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Poll: Do You Support the Proposed Ban on Semi-Auto Rifles Supported by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn? Please Vote!

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Thanks to all who have voted...

Currently 1545 votes ---- 50% Yes 50% NO

P.s...You can vote more than once. (I only mention this because I know there's a bunch of gun grabbers here in my area that are voting in this poll 5-10 times a day)...Furthermore, if they don't want their poll results skewed, they should fix their code :-)

De criminalize Liberty!


48% Yes
52% No

Total: 1258

Lima-1, out.

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Now: 51% - No | 49% - Yes


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Voted and posted on FB.

I have A LOT of pro 2nd Amendment friends.




Currently 1237 votes---49% Yes, 51% No

De criminalize Liberty!

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Very strange results: 50-50?

Yes 50%
No 50%

1040 participants in total.

vote, bump


Out of 876 votes,

the results are:

55% No --Do NOT support a ban
45% Yes --Do support a ban

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They Should Poll

...all of the incarcerated felons. Gun controllers will get better results there.


Got a prison right up the road...and they get computer privileges, so I'm sure the poll actually reflects a few of their votes as well. :-)

De criminalize Liberty!

Please Vote!

Currently 664 votes with 50% yes and 50% no

De criminalize Liberty!

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53% do NOT support!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Bump!!! The poll needs you!



For the bump :-)

De criminalize Liberty!