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Alex Jones, Traitor or Imbecile?

UPDATE: I was wrong. I was overly harsh. I was casting stones without having all the information, something I'm vehemently opposed to. I apologize. (see http://www.dailypaul.com/269611/i-was-wrong-and-im-sorry)

My letter to Alex:

You are ridiculous. I can't believe what you just pulled on Piers. Whose side are you on? I'm seriously damn near convinced you're on the globalists' side. You bastard! Do you know how hard you set us back?! That was a FUCKING DISASTER. You displayed less debate skills than Bill O'Reilly and Piers Morgans' lovechild! You are either a profound idiot or an establishment tool, and I will never support you again.

Update (old): I stand by my feelings about Alex's performance. He sunk to the level of Piers and I fail to see how any of you think that's ok. But I am getting trolled out of my mind here. It's driving me nuts. I spend too much of my life working for liberty, to sit here and take shit from people who claim to support it while they fling ad hominems and other personal insults at me and ignore my primary point (that this will not be received well, and it won't, that's just obvious). I've blocked Danton because after numerous insults and absurd attacks and very little in the way of actual substance, he accused me of claiming to be a "savior" and that is crossing the line. This whole experience has me considering just giving up on liberty and trying to live out my life away from people as much as possible. We really are a piece of shit race. I'm done here. Good riddance.

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whoa, dude

You define who and what you are, nobody else can unless you allow it. If you believe what you say, stand by it until you're proven wrong. Name-calling happens here, downvoting happens here; relax, realize that people are different and enjoy the ride, it aint gonna last forever.

The only problem with Alex Jones' performance on the Piers

...Morgan show was that he was TO NICE TO PIERS MORGAN.

That rat should head back to England where he can't own a gun.

But get out of OUR faces about it.

I say BRAVO to Alex Jones.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

we all have points of view



...at least AJ's ranting and

...at least AJ's ranting and name-calling is less offensive and more forgiving than yours.

You are 180 degrees wrong

Alex Jones created the only meme that will survive these stupid gun debates with Piers Morgan. No one remembers anything anyone said except Alex Jones. Cross your fingers becausethe next time someone tries to take a gun from a redneck that guy may just blurt out 1776 will commence if you try and take our guns. It was an astounding PR victory!!!

I remember your post

When I saw Alex on PM, I thought Uh ohh. But not for long. Alex, who speaks truth is not a moral coward - he's a rarity. Speak truth. What happened? Rousing of the sleepwalkers. After all, it was so so important to Alex that everything went well.. that he prayed, not for himself, but for his family... then put it in God's hands. I remember he had a slight fever and they were rude, whispering, and talking about getting the potbelly angle. Understandably, they got him really po'd. After that night, the conversation changed across America. Hitler took the guns. Mao took the guns. Staling took the guns. Ha ha ha on Satureday night...However, all the media pundits now had to either take his side or lose all credibility. After all, the 2nd Ammendment isn't about duck hunting. When's the last time anyone on TV told you that? Never. To many it was a totally new revealation. Wow! Thanks Alex! And dear Tellfire, thank you too!

Jesse Ventura's debate

was much more rational. Alex came off like a screaming out of control child. Even if his indignation over gun laws is true, he allowed Piers Morgan the upper hand by spiraling into an emotional fit. It looked bad and any good points he may have had slipped away

Ho hum though

No one remembers Jesse Ventura's appearance. Certainly no one will talk about it.

SteveMT's picture

I initially felt the same way, so I watched the interview again.

After the second viewing, I became very positive about the entire thing. In addition, no one remembers the Ventura-Morgan interview. This meeting had 500,000 hits in 4 months. The Jones-Morgan interview has had 10 million in 5 days. The Alex Jones interview had everything to do with waking-up the sheeple and nothing to do with rationality.

I hope so.

I saw AJ being lead by the nose by TPTB.
I would like to see it backfire.
Those people are snakes and from what I can see they are setting up to make Liberty minded gun owners look deranged so as to circumvent the Constitution by use of "Mental Health".

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams


He's a sincere Human being


And Guts is enough...


Alex Jones

First time I heard Alex Jones and his rant, I said to myself who is this guy and what is he saying. I found out who he was and what he about and now I have been awake for years. I became a Ron Paul delegate and became a activist. I'm just saying it take all kinds of people to wake all kinds of people. Everyone has there own personal style.

Guess what?

All the neocons I talked to said they may not agree with all of the conspiracies people like Alex talk about, but they said they agree with him 100% on what he said on g.rights. Neocons are super super passionate about this issue! None of them seem to be scared to stand up for their rights. Maybe Alex has given them even more courage than they had in the first place. All of them are hunters too. Anyone else talk to neocon friends about this?


