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Alex Jones, Traitor or Imbecile?

UPDATE: I was wrong. I was overly harsh. I was casting stones without having all the information, something I'm vehemently opposed to. I apologize. (see http://www.dailypaul.com/269611/i-was-wrong-and-im-sorry)

My letter to Alex:

You are ridiculous. I can't believe what you just pulled on Piers. Whose side are you on? I'm seriously damn near convinced you're on the globalists' side. You bastard! Do you know how hard you set us back?! That was a FUCKING DISASTER. You displayed less debate skills than Bill O'Reilly and Piers Morgans' lovechild! You are either a profound idiot or an establishment tool, and I will never support you again.

Update (old): I stand by my feelings about Alex's performance. He sunk to the level of Piers and I fail to see how any of you think that's ok. But I am getting trolled out of my mind here. It's driving me nuts. I spend too much of my life working for liberty, to sit here and take shit from people who claim to support it while they fling ad hominems and other personal insults at me and ignore my primary point (that this will not be received well, and it won't, that's just obvious). I've blocked Danton because after numerous insults and absurd attacks and very little in the way of actual substance, he accused me of claiming to be a "savior" and that is crossing the line. This whole experience has me considering just giving up on liberty and trying to live out my life away from people as much as possible. We really are a piece of shit race. I'm done here. Good riddance.

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Anyone who excuses that absurd performance based on "Alex is passionate" is just as much of an idiot as he looked like.

"Yeah but now they'll have to go and fact check him!!”

No. They'll ignore him because he came across like he was wearing his crazy pants. They will say "oh look! Another gun person and look how crazy he is!" Awesome for us.

People dont fact check the raving lunatic. They ignore the raving lumatic and try to stay away so he doesn't badger them for spare change.

Eric Hoffer

You gotta understand...

Even when Larry Pratt was calm and rational on Piers Morgan, Piers called Pratt "an unbelievable stupid man." There is no logical or rational persuasion to be done with these authoritarian liberals who have their Democratic agenda. They see no facts and hear no facts.

Thus, if anything, Alex Jones may have brought more passion to the debate. Those who already support the second amendment, are now at least aware that there are some people out there who are committed enough to defend the right to bear arms that they'll grit their teeth, stand firm, and basically risk their lives to defend gun rights.

But the idea that Alex Jones has somehow "destroyed" the liberty movement is a big fuckin pile of nonsense. Freedom is sloppy: you're going to have to get used to damage control in a free society.

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Partially agreed

Absolutely, you're right that he hasn't destroyed the liberty movement or anything along those lines. However, there are good and bad ways to present arguments. I'm absolutely fine with sandbagging and dragging the other guy through the mud, as long as it makes you look good on the TV to do so. They're going to fight dirty, and it's absolutely fine to fight fire with fire, the problem is you have to be better at it than them.

Getting angry like that? That's a sign that the other guy has won for the most part. Credibility is gone. Association becomes toxic, etc.

I have no problem with passion, but if you step up to the range all excited and fire all over the place instead of hitting the bullseye repeatedly? That gets chalked up as a loss.

Eric Hoffer

I guess that's why his listenorship has grown to millions...

... and why he is now on more than 150 readio stations.

People gravitate towards truth. His intensity strikes a chord with people who have the American spirit within them.

When I first heard him rant more than 12 years ago I said to myself... "Finally someone if getting angry". I listen to him everyday and I have learned so much from doing so.

You are wrong. People do fact check. I did and so will those who think he is crazy. I didn't trust him until I realized all the facts that he puts out there are true.

Alex Jones will go down in history as the man of true courage and patriotism. If only more men had his passion.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009


I hate to tell you this, but your claim that people gravitate towards truth couldn't be more false. Lets list things people gravitate to before the abstract philosophical notion of truth, or even to true statements.

1. Sex
2. Things that might even remotely resemble sex
3. Money
4. Drama and emotion
5. The Jersey Shore
6. Shows that people can vote for participants on.
7. The above, but those shows that some participants wear dresses and dance on
8. Violence
9. Taboo subject
10. Peter Poppins Miracle Water infomercials
11. Sports
12. Anything that remotely resembles something where you can root for a team

I could keep going, but truth is still a loooong way down the list.

