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Alex Jones = Lifetime BAN from the Republican Party

Thank You, Alex!


If you don't think the establishment reinforced their barriers, and doubled their security at the turnstile entrances to their "big tent" BEFORE staging this event, you're NOT AWAKE!!!!

Let me know when the leadership of the Party gives Justin Amash an influential committee position!

Yeah, we got THAT close, folks....now....we'll have ten times the battle to take positions...

We just got branded! Nobody is going to publicly associate us with a restoration of what our founders envisioned, nor their WISDOM...we just got punked!

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"Get back to the job of praising your captors."

What on earth does "Get back to the job of praising your captors" mean?

How many hours ago

did you say that you were done here?

That would make me one of your captors.

Are you crazy?

Stop infighting. Push FORWARD. Alex, like his style or not, just pushed right into the mainstream. Let him be, give him credit.

Am sick of all the armchair quarterbacks that haven't made a play at all, critiquing anything and everything.

The things Alex said, need to be said. Your turn, get on a national braodcast and spread the message if u can.

Alex Jones magically rises to power

Funny how easy and effortless it has been for Alex Jones to do this...



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Consider the 17 years on the radio prior to this magical event.

Right on!! ...lol

Yeah how someone can say something like that as if they know what they're talking about.. sheesh.. Talk about the blind trying to lead the blind.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

The USA is lost

Thank God that I dont live in your world of intel and counter intel.

Cant wait for the economic fall frankly.

I have had enough of ignorant people thinking that they are No1 in the world.

The USA will learn its lesson. And it will be harder for your ignorance.

Why on earth you did not listen to Ron Paul I do not know.

So you're not a an American or an American not living here?

You keep saying "you".. I am and have been a huge Ron Paul supporter so if you're directing those statements at me, personally, you're a frigging idiot for assuming such nonsense.

All the rest is bullshit too if it's built on the assumption I'm not for Dr.Paul.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


Now you expose yourself.

Why do people insist on

Why do people insist on climbing aboard the maggot infested corpse of the GOP? It's dead! The two party system is dead. We won't change anything by being nice about it now.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

100% Wrong

No. Ron Paul did exactly that.

If you listened to Ron Paul, he has answered that EXACT question.

In fact. You would never have heard of Ron Paul, unless he used the GOP.

Ron Pauls strategy is to take over the GOP, and/or use them. Simple.

the world is changing dramatically

and that includes our political system of 2 major parties. it will be much different when the dust settles. GOP is toast as it is now.

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100% correct!

"Well, it's not my party. I don't like politics at all and I think both parties are Keynesian economists and both parties support the positions that I don't like. So the party in many ways is irrelevant" - Ron Paul

tell that to Ron Paul,

...Justin Amash, and Rand Paul...and those who just made huge gains in the Iowa GOP...and all of us working for 2014 and 2016!!!!!

It's their system, and we penetrated it very well, and learned their rules!!!!

Oh yeah, and what about what happened in Maine...that made the Rachel Maddow Show....build on it, keep fighting, or quit??? Really???

turd in the punch bowl

umm, they most likely stole the Iowa election from Ron... and Rand is only getting a seat at the table because he shows he will get behind the GOP and compromise... and now Amash is getting getting ostracized; playing ball with the GOP is not going to get you anywhere, sorry... when you dance with the devil he changes you, you dont change him

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Here is the truth.

1. As of one week ago, Ron Paul is now a former Congressman. Sadly, he is now a private citizen.
2. Congressman Justin Amash was just banished to the republican equivalent of Siberia for his past votes against republican group-think and for unsuccessfully attempting to remove Boehner as Speaker.
3. Senator Rand Paul is currently a wearing a Yarmulke in Israel. We still cannot clearly determine what side of Liberty he is on.


The fault that Ron Paul is 'just a private citizen' is YOUR fault American.

Non of you listened when we (from the rest of the world) told you that your voting system is fixed. And you did not take action early enough.

In the UK we excerice our rights to count the vote. We observe.

In the USA, you look to a "hero" to help you.

Land of individuals. Humph!! ... You are the land of brainwashed sheep. .. SO start Baaaa'ing and now follow the disinfo shill Alex Jones.

Ignorance is your real enemy.


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"We observe." Really? You mean that you are observed!

You guys are being even more observed now. Enjoy your scrutiny.

You're being watched: there's one CCTV camera for every 32 people in UK
Research shows 1.85m machines across Britain, most of them indoors and privately operated
Wednesday 2 March 2011 21.19 GMT

"We observe."

Observe what? You've already fallen.

We are trying to avoid becoming the UK or Australia. We are your last hope, again.

Get back to the kiddie pool and leave us to the task.

Sorry. I just had to have one more laugh at you!

I just re-read your amusingly smug and arrogant comments:-

1. You say "You have already fallen" ... lol
2. You say "We are your last hope, again." ... OMG! lol
3. You say "Get back to the kiddie pool and leave us to the task."

OMG. This is the whole problem with your American psyche summed up. Lol

Its amusing to study you. I must admit. .. And luckily I dont live with you, or I would be afraid that I am surrounded by the mentally weak. lol

My answer:
1. We have already fallen? Lol. What is like the USA amazing or something. You have no freedom. No elections. Drones. Constant war. False flag drills. False flag events to kill you. You are frisked and scanned at the airport and elsewhere. You have no free-speech and demonstrators in your country are routinely tear gassed, tazered or brutalised. You have a police state. You have a militarised police. Good God. ... We have cream tea and scones, with the friendly policeman next door. We are free. You are NOT. Geddit??

