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Paul Revere and the Old North Church

Paul Revere and the Old North Church

Speaking of Paul Revere, there is a lovely statue in Boston's North End of Revere on his horse. In the background, you can see the Old North Church, where the lanterns were hung -- 'One if by land, two if by sea' -- to warn the colonists of the impending British invasion:

Paul Revere Statue in Boston's North End
Behind the statue is the Paul Revere Mall, which is a lovely and peaceful plaza that leads to the Old North Church.

Paul Revere Mall - Boston MA

In the Mall is a Memorial Garden, to honor the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Those are all dog tags. When the wind blows, they shimmer in the sun and make a haunting sound.

War Memorial Boston North End

At the end of the mall is the Old North Church, where on the night of April 18, 1775, Robert Newman held high the two lanterns, as a signal that the British were departing by sea to Lexington and Concord. And thus began the American Revolution.

Old North Church

Paul Revere was off to warn the colonists. He was nearly intercepted in Somerville by the British, but escaped. He was finally captured in Concord, but not before spreading the word as far and wide as possible.

There is a plaque at the site (which I have not yet visited) which reads:

"At this Point, on the old Concord road as it then was, ended the midnight ride of Paul Revere.

"He had, at about two o'clock of the morning of April 19, 1775, the night being clear and the moon in its third quarter, got thus far on his way from Lexington to Concord, alarming the inhabitants as he went, when he and his companions, William Dawes, of Boston, and Dr. Samuel Prescott, of Concord, were suddenly halted by a British patrol, who had stationed themselves at this bend of the road. Dawes, turning back, made his escape. Prescott, clearing the stone wall, and following a path known to him through the low ground, regained the highway at a point further on, and gave the alarm at Concord. Revere tried to reach the neighboring wood, but was intercepted by a party of officers accompanying the patrol, detained and kept in arrest. Presently he was carried by the patrol back to Lexington. There released, and that morning joined Hancock and Adams.

"Three men of Lexington, Sanderson, Brown and Loring, stopped at an earlier hour of the night by the same patrol, were also taken back with Revere."

Meanwhile, back in Boston's North End, at the Copps Hill Burying Ground is the grave marker of Robert Newman, who courageously held the lanterns in the Old North Church

Robert Newman Grave Marker

More pictures of his headstone can be found here.

If you ever come to visit Boston, you will find the North End to be lovely. Also known as 'Little Italy' it is home to the best Italian restaurants in the city, as well as narrow streets and alleys flanked by Boston's traditional red-brick buildings that makes you feel like you're in a little European village:

Little Italy - Boston's North End

Little Italy - Boston's North End

More on Paul Revere and the Revolution to come in future editions of Postcards from the Revolution.

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Keep up

The good work please, I am loving these, I am in Utah so far away and I have never seen this stuff, Yes I could look it up but it means so much more right now.

ytc's picture

We have to go back there to visit the Memorial Garden and

listen to the dog tags: we never heard about it before this post, Michael. Are these actually the originals from the necks of our soldiers, who died in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or perhaps these are replicas made especially for this memorial art work. Either way, it's sad that these soldiers are dead, while most of the "generals" & "the commanders-in-chief" are amassing extraordinary amount of war-time wealth & power.

While in Boston

Stop by the USS Constitution and walk the Freedom Trail.

FYI: The USS Constitution warship carried more than 60 tons of hemp rigging.

I Like the Pics Mike!

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

There is no duration defined in the Oath

You suck.

You suck.

TA-HA! that's exactly where I lived for 10 years!

In the North End! I lived on Hanover! (awesome except for every single weekend in the summer when there is a Feast to some Saint and you can't hear yourself think with the bands blasting that darn Feast song. If you live there you probably leave on the weekends in summer. I can still hear it in my head right now.) I also lived on a teeny tiny little street called Wigget in an apartment about the size of my car. Before that I lived in my painting studio (also in the North End) in the Castignetti Building. The North End Rocked! before it turned all upppity.

and if you have to work or study....

Very cool stuff Michael.

My sister lives in Hull so I've been to Boston a couple of times.

Even went on board the Constitution.

I wanted to walk the Freedom Trail but we never made it.

Someday I hope.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Thank you

I really enjoyed your post!

It would be so nice to see the things in person!

I have ancestors on my mother's side that were in Massachusetts at this time and were patriots. Another reason it would be great to see Boston. My father's ancestors had already moved to Ct. by this time.

Thank you for another great post!

What New England Minutemen started...

...the back country Carolina Militias finished.

New England and the South were strong for liberty, in contrast to the Tory-heavy Middle Colonies (NY, NJ, PA), whose financial corruption has been a blight on this nation from the beginning.

When we join together, liberty is vindicated. When we fly apart (i.e. the Civil War), liberty is vanquished. So, let us join together again to fight for the cause of liberty. Together, we cannot fail.

I love these articles. It reminds me why I always wanted to go

to Boston.

It was high on my list, then I went a bunch of other places and just didn't end up there. Yet. Now I want to go there all over again.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

All my mothers side..

Is from New England. We date back to colonial times. I believe the reason I got behind Dr. Paul so much is because of the way I was raised. Patriotism and faith in our Liberty were instilled into me as a child. When I hear Dr. Paul speak, he sounds like my Grandparents in respect to freedom and Liberty.

I haven't been to Boston since 99. I am overdue for a trip! Thanks for posting all the photo's. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

interesting insight on Paul Revere in "Tipping Point"

Malcom Gladwell's "Tipping Point" includes some very interesting insight into the successful turnout that Paul Revere managed as he conducted his ride.