Alex Jones is an entertainer and a true believer. When you get all excited because he's making a clown of himself on Piers Morgan and "standing up for all of us" that's you being entertained and rooting for him as a team. You've got Team Alex vs Team Gun control, then you have the rest of america watching that is ambivalent or hasn't made a decision. To all of Team Alex, he won. To Team Gun Control, he lost. To the rest of America, he looked like the screaming guy on the street corner. Who do you think won?

Eric Hoffer

Somebody needs medications, really.

Who would that be? I assume the one with the most mental anxiety.

BTW, I enjoyed British-style accent Alex had pulled at the end.

Truly, the most ignorant remark I have seen here.

Even AJ pointed out the issue with "medications" and yet you want to put more people on them? Did you pay ANY attention to the debate?
I did not - I don't watch AJ rant any more, had my fill of fear mongering. However, I did read the post, and I am willing to bet he has a valid point. AJ put on a show to please his audience, and it sounds like he knocked it out of the park. Everyone here seems delighted. Well, except telfire. But it was national TV, the broad audience that we rarely get a chance to address, and AJ could have reached a LOT of them had he conducted himself like someone who knew their facts and rights and was ready to discuss them. To go on a screaming rant about "Don't take my gun" will make the sheep double down on their desire to get the guns from the crazies - like AJ and his followers.
Furthermore... And this applies to pretty much every reply on this thread: There is plenty of room for debate about AJ's motives. Fact is, none of us KNOW if AJ is legit, none of us KNOW if ROn Paul is legit for that matter. Telfire is someone in the trenches with you. He MIGHT be a CIA troll, but I seriously doubt it. (Check his post history.) If you disagree with telfire, you can say so without personally attacking him. The long line of personal attacks against someone who is your ally must delight those who wish to see our movement divided and conquered.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


It must be early... I'm finding myself completely agreeing with fishyculture...

Good post.

Eric Hoffer


Alex did, acted, and said what needed to be done, seen, and said.

I've Been Giving This Some Thought...

Obviously, Alex looked out of control and angry tonight. He was dropping truth bombs left and right - SSRI's, Bankers, MIC, 9/11, 1776, etc. As a media professional, I will say this... No one was going to change the channel once they started watching it. He is going to stir the pot, big time. Considering Alex has done more to wake people up to the truth than everyone here at DP combined, he may have done something very good. True, many of the trendy liberals will be appalled. However, many folks who have been asleep might just be woken up because like it or not, his energy is infectious.

Christo Garcia


Crazy people get ignored. No one is going to be woken up by this, the only thing you're seeing is backpatting from prior Alex Jones fans. The rest will chuckle at the crazy person, reaffirm that they're right about guns only being wanted by crazies, and continue as usual.

The only reason they wouldn't change the channel is because it's semi entertaining to watch people scream and act like children, especially if they get to look down on and feel superior to the screamer.

Eric Hoffer

I think Alex is a patriot!

Yes he is a loud mouth but he is passionate. He is passionate about the constitution and did not bow down to that dumbass Piers.
While you sit back and play nice he is screaming and fighting for our rights.... not just his rights but yours as well. Bad mouth him all you want but he is 10 x the man you will ever be. I too get tired of his "rants" but he took the only road he could "debating" a man that doesn't even have a right to be in this country. Can you explain to me why this wanted man has a right to a talk show on any American media outlet?

Formerly rprevolutionist

reading comments here

look alex was right--- as far as facts

bt i see our biggest mission is to enlighten and educate more people to the reality of gov't and why our pholsophy is the right path

now---if you really think that jones performance is gonna change poeople's mind,,, i have a bridge to sell you

if my grandma watched this----what would she think of his message???

yes,,, the sheep need to be awakened ,,, but i'm sorry this ain't gonna work

lets look at history
MLK,,, rosa parks, founding fathers,,, dr paul,,, ghandi,,, i could go on and on

none of them screamed, almost foaming at the mouth,,,, challenging to a fight,,,, to get their point across

many wanna claim shock and awe is needed,,,, but take a poll of everyday people watching this,,,,
i bet 70% would say he seems crazy

