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Video: Alex Jones Cnn Recap - Thugs Swarm!

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If they were being stalked

and Rob had a camera going then why didn't they film it?


Because it would show...

Adam Vs. The Man=Real.
Freedomainradio=interesting and thought provoking.
Infowars=staged, sensationalized hype.
MaxKeiser=statist that wants to eat his capitalist cake too.

Sign the Petition


Time to send the "RedCoat" Piss Morgan Back Home!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Have any of the last petitions

received anything other than a few paragraphs basically blowing people off? If you're going to sign that petition - you might as well register your gun too.

If you're a supporter of AJ

can you explain to me why there were all those other guests waiting to go on the show after him? Doesn't that seem strange to you?

Watch the recap video

Alex was supposed to debate those other traitors in the third segment, buy they kicked him out.

Fair enough

I gotta admit I'm back on the fence with AJ - I just really hope that there isn't going to be some kind of staged assassination.

What is "being cased?"



As in they had someone "CASE THE JOINT"

NWO just took a small hit.

NWO just took a small hit. Cheers folks :)

Yeah... could it just be that

Yeah... could it just be that they didn't give Alex three segments because he was completely belligerent?

Not likely. Ron Paul was like

Not likely. Ron Paul was like Jesus Christ himself, got 2nd in the first 2 primary contests and they gave him 89 seconds in 1.5 hour debate.