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I'm Questioning Everything: Alex Jones and the Vicarious Revolution

I watched the interview with Piers Morgan, just like all of us. It was satisfying, humorous, uncomfortable and so many other things – but like all material presented through media, I believe it served a greater purpose, whether those involved (Morgan and Jones) knew it or not. And that got me thinking…

What if Alex Jones is allowed to flaunt his brashness to such a large audience because all of those ‘folks’ that feel a small kindling of independence within their bellies after all the recent talks of freedom and rights – especially firearms – can ‘get their jollies’ so to speak through a courageous loudmouth like Alex Jones?

Hear me out:

Your average American lives out their dreams and/or desires through the media they are presented with via television and the internet; semi-athletic males often live vicariously through elite athletes competing against each other instead of turning off the TV and going out with friends to play and compete; women of all levels of attractiveness read magazines and fawn over celebrities hairstyles and clothes and bodies and do their best to imitate what they see so they can feel valuable; all people in all walks of life strive for possessions so that they can live through those things – they find that their own personal value follows the rise and fall of the value of their stuff.

We are a vicarious people trying to satisfy desires and live out dreams, ultimately trying to find value and purpose, through anything and everything that surrounds us.

What if your average ‘awakened’ American lives out their dreams of escaping from beneath the thumb of tyranny through the same pattern? I know that I have from time to time. When I think about going to a local city council meeting or GOP meeting, or speaking truth to a friend or co-worker, or writing a book that no one may read, I feel like I’m doing so little (because the problem is so big) and often times I feel discouraged because my desires (whatever they may be) are not being fulfilled.

Rather than take small, unnoticed steps to help our immediate community (which may or may not work) it feels much better to spit in the face of the NWO or the Globalists and give them a good smack – something I believe most people do through someone like Alex Jones.

So just like the 30-year-old white male who turns on the NFL to feel the rush of athletic competition, I turn on Alex Jones or read the Daily Paul or whatever so that I can feel like I am a part of something bigger, like I am really making a difference; except the majority of the time I’m really just trying to satisfy my desire for some purpose and meaning as immediately as possible – and what is more immediate than media (it’s even in the word! Im’media’te)?

But maybe to a small extent I am making a difference: maybe, by participating in something like a national radio show or money bomb or highly trafficked forum, my part in something bigger is productive.

Or maybe not.

Either way I think it is the responsibility of the individual to decide for themselves and it takes honest vulnerability combined with legitimate introspection, not the knee-jerk emotionality that is beginning to rule our society.

So what if we are just ‘getting our jollies’ through Alex Jones the same way that my sports obsessed co-worker ‘gets his jollies’ through Peyton Manning or Lebron James? My co-worker isn’t going out on the field, training, or even playing the game he says he loves – he just sits on the couch, eats Doritos and checks the stats to see how his fantasy team is doing, and sadly that seems to satisfy him.

Am I just listening to the radio show, paying for a subscription or buying a t-shirt, and checking to see what the Globalists are up to just so that I can feel alive, independent and rebellious? Is the ability to say ‘I told you so,’ the feelings of superiority, inclusion or purpose via someone else’s words and actions all I need?

I’m sure some of us are – in fact I know some of us are – legitimate Liberty-loving, hardworking, courageous tough SOBs that refuse to give up and relentlessly pursue a life of justice, virtue and freedom for ourselves as well as others. This doesn’t apply to those of us that fit that category.

But I’m not a part of the ‘this rant doesn’t apply to me category’ – not yet.

I want to be that legitimate, tough SOB. I don’t want to live vicariously through ______ and feel like I’m making a difference because I know about the evils of fractional reserve banking and I listen to a few hours of radio or youtube videos a day. I don’t want to be your average ‘awakened’ American that loves the thought of being fiercely independent but then satisfies that desire by listening to or watching someone else be fiercely independent – that’s as dependent as welfare or subsidies, and arguably more debilitating.

I think that’s why Alex Jones is given a long leash to say and do whatever he wants concerning fluoride, guns, 1776, the TSA and all the other (mostly) legitimate and true things he covers. I believe that he has worked hard and I believe that he is (mostly) sincere. And I do think that there really are nefarious plans by mysterious entities to steal, kill and destroy the treasure, peace, liberty and life of all individuals.