BS MLK was very expressive

maybe not to the tone of AJ. But everyone you mentioned was thought provoking and did things that were considered "extreme" for their respective times. They were all shunned by the main stream media and made out as cooks in the their beginnings.



i am gonna go look at the comments on info wars of his loyal supporters to see the spin

if they think he did anything but destroy credibilty they are complete fools

there should be a huge backlash against him
did he not look like a complete bully???

he had some good facts---- but presentation counts too--

look,, wall st sold shitty deals(facts) with good presentations,,, the complete reverse

good facts with good presentation, calm and thoughtful ,,like dr paul always does,,,, goes so much further

tom woods is such an elegant spokesman for liberty,,, why can't he get some msmedia press

Google this


Alex didn't fly across the country to simper and whimper

He came to overwhelm and annihilate the insanity that Piers Morgan drivels out every night.

It takes an ALARM clock to wake up the sleeping masses.

Not another polished debater...

I didn't want to see him

I didn't want to see him 'simper and whimper' but this was obviously way too much. People are not going to be receptive to this AT ALL. It's going to hurt us big time! I don't know about you guys but I know personally, I'm going to get a ton of people giving me shit for this ridiculous outbreak, and I can't possibly defend it.

Tell your 'ton-of-shit-giver-people'

to go fact check what Alex said and think for themselves instead of letting Piers Morgan do their thinking...

Look at the comments from the mainstream!!!

You mean...

the same mainstream that continually called Ron Paul a racist insane kook?

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

What did you expect from the

What did you expect from the msm, regardless of what transpired?
You're not very bright are you?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

The Huffpost Thinks Idiots Like Paul Krugman are Gods

Wake up! Huffpost is most generally wrong. Arianna thinks we need to "appeal" to get monopoly corps to start being polite to the public interests. And Huffpost absolutely adores the Paul Krugman garbage that daily serves the immoral transfer of wealth from the working class and the middle class upwards to the ruling class that controls our lives. If Huffpost is critical of Jones, it is because he said all the right things. This is a site that licks Obama's butt fergawdsakes!!! Wake Up!!!

Oh yes

We should give a shit what the opposition 'mainstream' is shoving down the throats of the sleepwalkers...

Those sleepwalkers are the

Those sleepwalkers are the People of the United States of America! They are the ones we are supposed to be convincing!!!!

You're an Idiot

The article makes Jones's case (e.g. "Jones also placed blame for the recent mass shootings on drugs such as Prozac"). Who talks about the real problems in America such as the removal of the Bill of Rights and the role of Big Pharma in violent acts of homicide and suicide? Take your lame defense of your pathetic critique somewhere else. Libertarians with brains and balls don't need to be embarrassed by your ignorance.

It's pathetic how you

It's pathetic how you personally attack me and use ad hominems. It's really sad to encounter so much of that here, after encountering it in the mainstream.

You are so hostile and hateful toward me, yet I am fighting for gun rights. I am fighting for the right to bear arms. That is the point of all of this. Why do you fight so hard against me?


saw the same thing anytime they did a story on RP.
guess that means RP was wrong too!

Bullshit. Every time Ron Paul

Bullshit. Every time Ron Paul was talked about, yes he got the negative slant, and neocons/others naysaying, but he had a bunch of people coming to his defense and downvoting all those people!

You compare THIS to Ron Paul? Ron Paul has more honor and speaking skills in his 77-year-old dick than Alex Jones does in his entire organization.

i compared the audience

and their comments not the speaker. if you weren't having conversations with a 77 year old ghost penis you would have noticed that.

i'm no fan of jones, bud. i just feel like you're flying off the ole comment-hinge for something not worth more than a glance. that's all.

the philosophy of liberty isn't dead because jones was animated and passionate. it will undoubtedly survive the night.. no matter how cold or dark it gets. because it liberates the individual when the world seeks to enslave him.

i'm saying this because i know EXACTLY what you're feeling right now. and it's not worth one ounce of anxiety.

different people will have different approaches. all will serve a purpose.

but don't let something so trivial get under your skin.

take care, homie.