All of Gladwell's books are interesting, but "Tipping Point" may have a special significance to the Liberty movement.

I'm voting for Peace.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I remembered that as well and was browsing the book last night

There were two riders, Revere and Dawes. No one listened to Dawes. He hit all the towns, but no one showed up. Why? Gladwell pegs Revere as a 'Connector' - I think that was his term. Everyone knew him, and he knew everybody. He was well respected in the community. He had stature in the community, and knew who the movers and shakers were, and on his ride, he alerted those guys, who in turn, mobilized the rest.

Dawes was just 'an ordinary guy.' He didn't know many people outside of his own circle. He didn't know who were the town leaders to awaken. He wasn't a 'connector.'

It is an interesting story, and an interesting book. It is on page 56-59 in the book. You can read it on Amazon:

You're right it would be a good book for this movement to study.

I Wanted To See Boston, But My Wife Said No...Bump It (Plus +1)

My wife and I were on our Honeymoon several years ago. I wanted to see Boston but she said no, because she was afraid we might get lost in the Boston Common area and get harmed. She was born in New London and raised in Groton Connecticut area. She warned me lots of visitors to Boston would get themselves lost and harmed. So I never really got to visit Boston.

Maybe someday I will talk her into going. I want so much to come for a short visit and see the historical sites..

let me help you...

talk her into going. I grew up in Connecticut, too, and have lived in and around Boston for over 30 years. Not a scary place at all. Come in the spring or summer and enjoy the Common, the Public Gardens, the Museum of Fine Arts, if that's you interest, the historical sites...cross the river to Cambridge and visit Harvard and its museums. If you bring a car, parking under the Common is the best deal. And while you're in the area, stop in at the Statehouse Bookstore and pick up a copy of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts...where it all began. (I know, Connecticut is the "Constitution State" and I do believe theirs may have been the very first, but as far as I know it has been replaced whereas we in Massachusetts still have the original 1780 version on hand.)

A Tale of Two Bostons. Named after Boston, Lincolnshire.

A Tale of Two Bostons

By: Brandon Gary Lovested

Religion ~ Politics ~ Rebellion. Boston’s pedigree was forged back in England in the midst of religious dissension, where Puritans and Pilgrims sought religious reform, and Cavaliers & Roundheads vied for political power. The question isn't where did Boston get its name – but how.

Short Answer

Like a great many towns in New England, Boston has its naming roots in old England. Boston, Massachusetts is named after Boston, Lincolnshire, and is situated about 100 miles north of London on the North Atlantic Sea. Massachusetts began life as the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Company) in 1629. Its first Governor was John Winthrop, and its first deputy-Governor was Thomas Dudley, who shortly after their arrival in America in 1630 suggested that the capital of the colony be named after their hometown back in England. Both men were part of a fleet of Puritans - about 1000 - that came over to escape religious and political persecution for their desires to reform the Church and State. Though how and why this all occurred is far more interesting and ironic once you know the historical context of the times. So, all aboard the Puritan Express... (akin to the Liberty Express)

A Bostonian answer...

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

always fun to visit the east

all those old buildings! Soooo different from the west.

Tomorrow night I appear for the first time before a Boston...

"Tomorrow night I appear for the first time before a Boston audience of 4000 critics." - Mark Twain, first speech given to a large audience

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I loved my trip to Boston

Have a picture of me and Paul somewhere... It is truly like wandering around a living museum.
Then we went for a drive through the nearby states. I was in one car full of employees, my boss in another car with his family. I am zipping along at 55 mph when I see a sign - "Roundabout ahead." I am asking my passengers (rather frantically) "What's a roundabout?" and no one knew, but we were all about to learn...
A roundabout is definitely something you want to slow down for. Took me an extra lap to get through and we did survive, but that was more excitement than I care for at slightly less than 55 mph...
Same trip, had to follow my boss through downtown, and he nearly lost me at an intersection. I CUT OFF A BOSTON CABBIE to stay with him. Yes. I CUT OFF A CAB IN BOSTON.
I am all that - do not mess with me... lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The British are coming [to Boston]! The British are coming!

Paul Revere never shouted the legendary phrase later attributed to him (“The British are coming!”) as he passed from town to town during his midnight ride on April 18, 1775. The operation was meant to be conducted as discreetly as possible since scores of British troops were hiding out in the Massachusetts countryside. Furthermore, colonial Americans at that time still considered themselves British.

Our protected [& financed] free press prints nary a word about, "The Hessians are coming! The Hessians are coming!"

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

You are...

making me homesick, Michael!

(Grew up in Worcester area - Millbury - and all these pics you're posting are awesome). :)

I find it perplexing

that the very area that liberty and freedom was given to We the people has become so opposed to the same...
Refresher course needed overdue?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Thanks Michael !

Here is a link to another Boston landmark, which I gorged myself at many years ago:


Michael Nystrom's picture

Nice - I ate there too

After one of the Boston Tea Party extravaganzas that Bob Dwyer organized at Fanueil Hall in 2010 I think. Wonderful place. Wonderful website, too!

What a great post!

Thank you so much for the tour! I really enjoyed that.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I'm enjoying my history trip through Boston Michael =D

I can't believe I've never been there.

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

I Miss Boston

My mom was from Arlington and my dad from Winchester. Used to spend lots of time there.........parents had a boat in East Boston for the longest time too. I need to plan a homeschool trip up there for my little patriot. Thanks for the photos, Michael.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Yum! The North End . .. I

Yum! The North End . .. I used to make the trip down from Nashua to buy pastries at the bakery there every weekend . . . hangover and all. Best canolis I've ever had.

Blessings )o(