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Missouri GOP Chairman Ousted for Rand Paul backed Ed Martin

Missouri GOP Chairman David Cole ( who ran against one of Daily Paul's very own Brent Stafford in the the infamous St Charles County ReCaucus) has been ousted by a 34-32 vote. Cole was the establishment favorite in the race.
But didn't not receive enough votes in the first round of balloting. Ed Martin, the only candidate that Rand Paul actually came to Missouri to campaign for (Paul ran ads for Akin) won the Missouri GOP Chairmanship.

Rand Paul is starting to connect the dots nationally for a 2016 bid in my opinion.



Updated with Reality Check video


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... Rand Paul has a certain man in his life (his Father) who has been around the block numerous times and can give him tips from all the times he had been cheated. I think Rand Paul will go into this the most prepared candidate in 2016. Even more then Santorum or Gingrich... he is smart, something most people in Washington are lacking.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016




with original video of St Charles caucus and do over caucus with Cole vs Stafford, where Paul supporters won.

Congratulations to Ed Martin

Very good news!


Cole was a sneaky guy, hopefully Martin better and good for Rand if he goes for it.