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Robert Wenzel: Rand Dons a Yarmulke Over His Rug: Very presidential

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Very well put

I completely agree. I do have a very difficult time understanding the last point.

If they weren't a people, why would you have this:

Arab 'rape by deceit' conviction in Israel defended

Israeli ads warn against marrying non-Jews

[RussiaToday] Israel accused of STERILIZING Ethiopian Jews to rid the country of African bloodlines

There are a great deal of other examples which support the contention that there are laws (and more importantly, strong social norms) which promote an institutional policy of protection of a race.

Much like the "conflict" over the "disputed" territories, it appears that there is one truth that's allowed to be discussed in public and another that is just 'understood' to certain circles.

I guess you could argue that they are just trying to protect their faith, much like Christians and so on. But it seems flimsy to me as converts in the US aren't eligible under the right of return and the fact that there are small distinguishing physical characteristics widely shared.

I'm not an 'anti-semite' but I am genuinely trying to understand this.

Nice try. But everything in comparison.

Jews are not angels. But at least Jews do not kill Jews who convert to other religion like Iran and other muslim countries do. And Israel did not kill close to 1 million muslims as USA had done since 1990s.

Have you ever even looked at

Have you ever even looked at the overwhelming evidence linking Israel to 9/11? You need to watch Ryan Dawson's War by Deception. On youtube or vimeo. Go ahead. Watch and learn something.

Jews do not kill Jews?

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers in the Wehrmacht & SS

"51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis" by Lenni Brenner

Israeli Nazi Eugenic Experiments on Jewish children 1/5

"Anyone who believes you can't change history has never tried to write his memoirs."
David Ben-Gurion

hey there, Israel_First

Have you come to regal us again with tales of how wonderful the "human rights" are in your superior country? Please, tell us more about how Gaza 2013 is totally different from the Warsaw Ghetto of 1944. I'm sure we can learn so much from Israel's example, and maybe one day we too can kill "not close to" 1 million Muslims.

Please just stop with this nonsense. Israel is not in any way superior because it kills less than the US. ONE person killed is too many, and both countries have tremendous amounts of blood on their hands.


My Muslim friend who converted to Christianity has always been well-received by his/her still-Muslim family.

A Jew I know very well (married a close family member) was not treated as well; Christian relatives (in-laws) didn't exist--

But that is just two people I know--

Oh, DARN; I wasn't going to respond to you anymore, Liberty_First--

*forgetful, senior moment*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

you clearly

missed the point.

i wasn't sayings jews are evil or that they're angels. i was asking people to help me understand whether the jewish people are one of a faith or of a race or both because i don't know.

YOU on the other hand, ARE attempting to denigrate an entire religion based on the actions of a country. what Iran or any other country does is not represent the people of that religion. it represents government. it represents tyranny.

[since i can't edit the original comment]
actually, i can see how it could be taken the wrong way. after re-reading my post, the RT video was not representative of the point i was trying to make. i don't know why i listed that one. apologies.

You have every right to be confused.

Netanyahu has called jews a race and several other prominent jewish figures have urged jews to identify as such. From what I gather, it is a Zionist thing. I could be wrong, but I don't think the average non-Zionist jew identifies that way.

"I say faith, for they are NOT a people."

At least you debunked those anti-Semites who think Karl Marx was a Jew. His parents converted to Christianity and Karl himself was an atheist.

Once you falsely claimed that US founding fathers were Evangelicals, today you claim that Zionist Albert Einstein and Ayn Rand were not Jews since they were not religious. Clever. Will other anti-Semites buy your wisdom?

this is what i'm trying to get at

"today you claim that Zionist Albert Einstein and Ayn Rand were not Jews since they were not religious."

this is what i'm trying to understand. i've heard people say a thousand times that they aren't a race and yet people still categorize themselves as "secular jews." why would they bother if they didn't view themselves as a race?

i just don't get it. that's all.

every picture

tells a story

When in Roma....

There are buckets of yarmulks at the enterence to any temple.

Had he refused, what good would that have done?

I expect all of those AIPAC contributors to wear

crucifixes around there necks from now on in this Country!

I have known some AIPAC contributors

Women who covered their heads and men who took off their hats when visiting a Catholic Church (Catholic Churches have artifacts and art works that attract all kinds of people).

I am a Catholic who wears a crucifix, but many do not, and what's more, Catholics are a minority.. this country is more Puritan than Catholic.

I did not down vote you.

Thanks Granger.

My New Years resolution is to not down-vote you so I just up-voted you. I think the AIPAC contributors who covered their heads were perhaps orthodox Jews who have to anyway 'cause they're bald underneath. The women have to be bald and cover their heads in public.

