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Alex Jones, Honey Badger of the Liberty Movement

Fearless and tough as nails. Does all the hard work and lets others eat the scraps:



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Fearless and tough?

This is what I think of AJ:


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Alex Jones is a Zionist dis-info agent

Remember Molly-gate: The event (November 20, 2012) where Alex Jones hired Molly Maroney, who formerly worked for the admitted-Zionist organization Stratfor. Alex Jones and his crowd (Mike Adams, Intel Hub, Mark Dice, Lindsey Williams, etc.) are still remaining silent on the situation. Lots of more information about it is right here:

He also has made up a series of failed predictions from 2008-2010 that never came to place (especially when he claimed there would be an inaugural bombing in 6-7 months)

He insulted Bill Cooper by referring him as 'some dead guy' in 2010 at 2:25

Alex Jones endorsed a promoter for alternative medicine Kevin Trudeau, who was a convicted felon and a scam artist, in 2009. His interviews with him were deleted from his channel shortly after they were uploaded. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWPxLzlyOTU

Alex Jones crashed a pro-gun rally in Austin in 2010 and later covered up the story on his radio show with lies and deception.

For the love of the English language....

...can we please stop adding "-gate" to everything?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

William Cooper interview


Keep in mind, this is 1998.

State Department Publication 7277


Alex is given a voice because they think he will make all..

..gun owners look like 911 conspiracy nuts.

They want people to think that this guy is the same type of crazy as every gun nut and theater shooter.

They want people to think that when they see you with a gun they immediately think "there goes a guy like Alex Jones" and "a crazy guy like that school shooter".

Alex is the fabricated "crazy link" between law abiding gun owners and the murderers who steal guns to go shoot up gun free zones.

I am not Alex Jones. I hate Alex Jones for what he did to my friend Debra Medina.

Those of you who think he is helping our cause need to have a taste of what he did to 2nd Amendment activists in Austin...


Alex Jones is not a lunatic. He is a pundit actor who undermines our efforts to secure liberty for our states and our nation.


So true

Why did Piers Morgan ask him the 9/11 Question?

You have the answer

Jones walked straight into the trap

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.


yes. yes. yes.
Thank you for saying that.

I recently had a conversation with a really nice woman. She has her PhD in Recent Western History. Anyhow of course we started talking about Sandy Hook and OH-MY-GOD! She totally had the concept that everyone that owned a gun was living inside a stereotype image. I shouldn't have been surprised. Someone living a "university life" is equally as misinformed as anyone else (probably more so). Having Alex Jones speaking on behalf of the "pro-gun" side of this argument was clearly a set up to make smart people, like my friend there, think they are smarter. Alex Jones is THEATER. ENTERTAINMENT. I don't get why people, ESPECIALLY here at the DP, keep falling for people like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. There is sure to be another foil frontman coming up the pike.

OK downvote me if you want


there is an OBVIOUS Alex Jones troll attack...

....going on right now on the DP....I have my reputation, activism, learning curve, and views on whatever, zionism, 9/11, calling in radio shows, running for delegate, the American Christian Church, David Barton, the Left Behind movement, K-street pro-family lobbyists, and Alex Jones....and people want to call me names and downvote me incessantly because I can clearly see how Ron Paul supporters will be viewed now in years to come....??

I'm no wimp! I've had my life/family ripped apart by taking my stand these.past three years, and Ive been squeezed by the ponzi scheme; but I haven't been pressed into conformity....secondly....I don't need Alex Jones or any of his rank and file to speak for me; believe me, it's a game, he's a media empire with RESOURCES...he's no different than the PTB with his desire or influence to manipulate opinions,.or, impact the marketplace enough to provoke national attention....

Ron Paul is a statesman, so were our founders....they fear the Creators with reverence, and they don't lose their cool on purpose or otherwise to provoke a reaction; they plead, and leave their audience to decide their course of action that suits themselves.

