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How Did Alex Jones Do Compared To Other Piers Morgan Pro Gun Guests?

IMO, He smashed through the membrane and reached the American soul.

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so many

great points.


while he had some good facts---- he looked like a bloomin idiot

yelling and raving does not win anybody over and just gives anyone who feels the same the same stigma he portrays

also---jones is so anti msm---yet he jumps up to go on and yell infowars,,, infowars

arpaio looked like a genius compared to jones and most thing the sheriff is extreme

and then after some facts---- to bring in 911 from left field---how dumb,,,,,,,, now 99% of america will write him off as looney----and did you see morgan later spin his words,,,"that bush planned 911

letting it happen and planning it are 2 different things--- more willful negligence on bush's part to further cheney's agenda

that dershowitz character is a disgrace,,, his points were so ridiculous and riddled with holes and contradictions

more willful negligence on bush's part to further cheney's agenda

i guess i missed arpaio and

i guess i missed arpaio and dershowitz.

douche-owitz was tarred and feathered on democracy now when he debated mr. norman finkelstein. how that man isn't shamed into a hole for the rest of his pathetic existence is beyond me.

what makes you think it was all cheney? seems like it was a group dynamic to me. technocrats and fascists.


well,,, your right certainly a group,,,,, but i do think bush is dumb,,,, well just dumb enuff to fool us,,,,,, he is pretty smart at being slimy,,,,,, but cheney is that real cold,,, dirty manipulator who could get it all done and nailed down,,, he was there with all those inpower for 30 years,,,, he had the names and contacts to get it done---whatever that may have been

basiclly i feel cheney quietly from behind was pulling the strings,,,, and seems bush,,,from what i've read,,,,, would get mad at cheney overpowering him and bush would overule him here and there to exert his superior position,,, chest beating ego crap