So Protestants don't wear crucifixes????? I had no idea. I was brought up Catholic as well.

Thank YOU dducks

Please, if you sincerely disagree with me or don't like or appreciate what I post, down vote me. The down votes do not phase me. It would hurt me worse to think that you would censor yourself.

It's not that I seek down votes.. I don't.

I am fighting for FREEDOM and that includes speach and expression of speach. I'd take a million billion downvotes to anyone censoring what they think feel.

The people I know that covered their head were reform Jews, and they said they did it out of respect. You are correct about the orthodox.

Protestants do not place Jesus on the cross because to them, Jesus has risen from the cross, so their crosses are bare to represent Jesus accending into Heaven where he reigns. Catholics have Jesus on the cross to remind us that Jesus died for us, he suffered for us and he takes away our sins, the sins of the world.

I was baptised as a child, but did not take my foirst communion until late in life, after seeking God everywhere but the Catholic Church. I took Rites of Adult Catholic Inniation and RENEW which is study of the Catechism. My Sudays and Mondays are pretty much dedicated to the Church. I adore my Church, and like down votes, it just doesn't really matter what others think about my Church. It matters what God thinks.


I don't like ostracizing people for their views.

Unless they are unfairly attacking others or talking real stupid I don't want to go through and down-vote much. I was kidding about the News Years resolution for you only. But down-voting starts having this vengeful-type feeling to it and I hate being like that. I notice that when I see a comment with multiple down-votes I feel this icky pack-animal kind of malice in me before I even read the thing. It is really gross. I used to get it with you often 'cause we disagree on the means to the end. But we agree on the ends and then I saw you posting all those awesome videos and forgiving me for being mean. So I read your posts more as I would listen to a friend I disagreed with instead of a foe. That's more fair. After I really noticed myself down-voting maliciously I decided I didn't like the voting feature that much. It is too divisive. I would like a up-vote only system. It would give this place a more positive air.

If I was a Christian I would chose Catholicism as well.

I am the same kind of Catholic as Colin in this cartoon:

ytc's picture

dducks, I, too, cringe to think how easily I can be sucked into

emotional frenzy and shout with the mobs, "Crucify HIM! Crucify HIM!" (as we read out that part of the Bible in the holy week before Easter). Communal liturgical memory and the direct feeding of the body of the universe are very dear to me. . . for sanity and love in the midst of a tempest :-)


And then there's LL's poetry that gets record down-votes. I must be completely oblivious to what happened here recently because I find the down-voting of someone's artistic expression sorta evil. I always liked all of LL's threads. He may get a bit emotional at times but everyone has issues. I see him do way more good than harm. He's always upbeat and positive to me. I hope the mobs didn't chase him away for good.

ytc's picture

Really. Down votes for even a short simple "bump" by LL was

strange. Reminded me of class harassment games unleashed against the most vulnerable in elementary & high schools. But then, LL did have moments of excessive whining :-) Perhaps he became too emotionally dependent on getting loved & approved here. I hope he regains his equilibrium and returns to contribute more with far less expectation.

A little correction:

That should be "faze", not "phase". I am merely trying to be helpful, as I see so very many people getting the 2 words confused.

Thank you

You are helpful. I will remember faze, not phase.

He should have been naked

Who cares about custom? We want F R E E D O M ! Freedom from clothes.

[end sarcasm]

I don't know what is wrong with some people around here. What is wrong with following local customs? It is a basic form of respect.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

How come...

Rand is the only person in the pic wearing one? This 'respect' thing is troubling. Evidently these are somewhat sacred to some and depending on the color of way it is made can signify different things so to just plop one on your head could send a wrong message to some, I dunno. I'm reading that others are not taken seriously and kids have them with cartoon characters or sports team colors. Then there is this.... "Often the color and fabric of the kippah can be a sign of adherence to a specific religious movement. Knitted or crocheted kippot, known as kippot serugot, tend to be worn by Religious Zionists." Again, I dunno.



We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016

so the comments

that accompany the article are way better than the ones here.

Sorry but...

I don't see how this matters. I m not a huge fan of Rand, so I m not defending him because of an "agenda", but making this "news" is pointless. It has no more meaning than, I don't know, Hillary or Michelle or someone wearing a headscarf when visiting a mosque. Basic decency and politeness.
I don't know the exact rules, but I would assume that you have to have some sort of headcover in a synagogoue and I wouldn't even be surprised if they had yarmukles for handing out to people who walk in without one.

hahahahahahahahahaha i bet

i bet you a million that he endorses mark rubio this go around


hahahahahahaha o.k. down-vote

o.k. down-vote me for not wanting to sell-out hahahahaahahahahahahahaha


it's funny how you can make a

it's funny how you can make a religion out of stealing other people's land