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False Flag Alert: Is the Assasination Of Alex Jones Next?

This is my last DP post for a while... good luck.


I'm sure I'm going to stir up another nest of hornets here but...

The NWO plan is to cause civil unrest in America. They need full blown martial law in order to get the guns.

1) Why is there no video of the cops harassing Alex?

2) Why is there no video of the TSA harassment?

3) Why would he go to Bloomberg's mafia town with only two people? Why wouldn't he have a bunch of people with him? Isn't that Luke Rudowski's town?

Don't get emotional. Just do some deep thought here please. If I was running the NWO - this is exactly how I'd do it. Truth be told - I have no idea what the truth is here.

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That's silly. Martyrs bring down empires.

Let people die then we will grieve them.

Isn't that the cultured thing to do? Government is a culture-free zone.

Free includes debt-free!

They Don't Need To Assassinate AJ

All they have to do is put him on CNN a few more times and he will lose what little credibility he might of had. His most obsessed sheep will continue to follow him though.

Didn't CNN pay for the tickets?

I doubt they were going to pay for more than him and his "agent" or whatever it is that goes with famous people, secretary? or what ever it is.

Since they asked him on I am sure they flew him out but I suppose he could have paid for security but then again he always talks about how he doesn't need security because he is at peace etc.

I am not a religious person myself but know that many who do believe have a sense of "not worrying" due to the thought of an afterlife, a better life or something to look forward to after death.

I don't see them killing Alex Jones being the thing that sets off the next American revolution though. Now if they would have popped Ron during 2008 I think at that moment we were ALL ready to CHARGE but it seems more people are focused on stocking up versus sticking their necks out there as martyrs.

Even today alex made sure to say how he isn't carrying guns and yada yada. I know he is right on alot of stuff but that is pretty full of yourself to assume yourself to be the martyr to get things moving.

He assumed himself the LEADER of the libertarian front so to speak and was mad that glenn beck was trying to take the banner.

NEITHER are leading anything and if they actually understood what LIBERTARIAN meant it isn't that we hold hands through every decision, comment or idea.

I dig Alex though, listen daily!

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Now AJ will have something to rant about on his next show.

Please don't help this idiot come up with new material.

AJ is already enough of a kook. Don't help him anymore than that.


THe sick thing is

that I doubt AJ fans will even check out this link.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Kill Alex Jones? NO THEY

Kill Alex Jones? NO THEY WON'T!! They won't kill Alex Jones because he's a fearmongering, sensationalist, deceptive, master manipulating gatekeeper for Zionism. He's leeching off the liberty movement so that more people will discredit us as 'conspiracy nuts'. Those of you who think Alex is a patriot, why did he cause disturbances at the pro-gun rally in Austin in 2010 and lie about it on his radio show? Why did he refer Bill Cooper as 'some dead guy' after he cut off a caller who questioned him about Cooper? Why did he bring his followers into mass hysteria by falsely claiming Russia was going to nuke America every single week on his Y2K broadcast? There's just much wrong with him that it's insane to think he's on our side when in reality, he's on the Zionist Jews' side. Think about it for a moment.


My God

have you ever posted anything that isn't completely retarded? Where the fuck do people like you come from.


you sir

are deluded. This is why people like you are still asleep even though you come on here.

Makes one ask: Is Alex Jones a dupe for the NWO?

Makes one ask: Is Alex Jones a dupe for the NWO? After his jaw-dropping appearance on Piers Morgan, the argument for taking guns from the citizenry was strengthened a thousand-fold, at least among the three hundred thousand aging liberals who still watch CNN.

In this way, the NWO knows Jones is a bull in a china shop, far more likely to damage himself and everyone and everything around him than he is going to damage them.

For those who have never listened to Jones on one of his good days, he came across as completely bananas.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised

Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if Alex is just making it all up. Kind of like his video of him freaking out at Bilderberg.

Just my opinion

I think AJ did just as TPTB wanted. Whether AJ was coached or they just know they can trust him to be AJ, I don't know or care. I care about net results. And I will say up front for the AJ sycophants, he does a lot of good. This debate was terrible. The LAST thing we need is EMOTIONAL debate about gun control.
2 American gun manufacturers have had their accounts seized by BofA. They were told point blank it is because they sell guns. While AJ does his job convincing gun-grabbers that they need to HURRY before he goes off, the banks are shutting down the revenue stream of the manufacturers. And someone is killing pro-gun youtube managers, and maybe a gunsmith.
I think AJ is safe, he is still very useful. But I'd keep an eye on your local gunsmith and 2nd amendment activists, I think they may be scheduled for some accidents.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Scripted Theater

2 minutes was all I could stomach of the clip from his appearrance on the Piers Morgan, but to me, this seemed nothing more than a ruse.

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

20 seconds

more than I could do. Don't know if that makes you tougher or me smarter... ;)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


....because it's bullshit perpetrated by a bullshitter. If I had a nickel for each time AJ thought his life was in danger.... I'd have about $12.45. Alex Jones: Legend in his own mind. Sensationalism Sensationalism Sensationalism. The end.

Bloomberg probably sent the

Bloomberg probably sent the thugs so he'd go overboard. If I were Alex I'd call cops on them. LOL