The CNN interview with Piers Morgan all but solidified this in my thinking: Alex Jones does some good, but I think he’s mostly just a pacifier, a vicarious tool through which others ‘get their jollies,’ whether he (or they) know it or not.

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Setting aside the Person

Setting aside the messenger, setting aside how he arrived on the scene, setting aside what his individual (or employers) motives are, the net or gross results of what happens when the information becomes as current as the abject lies produced by the counterfeit authorities is very valuable information to me, to the Topic Starter (the Original Poster or OP), and more than just us two people.

The term Market Survey aught to ring a bell.

Look up Edward Bernays and his work, where the word Mass Marketing is a cover for the actual devious ill gotten gains perpetrated by such few people upon so many people in modern times.

Mass Marketing includes such practices as Market Surveys.

There is a genuine, honest, productive, moral, equitable, reasonable, lawful, polite, justified, practice called mass marketing and that practice includes market surveys.

There is a counterfeit, dishonest, destructive, immoral, inequitable, unreasonable, unlawful (or made lawful for only a few people to do it, and made lawful by them only), impolitic, unjustified, practice called brainwashing, response conditioning, behavior modification, and manufactured consent that pretends to be mass marketing with such things as market surveys.

The point is that the information is already readily available to anyone caring to know the facts concerning "Gun Control".

Who wants to know exactly how well, or exactly how poorly the targets are powerless to resist being injured by the criminals running the counterfeit government?

If you can't even rap your head around that last sentence, then you are going to have a real hard time understanding why the criminals running government have a very serious need to know exactly how well, or how poorly, their brainwashing is effecting their targets brains as a TOTAL POWER to dominate, and keep dominating, their victims.

If their victims "get it", then the criminals who have taken over government are in big trouble, and I can offer an obvious proof of the fact.

The brainwashed masses are told to believe that the criminals who took over government are stupid.

The brainwashed masses are told to believe, without question, that the criminals who took over government are doing the best they can do ("collectively"), but each time they try harder, they, stupid "they", mess up even worse, over, and over, and over, again, and again.

Man are those people "we" elect into office stupid.

Man are those people on "their" side stupid, if only "our" side could win the election this time.

Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla...

Market Survey question (Poll):

Pick A, B, or C, as representing your Political Economy Viewpoint:

Who thinks that the Democrats are stupid and they mess things up every time we elect them into office?

Who thinks that the Republicans are stupid and they mess things up every time we elect them into office?

Who knows, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the vast majority of the tax payers (the people who produce all the value produced in America) have absolutely no say in which professional criminal is handed the vast destructive POWER of modern government?

The Jets won't win the Stuporbowl.

If 25 percent pick A, 25 percent pick B, 49 percent pick D, and 1 percent picks C and that almost everyone picking C was hired to say that so their picks had to be thrown out, leaving 3 people out of a thousand people surveyed who pick C in that 1985 Market Survey of this specific effort to find this specific information and the most recent survey, done today, is such that 10 percent pick A, 10 percent pick B, 72 percent pick D, and 8 percent pick C, and fewer people are accepting jobs where they lie for pay, so the information suggests, strongly, that the previous number picking C has increased from less than 1 percent to 8 percent picking C then guess what?

Chicken butt, I stopped reading your drivel, and I don't use math anymore, not since 3rd grade?

World War.

The criminals who take over government have to use the money they steal to buy World Wars when the Natives grow too restless, and if you don't understand that, then you probably don't understand that the criminals who take over government are well aware of how many of you there are who don't understand simple facts.


A matter of perspective

Many may feel the 2nd amendment is pivotal to the preservation of liberty. The one and the only tool of last resort, handed down, to maintain a position of strength, against the subversive nature of tyranny. A tool that cannot be compromised in any way, to remain effective, for those yet to come.
Many, like AJ, may feel this is the moment of truth, the time to make a stand, defend at all cost..what lays on the other side.
A matter of perspective.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

I think you are correct

I believe that is partly why Dr. Paul's recent CFL email said that "The brushfires of liberty are sweeping the nation."

It took them awhile but the people are slowly waking up more and more.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

this is still a very spirited dialouge

....the comments so far on my video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no_BEGii3So
...it seems people think I sit on my hands and do nothing for the sake of our country and our posterity....