He is not an imbecile or traitor.

Just one of the youtubes of his appearance on Piers Morgan's show has 4,469,696 views in only 3 days.

That is a lot of people to hear his message. Yes, some may have been put off at first, but google metrics show people are researching what he talked about on the show. Once people start learning about what he was saying, his delivery is no longer important. I have no doubt some have had similar emotions as he displayed once they learn things they were never taught.

He crammed more information into those few minutes than most people could have done with twice the time. A more gentile and polite exchange would not have had the same impact, or the same amount of rapid fire homework projects for the viewers.


Ya I'm gonna go with that. (though I didn't mind the Piers episode)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

At this point

now that the most statist president in U.S. history has won not one but, two national elections, I'd say it's time to throw civil dialogue with incorrigible statists like Piers Morgan out the window. It's time to wake people up and get them to think. That's what Alex Jones has done. He's made meek patriots, some of whom work in government, others in academia, and others in ecclesiastical functions stop and think, "why is it that a half-crazy, conspiratorial kook is having to be the one on the front lines to stand up for freedom and speak truth to power?" Jones isn't the most eloquent voice we have in the wilderness. But, by being himself on CNN, he did more for gun rights than a ten million dollar donation to the NRA would have EVER accomplished.

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dear alex

how dare you speak your mind
don't you know the only ones who can that are
freedom loving libertarians,this is not extended
to any other political group
how dare you use your 1st amendment rights
say whats on your mind
haven't you noticed we put you in a box?,a box of of our own
you are not to think,speak or even breathe the liberty movement
we is us
sincerely your

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

This isn't a legitimate

This isn't a legitimate argument. It's entirely circular. If I believe in liberty, I also believe in my own right to say what I want about people. Did I say he should be arrested? No. Did I say he should be assassinated? Hell no.

Liberty is the principle of non-aggression. I am not advocating any kind of aggression. Beyond that, I'm free to feel however I want about whatever anyone else says (or, as the case was here, the way they say it). I can disagree with it as vehemently as I want and still be a supporter of liberty.

That said, see my update, I have come around a bit on the whole Alex Jones live ragefest thing.

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rag on me

i was trying to help

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I thought you were

I thought you were sarcastically trying to say that my comments somehow oppose the right to freedom of speech.

Forgive me if I misinterpreted.


it's ok cause what a great post!

Where's the grammar nazi?

I believe it's - Alex Jones: traitor or imbacile?

I believe it is

Saying that, I guess we know who the imbecile is.

Lol, nice try

Lol... that would be a nice jab... except you're wrong... Couldn't even bother to Google before accusing someone of spelling something wrong?

That's the spirit

You did not just become a quitter. It was always your nature.

What BS

See liberty means how I see it. Anyone who defends liberty in a different way is part of the globalist or an FBI or CIA disinformation campaign. /sarc

For people to not see AJ for the contributor he is to the info war is truly sad. It shows this movement suffers as much from petty judging and clique driven labeling as the left and the establishment.

This person reaches millions daily with an unflinching demand of constitutional rule of law. He is investing into some very talented folks to take his media machine into the future. The info wars nightly news is a world class media production and will do more for this cause than 1 trillion platinum posters indignant outrage at his personal communication style.

PS. The first amendment is to protect the unpopular speech not the socially acceptable speech. I see the liberty folks attacking the unpopular speech because they still feel the need to be accepted by the public. Ironic?

Liberty = Responsibility

I would have to disagree with

I would have to disagree with you, I mean just because I agree with what someone has to say doesn't mean I have to agree with their delivery, or think that it has a positive net effect on the liberty movement.

Also, look up a few posts to see why your argument that I am somehow opposing free speech is utterly ridiculous. I support free speech, including my own.

Regardless, I was overly harsh and somewhat hypocritical in my assessment of this situation, for which I do apologize.

For all those dissing AJ's rant...

Go look for yourselves at the comments on mainstream news, blogs and social sites. The comments are trending HEAVILY in favor of AJ's message and performance on Pier's show.

Stop being cowards who care more about what a few people who are trying to steal you freedoms might think of you versus speaking Truth to power with confidence and swagger. Americans LOVE confidence and swagger and over-the-top. Get a grip and stop playing into the hands of the elite traitor class. :|

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Well I don't know about that, it seems mostly negative

But I definitely underestimated the potential positives out of this.

Right, because as we all know...

...comments on the internet reflect the views of TV audiences. /sarc

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."