I agree with 99% of what you typed

Jones shouldn't be taken as an absolute source of truth, he's about as emotional based and predicting as some of the media talking heads.

Even though Jones is clearly no Ron Paul, he really set gun owners up, the media is already having a field day with his behavior last night.

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.




Should be "Creator" in the singular!!! ;)

God has many plural roles in the bible.


We should be able to rape

We should be able to rape them with logic and truth and with LOVE win over the masses! Today's headlines only talk about how wild and out of control AJ was, NOT any of the subjects he talked about. His spectacle only served to portray us as crazed gun owners when he could have held a well reasoned civil debate that made people think and left them with important reasoning to dispel all the MSM pumped into their moldable minds! Sure, I agreed with his points, but he could have put them out in a way that would have everyone talking about the points instead of the delivery, THAT is our loss anyway you look at it!

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Very insightful post!

I like the part when the honey badger is stung by a cobra (gasp!): he just "sleeps" & rests a while, gets up and continues to *eat *up *the *cobra* :-) :-)

POLL: Did Alex Jones Appearance on CNN Help

POLL: Did Alex Jones Appearance on CNN Help Preserve the 2nd Amendment?


Lol, good analogy.

Lol, good analogy.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

yeah, man!!!!!

Damn straight!!!!!

If you want to get elected to public office in America, if you want to make an impact from within our national legislature or state houses, if you want to curb or reverse the direction our Executive Branch has been taking us, and even win over the hearts and minds of our judges from the Supreme Court on down, or, take over the chairmanship of a local, state, or national Republican Party as a real fiscal hawk for our posterity's sake....then...go PUBLIC and say "I stand with Alex Jones and his performance last night....he speaks for me..he is what I wish I was....SUPPORT ME and what we all believe and stand for!!!!! ..... Thank You, America!!!!"

Seriously, When will this Alex Jones 2013 troll-fest end???

You guys are DESTROYING what Ron Paul stood for; and ignoring his instructions..."to add virtue and excellence" in our free society....you're all fighting a ghost..there is NO IMMINENT THREAT....this nation needs it's moral foundations restored, and it will not be achieved through praising media clowns like this, nor wasting time mocking other media whores who are ALL in it for themselves and the $$$$$$$$

Seriously....this is NOT how any of us should behave at the next CPAC....nor would a Rand Paul want you on his campaign staff if you think Alex Jones is some sort of patriotic leader....he just TAINTED our movement beyond repair, and a great many better wake up to that real quick....namely the young, stupid, and unchurched!!!

There is a PROFESSIONALISM and proper demeanor associated with Ron Paul, and it made him DANGEROUS....this is NOT how we conduct ourselves!!!! Stay far away from me if you think Alex Jones is an ASSET after this stunt and this vaudeville aftermath....we're a laughing stock now...

I found a list of Honey Badger traits.

My two favorite, if we are comparing AJ...

"One method Honey Badgers use when attacking larger prey is to castrate them and then wait for the animal to weaken from bleeding."

"Honey Badger females are called “sows”. Male Honey Badgers are called “boars”.”


Everyone is right - he is a bad-a$$ and a boar - lol!

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Ahh... Really getting into

Ahh... Really getting into it. Research and pronounce. A Ron Paul person just goes for it. GRROORRRR...

Hilarious narrative. Very

Hilarious narrative. Very accurate too. Jones does all the work, is ripped off by the msm, and then is marginalized and criticized by the msm. He's an unsung hero. The guy and his crew don't get the credit they deserve

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

So true. So very true.

Alex does the work while so many of the Jack Fannies try to demonize him for doing his best. Alex is loved and adored because he is one of us. He tries to teach each and everyone of us to go out and do what he is doing.

He does not pretend to be some Phd. or some intellectual, instead he has the attitude of a soldier who is surrounded. He laughs and says, I can attack from any position.

But know this, Alex Jones is no dummy, he knows how to hurt these dirt balls in the media. He is growing by the hour and more and more people are loving what this man is doing.

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Bump for Rand Paul


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