They should watch the other videos on my channel...my "strong stance" and willingness to get involved publicly to the MINOR degree I have, has cost me greatly....I, like everyone else; am doing "right" in my own eyes for our posterity's sake ... Amazingly, very many want to bash the Alex Jones critics of his two premier performances, than(as we used to) encourage each other to remain guarded, trust no man without searching him out thoroughly first, and sleep with one eye open.

I'm just advancing my suspicions; we'll see if his rants help or hurt soon enough....but I know how our group of disenfranchised conservatives treated me when I made mention of AJ and his films since 2007. I do for my kids, and our posterity...not for myself; to have professing fellow patriots mock me and wear me down is par for the course...they'll certainly be more vitriol to come as we discuss this lightening rod of a media personality.

It's a market.

Think of all the money being made selling guns, food banks, land, gold/silver, donations, books, "bug out bags" (and all the things that go in them) Seeds etc. etc. Where there is a market, there is someone to market it.

Mr. Jones should

continue to do what Mr. Jones does. You should continue contributing your best efforts.

There is room for those that would choose an alternate course. As many as possible.

Vicarious by Tool


Eye on the TV
'cause tragedy thrills me
Whatever flavor it happens to be

"Killed by the husband" ...
"Drowned by the ocean" ...
"Shot by his own son" ...
"She used a poison in his tea,
Then she kissed him goodbye"
That's my kind of story
It's no fun til someone dies.

Don't look at me like I am a monster
Frown out your one face, but with the other (you)
Stare like a junkie into the TV
Stare like a zombie while the mother holds her child,
Watches him die,
Hands to the sky cryin "why, oh why?"

Cause I need to watch things die from a distance
Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies
You all need it too - don't lie.

Why can't we just admit it?
Why can't we just admit it?
We won't give pause until the blood is flowin'
Neither the brave nor bold
Nor brightest of stories told
We won't give pause until the blood is flowin'

I need to watch things die from a good safe distance
Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies
You all feel the same so why can't we just admit it?

Blood like rain fallin' down
Drum on grave and ground

Part vampire, part warrior,
Carnivore and voyeur
Stare at the transmittal.
Sing to the death rattle.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la-lie (x4)

Credulous at best
Your desire to believe in
Angels in the hearts of men.
But pull your head on out of your hippie haze
And give a listen
Shouldn't have to say it all again

The universe is hostile
So impersonal
Devour to survive
So it is, so it's always been ...

We all feed on tragedy.
It's like blood to a vampire.

Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies
Much better you than I.

jrd3820's picture


+1 for TOOL.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

AJ is waking people up. Things are not right, and people

can't put their finger on it. The time is now, more and more people will be willing to listen to a better explanation than they are hearing now of what is going on. The war, is an information war of ideas. The more infowarriors the better. You do what you do, and let AJ do what he does. Everything will work out in the end.

He may rant and rave but..

It's making more people ask questions. People have been so apathetic about politics and haven't been asking why or researching things for themselves. I'm curious what the ratings of the msm were before sandy, after sandy and after Alex went on Piers Morgan's show are. I'm sure we will see a correlation.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Be the tough SOB

and get out on 1/19 to your state's capitol or to your local gun store or range for Gun Appreciation Day!

Call, email, write your Reps!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Alex Jones = Michael

Alex Jones = Michael Moore.

The only difference is AJ tricks you an MM doesn't. I've gained a lot from the work AJ has put out, but he has exposed himself... Thanks to the DP and independent media for exposing this fraud.

no not even close

Michael Moore is a tool. He is just a parrot now repeating the same things the major media outlets talk about. He is the opposite end of the spectrum of Alex and Michael is a big waste of space. He did the columbine video and just talked about useless things that only upset the families of the victims and did nothing to contribute to society whatsoever.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Mo(o)re deception

Nice try Husker. Michael Moore is no more an Alex Jones than your understanding of Andy's posting. Typical skier not paying attention.

And Andy, one could have not of praised Alex any better in a simpler way. He is man who has experiences government abuse from his teens to witnessing his own grand parents being victimized by county assessors. (Hence his reason for getting into broadcasting in the first place.)

Michael Nystrom, what can I say except we all cannot thank you enough.

Now Husker, Moore is a joke and speaks in half-truths and when his supporting facts are found to be incorrect with new data, he fails to accept it like a mature adult.

Jones, syndicated by GCN, I have found to be 90 plus % accurate. And when he commits an error, he admits it, then goes back and corrects it. This is not something you will find Moore doing. This is the reason Alex's show on GCN has continue grow since the late 1990's.

