshing to see the tables turned.

I went ahead and did my 'pulse-taker' of the reaction to this(I check mainstream places to see how the 'common' person is reacting). Tens of thousands of comments on places like Yahoo, with the highest rated ones( thousands of thumbs up to dozens of thumbs down ratio) mostly applauding Jones. Even CNN's own webpage has a '50/50' split of people defending/attacking Jones on the article page for it, which I figured would be worse than that. Who knows, things are getting interesting to say the least. I guess there's enough people that dislike Piers(and what he stands for) that much, that they don't care about the 'delivery' of the attack.

If Alex was considered a "nutjob"...

...they would have spoken of the whole thing on most MSM, but in fact I don't think they have! Think about it for a minute. Any kind of major conflict like that is always played everywhere the next day. You hear it hundreds of times till you can almost quote the fights. The fact seems to be, they still want him to be invisible because he knows too much. I also bet they wish they never made the decision to put him on the air. He was too big for them too handle. Maybe it did do good...time will tell.

It surely was funny & at the end of it...look into Piers eyes. The white of his eyes appeared kind of reddish and he looked really smothered with anger as if he were holding it all in. He looked also very lost.