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I'm Questioning Everything: Alex Jones and the Vicarious Revolution

I watched the interview with Piers Morgan, just like all of us. It was satisfying, humorous, uncomfortable and so many other things – but like all material presented through media, I believe it served a greater purpose, whether those involved (Morgan and Jones) knew it or not. And that got me thinking…

What if Alex Jones is allowed to flaunt his brashness to such a large audience because all of those ‘folks’ that feel a small kindling of independence within their bellies after all the recent talks of freedom and rights – especially firearms – can ‘get their jollies’ so to speak through a courageous loudmouth like Alex Jones?

Hear me out:

Your average American lives out their dreams and/or desires through the media they are presented with via television and the internet; semi-athletic males often live vicariously through elite athletes competing against each other instead of turning off the TV and going out with friends to play and compete; women of all levels of attractiveness read magazines and fawn over celebrities hairstyles and clothes and bodies and do their best to imitate what they see so they can feel valuable; all people in all walks of life strive for possessions so that they can live through those things – they find that their own personal value follows the rise and fall of the value of their stuff.

We are a vicarious people trying to satisfy desires and live out dreams, ultimately trying to find value and purpose, through anything and everything that surrounds us.

What if your average ‘awakened’ American lives out their dreams of escaping from beneath the thumb of tyranny through the same pattern? I know that I have from time to time. When I think about going to a local city council meeting or GOP meeting, or speaking truth to a friend or co-worker, or writing a book that no one may read, I feel like I’m doing so little (because the problem is so big) and often times I feel discouraged because my desires (whatever they may be) are not being fulfilled.

Rather than take small, unnoticed steps to help our immediate community (which may or may not work) it feels much better to spit in the face of the NWO or the Globalists and give them a good smack – something I believe most people do through someone like Alex Jones.

So just like the 30-year-old white male who turns on the NFL to feel the rush of athletic competition, I turn on Alex Jones or read the Daily Paul or whatever so that I can feel like I am a part of something bigger, like I am really making a difference; except the majority of the time I’m really just trying to satisfy my desire for some purpose and meaning as immediately as possible – and what is more immediate than media (it’s even in the word! Im’media’te)?

But maybe to a small extent I am making a difference: maybe, by participating in something like a national radio show or money bomb or highly trafficked forum, my part in something bigger is productive.

Or maybe not.

Either way I think it is the responsibility of the individual to decide for themselves and it takes honest vulnerability combined with legitimate introspection, not the knee-jerk emotionality that is beginning to rule our society.

So what if we are just ‘getting our jollies’ through Alex Jones the same way that my sports obsessed co-worker ‘gets his jollies’ through Peyton Manning or Lebron James? My co-worker isn’t going out on the field, training, or even playing the game he says he loves – he just sits on the couch, eats Doritos and checks the stats to see how his fantasy team is doing, and sadly that seems to satisfy him.

Am I just listening to the radio show, paying for a subscription or buying a t-shirt, and checking to see what the Globalists are up to just so that I can feel alive, independent and rebellious? Is the ability to say ‘I told you so,’ the feelings of superiority, inclusion or purpose via someone else’s words and actions all I need?

I’m sure some of us are – in fact I know some of us are – legitimate Liberty-loving, hardworking, courageous tough SOBs that refuse to give up and relentlessly pursue a life of justice, virtue and freedom for ourselves as well as others. This doesn’t apply to those of us that fit that category.

But I’m not a part of the ‘this rant doesn’t apply to me category’ – not yet.

I want to be that legitimate, tough SOB. I don’t want to live vicariously through ______ and feel like I’m making a difference because I know about the evils of fractional reserve banking and I listen to a few hours of radio or youtube videos a day. I don’t want to be your average ‘awakened’ American that loves the thought of being fiercely independent but then satisfies that desire by listening to or watching someone else be fiercely independent – that’s as dependent as welfare or subsidies, and arguably more debilitating.

I think that’s why Alex Jones is given a long leash to say and do whatever he wants concerning fluoride, guns, 1776, the TSA and all the other (mostly) legitimate and true things he covers. I believe that he has worked hard and I believe that he is (mostly) sincere. And I do think that there really are nefarious plans by mysterious entities to steal, kill and destroy the treasure, peace, liberty and life of all individuals.

The CNN interview with Piers Morgan all but solidified this in my thinking: Alex Jones does some good, but I think he’s mostly just a pacifier, a vicarious tool through which others ‘get their jollies,’ whether he (or they) know it or not.

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Lightning Rods

I call these people Lightning Rods. They serve the same purpose.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Lightning Rods

Take the powerful, unchanneled, raw energy of the universe and channel it. Into the ground. Where it can do no harm.

A friend of mine said the same thing about Ron Paul, and cited how most 911 truthers shut their mouths about 911 Truth while supporting Ron Paul. He also pointed out that the first tea party - 2006 - was an event held by the Truthers.

People here lived vicariously through Ron Paul.

So does he fall under your definition as well?

He's the man.

Ron is the lightning

Alex is the rod.

I think what happened in 2007 and since is utterly unpredictable as it relates to Ron Paul. If you were the evil elitez, would you pick the oldest obstetrician opposed to abortion that you could possibly find to spark a fire in the youth?

I would say yes...

to some degree Ron served as a lightning rod. However, the "energy" was diffused in many ways. To some - for instance those that had been around since 1988 - they had already exhausted paths of communication. So, their enjoyment of the newer elements of the movement were purely vicarious.