Also,,, Ted Anderson, President of GCN, has been a support of Doctor Paul for decades. REMEMBER THE BLIMP !!!!!

Being in professional audio 25 years I have been exposed to a lot of entertainment and have worked in broadcasting from time to time. NPR was a bastion of mostly accurate info two decades ago, now it cannot even hold a candle to Pacifica Radio or GCN.

Saying Alex Jones is a fraud is saying Ted Anderson is a fraud and therefore also Ron Paul.

Husker, take the Red Pill and wake up to tyranny.

ummmm ok

I'll admit that my comment seems to have nothing to do with this post (which I found quite insightful). In fact I down voted the comment myself. I honestly don't know where I was coming from there.

But a couple things:
1. I'm not a typical skier. there are many many skiers that pay close attention to things. do board or something?

2. AJ is WAY better than MM... or maybe AJ is WAY worse than MM. Depends on your perspective. Hear me out.

If AJ is accurate 90% of the time and 10% is misguided due to human error and effects from the massive amount of propaganda that is poured on us, then that is actually really good. All things considered 90% worthy of listening too and would make him WAY better than MM.

However, if that 10% is due to something else, then that's a different story all together. If AJ is controlled opposition, and that 10% is effectively used to distract or mislead the listeners when needed to protect certain interests, then that would make him very deceitful and WAY worse than MM (who is just a goon).

I don't know which scenario is closer to the truth, however I do believe that there is enough evidence to make me suspicious. I wouldn't have even brought it up before seeing a post on here, the independent media. And I am always encouraged when we can rout out the controlled opposition and statists plants (you KNOW they are attempting it, so you KNOW not everyone is on your side). I'll find the post and show it to you to see what you think.


Here is the OP:

The OP's message itself is worth reading.

Aren't the things that you worry about

with Alex Jones true for any other source of information?

Mo(o)re like Psy-Op

Of course I throw down a poke as a boarder - as a 12 step recovering skier I had too.

Jones is far from controlled opposition. In fact, Jones is out of control. As Andy pointed there are those who live vicariously through others and I must say when I first heard the Alex Jones Show during the ramp up to Y2K, I questioned his motives and QUESTIONED EVERYTHING. But that was Jones point and has been: Question everything he states, get up off your butt and check it out on your own. There were many times I did. Yet there were three things I realized had in common with Jones within the first year of listening to him from time to time.
1. Ron Paul
2. Motorhead
and 3. Problems with Gov. Keating's live press conference, which was on every cable news channel, stating bombs were found in the Murrah Federal Building after the explosion. (How did these bombs get there?)

I disagree with Jones' approach on many an occasion. He is a dynamic individual. Yet despite the man's shortcomings, Jones has never stated to shoot or kill anyone, he has never supported a General Election Democrat or Republican Presidential Candidate, and maybe he is a political relief valve, just as Andy has stated; but Jones continues to ask for justice through traditional Grand Jury. I agree with Andy, vicarious is right. And as many on radio have already commented, they would have loved to rail on Piers Morgan, but Jones provided the steam no one else seemed to have been able to muster before. I may not agree with Jones 100% of time, but who agrees with anyone 100% of the time.

Jones can be wrong on fact, but he does acknowledge and recant facts when he is wrong. Admitting one is wrong is one of the first the steps to becoming a mature adult. Morgan and Moore will never be adult enough to do that, they're to busy supporting the grand chess board and great psy-op that keeps the power brokers in play and our liberty in turmoil.

a couple snow boarding jokes for you

Q.how do you get a snowboarder off your porch???
A.Pay him for the pizza.

Q.What do snowboarders use for birth control???
A.Their personalities!

seriously though some of my favorite riding partners are boarders. I got no ill will.

As far as AJ goes, I just hope people filter what he says through reason and logic, like anyone else, but it's easier to let your guard down and let lies slip through if it's someone you trust.

I've been thinking along these lines

the past few days. So many patriots, constitutionalists, conservatives, and depending on the state, even democrats, are riled up (and rightly so) on the Feinstein bill or Obama threatening to steal our God-given right to defend ourselves by executive order. The pro-2nd Amendment articles and true stories have been fantastic on it and are blood-stirring.

