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We must all stand together...

Ideas - some are good, some are bad, some need fleshed out to become good. We really ought to be focused on ideas, on ferreting out the bad ones, promoting the good ones, and developing anything in between until it is a good one. All of that can be done without personal insults. Even to say an idea is bad can be done in a kind way. It does not have to be. The internet is nice and anonymous, so you will never get punched in the face for ignorant remarks, you will never even have to face the human that you trashed. You can even tell yourself it was not even a human, just a CIA spambot, and there is a tiny chance that you will be right. Tiny.
Most likely, you are here hurling insults at the people fighting FOR YOUR RIGHTS.
This is supposed to be a love revolution. I understand a moment of passion, losing one's cool, etc. But the general tone here is becoming incredibly antagonistic to the PEOPLE.
Tear apart the bad ideas, but STOP tearing apart your allies, unless you are really determined to "hang alone."

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