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Someone Get to Alex Jones and Tell Him Post Fact-Check Back-Up on Everything He Said on Piers Morgan

I don't know how to contact him, millions will be going to his website now. This is how we will win. It has begun.


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Why did PM say that Alex claimed that Bush was responsible

for 911? He tried 2 times to pin that on Alex, but Alex said "criminal elements in the military industrial complex". Alex also mentioned all the false flags- . The average zombie reacts to stimuli. So there was some stimuli for ya. The producer has reason to cry. I'd say they're in hot water with their bosses.

Perfect case in point of the kind of thing Alex needs

to clear up in a fact sheet. Otherwise Morgan hangs the "Bush did it" meme on him.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I remember when MSM

described RP as crazy isolationist when he suggested to follow the golden rule. The more MSM is telling you are crazy the more you are right IMHO.

I'm sure he'll go over it point by point tomorrow

It's going to be the whole topic of his show for the rest of the week.

Not good enough.

He needs a page at the top of his site going over point by point links to how everything he said was true, so people can read it, without listening to the show.

It needs to be titled PIERS MORGAN SHOW FACT-CHECK

Many curiosity seekers will go to his website once to see what he is about. He has one chance to grab them. He only has the truth on his side. Now is the time to hammer it (Building 7, big pharma, gun stats, etc.) People need to go away thinking, "MAYBE THE CRAZY MAN IS NOT CRAZY AFTER ALL."

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Okay I am sending, was hoping somebody had

a direct email or twitter or something. But thanks!

Release the Sandy Hook video.