2. Avoid being like the UK and Australia? Lol. ... You must be mad. .. I have BEEN the the USA. I can bet you have never been abroad. I have visited MANY countries around the world. And non are worse than the USA. You country is the fallen. And fallen to the darkness of evil. It permiates everything in your life and the actions of your stinking country around the world.

3. Ha ha. So "We are your last hope, again". LOl!! ... This must be your punchline.

SO tell me when the USA has ever been anyone's last hope? lol .. Never. Ever. All wars are started by the USA, and you never won one. Dont count WWII as you came in cowardly and late (as you actually were funding Hitler), then switched sides. It was Russia that invaded Berlin. USA just like to think they are something. YOu are not.

THe USA is the worlds biggest war-maker. And you never did anything for anyone else. You are a selfish and arrogant nation. And it is surely this that is the reason you are going to fall.

You exemplifiy this with your comment "Get back to the kiddie pool and leave us to the task." ...

For shame. Who are you anyway? Some young upstart. ... The older nations will knock you back into the dust where you came from.

"I just re-read your amusingly smug and arrogant comments:-"

pot kettle black

Enjoy your last laugh, along with your tunnel vision.

This is an example of ignorance

You see, this is what I am trying to say.

You listen to Alex Jones, or Fox or whatever. You believe it.

Yet you know nothing about the real world. Or other countries.

In the UK and Australia we have free elections. You dont.

The USA is the least free place on Earth, with the exception of one or two tin pot dictatorships. We all know it here in the UK.

You think that we in Europe and Australia trust to believe the USA. No. .. You have very little in common with us.

We have people counting the vote. Even Uganda does. Only in the USA are you so naive that you think its up to the state to do your bidding. You always look for false hope. And you always fall for the counter intel.

The USA is going down. It will try to take the rest with it. But we will overcome. And we will resist your input into this world, in which the USA has tried to ruin.

Its the end of the USA. Not the rest of the world.

Sort out your own mess.

You had all the tools, and you blew it two times. You never learned from the 1st time Ron Paul ran. And now you are looking for someone else to save you. They wont.

Certainly not Alex Jones.

You had the power. But you never used it. Why... Ignorance.

"In the UK and Australia we have free elections."


Stockholm Syndrome much?

You are a slave without enough self-awareness to recognize such.

Please educate me on UK elections

Please educate me on UK elections, how they are run, and how they are fiddled?

Tell me how the USA is more free than the UK also please? I am in the mood to be proved wrong.


The Brits don't merely enjoy misery, they get off on it.

What a very silly statement you just made

What on earth are you talking about? ... You cant even answer a simple question.

No person enjoys misery. Your statement is a non-sense. It also (not very cleverly) evades my question.

No doubt you are evading my question, due to the fact that you know if you debate me on the issues, you know that you will lose.

You wanted me to explain your elections

I had to assume that your question was rhetorical and, therefore, similar to most of your non-sensical replies.

Time for you to get back to your bubble and squeak.

Just to spell it out one more time for you

This might well be the last time that I write on here.

As I am too busy. Too successful. And besides I live in another country.

You dont understand politics. Its YOU that is supposed to get involved. Its you that is supposed to be an election supervisor. Its you that organise the grass roots and rebuilds the party.

But Americans are too ignorant to even listen to Ron Paul.

1. Paul says that the CONSTITUTION is all you need
... If you don't GET it. You have to EXERCISE your rights.
2. You need a voice. The GOP is that platform. Take over it.
3. Your enemy is doing the same. They TOOK OVER the Tea Party. Yes, I remember the 1st Tea Party meeting in Boston for Ron Paul. ... Thats why THEY took it over.
4. Democracy is only active when the CITIZEN is involved, and OBSERVANT.
5. You Americans think that you have a Democracy. You dont. Not unless you watch and count the vote. ... Just like every other country on Earth.
- ONLY the USA has "Voting Machines"
- Only the USA says now its illegal to observe the count
- Only in the USA is it illegal to have free speech at election time and go voting in a T-Shirt

Your constitution gives you these powers. Including others.

Learn it. Use it. Get educated.

Stop following idiots and agents like Alex Jones. Start acting like grown ups. ... Some "super-hero" is not going to save you.

Ron Paul never had the ability to "save you". He was giving you the tools, and a clue what to do.

No its not hording guns, food (although maybe gold lol). Its in political process and action. And its easy. You just missed the basics.

Ron Paul did nothing wrong. Any failure was the the US population, including his supporters are too naive. And you still are.

You believe any old rubbish that is thrown at you.

Start believing in the Constitution and yourself. And your rights. And BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD !

First of all. we do NOT live in a democracy

We live in a constitutional Repubic.
Washington called a democracy a pack of wolves and a sheep voting on dinner.

The second point i want make is American liberty movement will NEVER RESTORE LIBERTY IN THE GOP!
You say the Gop platform is where we need to be. I ask what plank in that Nazi Party is any good?

I think the Nazi GOP proved that THEY DONT WANT RON PAUL OR HIS SUPPORT IN THEIR NAZI PARTY AT LAST YEAR CONVENTION! Ron had NO CHANCE of winning with that tyrant party!

Dr. Paul gave it his best shot

and that ship has sailed.

p.s. I do hope it really is the last time we have to read your tripe.