However, some of the energy was imparted to new individuals - such as myself - that are still fresh and motivated to stand up for principles actively. I've been a individualist (libertarian) all of my life but never new there was a particular label for it. My individualism still motivates me to stand against even long held beliefs within this movement if I disagree on a philosophical basis.

Maybe I did get some satisfaction - analogous to a sports fan - when Ron put some logic against the State as it currently exists. However, I've continued to diffuse the energy and have added some of my own energy to it.

I believe if people want to truly change things, they should try to reach at least two new people a day. With use of the internet, many more can be reached. If points are communicated effectively, then, the information may spread exponentially. For instance - although a relatively unnoticed post compared to others - I am wishful that my post on democide in late December had something to do with getting the ball rolling with respect to the level of recognition the term has now received.

The energy that a lighting rod receives is never destroyed, but it can be used more or less productively.

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Good work Walters

Keep it up.

Thank you.

He's the man.

Mr Nystrom

I think you run this site i could be wrong, my question to you is this

Would you create an Canadian Forum Topic



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I agree

I am familiar with this argument, and I'm sympathetic to it, in spite of the fact that I own and run the highly trafficked forum you reference. But you are correct. I know the feeling. I love watching the Patriots play each Sunday, of watching Tom Brady stand back in the pocket, complete a pass. There is a rush, an exhilaration. When the Pats win, I feel strong, happy and powerful. I feel proud for myself and my city. I know that it is irrational.

In keeping with the sports metaphor, I posted a comment on another thread where I said that AJ was just playing the part that Lou Pinella played so many times in baseball games, when he got right up in the face of the umps and S C R E A M E D at them.


Lou did this not for the crowd, not even for himself. He did this for his guys. He was was standing up for them as the head of the team doing these ridiculous things because only he could justifiably do it. The players and fans lived vicariously through him, and loved him as a result.

When I watched the first interview of Larry Pratt, and Piers said, "You really are a stupid man, aren't you?" I literally wanted to punch Piers. I was livid at the disrespect. You don't treat people like that. You just don't. And Pratt was dignified, and didn't strike back because he's just not like that. The only one who could really pull that off, was AJ, in the same way that the only person on the team can pull that off with the umps is Pinella.

So he did it. AJ went off. It was payback for the rude idiot that Piers was. AJ's behavior was not to influence anyone in the debate. Is that possible? I explained the whole thing to my wife, who doesn't pay attention to these things. She doesn't know who Piers Morgan or Alex Jones is. But I explained it all out and she summed it up perfectly: "No matter what you do on that show, that guy is going to make you look bad."

Of course! It is the nature of the show, the nature of the host and the nature of the audience. There is no way to win. So what did Alex do? He went off - not to change anyone's mind, but to vindicate Pratt, and every other pro-gun person who's been a guest and been dissed on his show. To show him we're not weak. And to fire up our guys.

And to that extent it worked. But to your point- what comes after this is crucial. Your conclusion is that AJ is just a pacifier.

I think that comes down to each individual. Lou Pinella was not a pacifier. His antics fired up his guys, it let them know that he would go to bat for them, and in turn, they wanted to win for him.

AJ can't fight all our battles. When the time comes, what will we do? What he was able to do was focus a lot of attention on this issue. For the Conan watchers this is just another piece of passing entertainment - a 30 second skit to laugh at and forget.

But as you say, it is up to each individual to judge how they will respond.

He's the man.

Tell your wife, she is right.

I'm sure CNN considers his prior experience with American Idol a major asset.

You're basically saying Jones

You're basically saying Jones is a pressure relief valve. I think it's possible, but when you look at how ham-handed most propaganda and mass thought-control is, I think something like this would be a little more subtle than what we might expect from whoever is running things.

valid point

shonuff...spot on..cerebral discourse. I feel your pain as well

LOve the R3volution

Thanks for reading

I'm longwinded but I've been thinking about this subject/issue for a long time.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

We are deeply conditioned

From before we can speak, we begin to hear about waiting for a savior to rid the world of evil, rather than try to rid evil from the world (and of course, never to believe we can rid ourselves of evil, to settle for being a sinner, letting Jesus take the rap and waste no effort in trying to achieve a sinless state of existence.)
If we want to know something, we are taught to find a teacher, a mentor, that to get in and learn by trial and error is somehow demeaning. We are taught to vote for politicians to save our government, to expect heroes to fly in and save our cities from criminals...
Always, taught to wait for someone to rescue us. I believe it is a "savior self situation." For that, people say I think I am Jesus... quite the stretch, but I don't let it get to me. If they are content to wait for Jesus to fix it, OK. I hope they are right, but if / when Jesus gets here, I want him to find me at least trying to clean up the mess (especially the mess I call "me.")

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I think I see what you are getting at

I agree with what you are saying about looking to someone else to 'save' us rather than trying to do so ourselves. That's the attitude I was getting at with this article - except rather than saving, I'm talking about finding purpose and doing something.

I think the beauty of Jesus is that he can clean up the mess that is you, and if you truly trust in him, then you will do your best to try and live up to his example. I am skeptical of those that use Christ as a 'get out jail free card' since true faith and love would bring forth a fruit of positive change within the individual and not just a repeat of the same old thing.

Thanks for reading.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

It's really unfortunate

that most here will not do this before passing "judgement."

Hear me out:

I think whatever it is that causes people to not hear others out is the biggest obstacle we face as a race.

I did not downvote it, but I am amused.

Sort of like "Shut up, I don't have time to listen to you... or even time to tell you why."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


We are the ones we've been waiting for. It always helps to get a reminder, to get centered and...Kick some ass!