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Drug Prohibition: Law Enforcement Is The Problem

A key point here is that the source of the problem is not the War on Drugs, that is merely the symptom. The problem is that the government has the means to enforce laws like the drug prohibition. Once it had the power it then passed the bad laws. (Of course, once they had these bad laws to enforce they then used the higher crime rates these bad laws created to justify more, and more powerful, police.) The only way to ensure that there won’t be a repetition of the War on Drugs fiasco is to abolish policing as we know it today. The ending of the prohibition of alcohol proves this point. They merely switched from punishing bootleggers and drinkers to punishing drug dealers and users.


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The War on Drugs is raging again.

On the front and center of CNN last night was this disgusting propaganda piece. People are afraid to defend bath salts, but their legality must be defended with the same fervor as dope (cannabis). Thesr claims parallel the fear mongering that "cocaine causes blacks to rape whites" and "cannabis can cause kids to blow their head off with a shotgun."


Also, last year the media accused a MDPV of causing a murder, and NJ legislatures reacted by banning MDPV and calling it Pamela's Law. No MDPV was found in the alleged killer's system, yet the law and the hysteria continues.