But at the end of the day, how many of these patriots have actually called our Congressman and both our Senators and tried to educate them while we demand that they uphold their oath of office and defend the 2nd Amendment?

Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121

Furthermore, how many of us have contacted our relatives, networks groups, neighbors, co-workers, and church friends, and asked them to call the Capitol and do the same thing?

Or have we been pacified on this crucial issue simply by vicariously identifying with someone online/TV/radio who agrees with us? Or just basking in the knowledge that when the Feds come, we won't register and we won't surrender? Let's use our brains and get enough people to peacefully win this through pressure. From my understanding, even if Obama does it by executive order, it can be overturned with a certain majority in the Senate & House (does anyone know the exact majority number?). We have nothing to lose by storming the Capitol with phone calls, emails, etc!!!!
George Washington, "When Firearms go, all goes."


this is EXACTLY what I was getting at and thinking about!

We all individually need to do something rather than feel good that someone else is doing something and then we end up doing nothing.

Great comment!!

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

Thank you!

And thanks for launching the topic!

Saw this posted on FB

I suppose everyone is just a pacifier. It isn't like someone actually telling off another person can spring other into action. Did Ron Paul just pacify us when he dismantled Rudy Giuliani in a very similar matter as Jones did to Piers? Granted Ron is super old and sounds dispirited, but if you were to insert Ron's words from time to time into Jones' attitude great things happen. Trust me, I have done it.

If this does not spur you into action and merely pacifies you, you are doing it wrong as another commenter has said. I guess hot blooded speeches are just a bore.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Burning_Sirius

Someone like Jones being a pacifier

is less about Jones and more about the individual listening/watching/reading.

The very nature of what Jones does is confrontational and while I think it is mostly good, I also think it is a very easy trap for frustrated, 'awakened' people to fall into - they can listen to Alex 'be the tip of the spear' and 'fight the good fight' and instead of joining in the fight, they feel satisfied just sitting on the side and watching/listening.

We need to be aware of the potential pitfall and rise above it by keeping ourselves motivated and active.

Thanks for reading.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

"We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!!"

When Jones Got Into Piers Morgan's Face....I Thought to myself....Yea!

I was proud of Alex Jones..He said things to Piers Morgan on TV that many of us were thinking...

The message Alex Jones conveyed to Piers Morgan, face to face was: "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!!"

If you are living vicariously, you are doing it wrong.

I've been listening to Alex since 2005, while I was awake to libertarianism/voluntaryism, he woke me up tot he fraud of government staged terrorism and the larger agenda's we are all now facing. He also introduced me to a little known politician named Ron Paul. I campaigned for him in 2007 and was a representative delegate all they way up to the state convention in a state where we won 95% of the delegates after they'd stolen the vote from us last year.

Over those years I've helped wake up literally thousands of people, look where we are now. I put together the original "Red Pill videos" list a now ubiquitous term. I've also popularized the image of the vitruvian man standing on top of the NWO pyramid upside down shoved into the ground. I made the RonPaulsVoice twitter quote bot which has effected thousand upon thousands more.

If anyone thinks AJ is a vicarious experience. You are doing it wrong.

thanks for all you've done/do

and I agree 100% - if it's just a vicarious experience then something ain't right.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

The good thing about Alex is he is a caputalist

The bad is that he capitalizes on the ignorant, powerless, MSM addicted, gullable and desperate.

I'm just grateful and exhilarated to be out of the matrix.

All's I know is Ron Paul and Alex Jones played a big part of my awakening, and I'm so happy to be out of the matrix. For some, it's a new way of living life, for some it might be good to rise and live above the sheep, for some it's the rush and football game experience, for some it's to go out, spread the message and help with the awakening, for some it's a new political war and for some it's to go out and join the rebellion.

For me, it's a little of all the above, and I give credit to this guy who was on stage in the 2007 debates named Ron Paul and soon after Alex Jones.

Great Thoughts

Very true points you make.

I feel a similar way, that is: does the satisfaction I feel when I see someone kicking ass for liberty temporarily relax my own vigor/motivation to kick ass for liberty myself? Much like your football example, although I personally find watching football boring and would much rather play it.

It is exactly for this reason that I am attending a Ron Paul type activist training event this month. If someone does a liberty furthering act each month that persons acts will add up and hopefully that person will no longer see themselves as living through the actions of others but fulfilling their inner voice.