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Alex Jones = Lifetime BAN from the Republican Party

Thank You, Alex!


If you don't think the establishment reinforced their barriers, and doubled their security at the turnstile entrances to their "big tent" BEFORE staging this event, you're NOT AWAKE!!!!

Let me know when the leadership of the Party gives Justin Amash an influential committee position!

Yeah, we got THAT close, folks....now....we'll have ten times the battle to take positions...

We just got branded! Nobody is going to publicly associate us with a restoration of what our founders envisioned, nor their WISDOM...we just got punked!

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You are a blind idiot.

You are a blind idiot.


It must be me.

Yep it is you

The "Ron Paul ship" has not "sailed".

The rEVOLution is just beginning. And Ron Paul was right.

Ron Pauls idea's of liberty are exactly right. And his method is better than either your "I'm beaten" attitude. Or the fearmongering of Alex Jones. Jones who offers NO useful ideas, suggestions or methods. Only fear.

I will follow Ron Paul's lead. And that is all. I will look to the Constitution for answers, and Bastiat, and Rothbard and Mises.

I will not follow a Shock Jock, or another leader. As I know I have the answers in what Ron Paul gave to me.

People like you (and there are many) are trying, intentionally or not, to dilute Dr Paul's message. There is no more to discover about conspiracies.

The key to solve conspiracies, is to return to 'We The People', and to do that Ron Paul gave the best method, and outlined how to do so. In his many books, his talks and knows as I do the solution to this mess.

You follow Jones, as either (a) you are lost/frightened, and dont know the answers, or (b) you just like many others are trying to promote him over the teachings of Dr Paul.

They are very different people. And I see nothing in common with AJ to RP. Not one thing. Paul is a living legend and living founding father. Jones is just a man that lies 50% of the time trying to make money.

Paul never lies. And he is a man of God.

Even using the 'correct' rhetoric

you sound desperate.

You have one mission here ...... divide and conquer.
It is disgusting that you would use Ron Paul's name to do so.

Good luck to you

Dont worry my 'friend'

I personally have done everything that I can to help people here.

And I am looking forwards to the collapse of your dollar, and the creation of a new world system.

Your countries decent and progress into darkness and tyranny, is due in large part to your general ignorance.

You know nothing of other countries, and can't even sort out your own.

I am afraid that the last checks and ballances of freedom (in the USA) are gone. And that one went with common sense.

You never listened to Dr Paul.

Good luck, and see you on the other side.

The other side

of the pond?

You weren't able to save yourself, but you thought you could save us?


Let me educate you for the last time

I just re-read your amusingly smug and arrogant comments:-

1. You indicate that "We have already fallen" ... lol
2. You think "We are your last hope, again." ... OMG! lol
3. You say "You weren't able to save yourself, but you thought you could save us?"

OMG. This is the whole problem with your American psyche summed up. Lol

Its amusing to study you. I must admit. .. And luckily I dont live with you, or I would be afraid that I am surrounded by the mentally weak. lol

My answer:
1. We have already fallen? Lol. What is like the USA amazing or something. You have no freedom. No elections. Drones. Constant war. False flag drills. False flag events to kill you. You are frisked and scanned at the airport and elsewhere. You have no free-speech and demonstrators in your country are routinely tear gassed, tazered or brutalised. You have a police state. You have a militarised police. Good God. ... We have cream tea and scones, with the friendly policeman next door. We are free. You are NOT. Geddit??

2. Avoid being like the UK? Lol. ... You must be mad. .. I have BEEN the the USA. I can bet you have never been abroad. I have visited MANY countries around the world. And non are worse than the USA. You country is the fallen. And fallen to the darkness of evil. It permiates everything in your life and the actions of your stinking country around the world. You are NOT free. You are the OPPOSITE of free.

3. Ha ha. So "We are your last hope, again". LOl!! ... This must be your punchline.

SO tell me when the USA has ever been anyone's last hope? lol .. Never. Ever. All wars are started by the USA, and you never won one. Dont count WWII as you came in cowardly and late (as you actually were funding Hitler), then switched sides. It was Russia that invaded Berlin. USA just like to think they are something. You are not.

George Bush's grandaddy personally financed Hitler.

THe USA is the worlds biggest war-maker. And you never did anything for anyone else. You are a selfish and arrogant nation. And it is surely this that is the reason you are going to fall.

You exemplifiy this with your comment "You weren't able to save yourself, but you thought you could save us. bwahahahhahahhaaa" ...

Are you a teenager? Is this a game? ... Are you not ashamed that your country has already killed millions. And plans to torture and kill millions more. ... What about all those other wars. Vietnam. Korea. What you did in South America to kill and put in dictators.

For shame. Who are you anyway? Some young upstart. ... The older nations will knock you back into the dust where you came from.

Rule Britannia

It would be

the first time, and the last.

Stop repeating yourself.

Michael Nystrom just commented....

...to bump to the FRONT PAGE .... "watch Glenn Beck" and whatever his libertarian gameplan is....

This was the point I am trying to convey....and I know all the downvotes are an Alex Jones troll attack against the best and brightest ideas and arguments on this website....

The FACT of the matter is....we worked our asses off the past 5 years....and our moment was presenting the votes(plurality) to get Ron Paul's name on the ballot at the convention...and "the machine" shut us out; and the "top brass" had to get involved because the gatekeepers fell asleep at their posts....

So, here it is.....moving forward...

Alex Jones' performance made Ron Paul supporters in the Republican Party enemy #1..... Almost to the point we have no choice but to go 3rd party .... Libertarian Party .... So, Glenn Beck's gang is already trying to split that too...We are now the "9/11 was an inside job" party of Alex Jones wherever we go, if and when we say we're Ron Paul Republicans.....This is permanent...the brush fire started was against us...

A great many people may realize the physics of building 7's fall concludes....a great many people may have conceded there is no evidence of a 757 hitting the Pentagon....BUT....they don't have the courage to "die on that hill", say that publicly, or bring it up at work or to family at holidays.

They know politics is ALL cronyism, and whatever jobs are left; industries are State-subsidized....
By infinite printing of FRN's to prevent riots/dissent....

Are they going to come "out of the closet" now, or, has Alex Jones' performance just reignited the hatred and disgust towards any and all who dare breach the subject; which, is a "mental disease" in this culture and especially the political arena...thus....accomplishing his job as controlled opposition as "suspected" by many here.

PAY ATTENTION: today's top news story...the gun debate is going to include a discussion about mental illness...Chris Christie now saying it!!! Piers Morgan called Alex Jones thoughts on 9/11 "madness"....get the gameplan down, folks!

Whom among us is as financially independent as him to "get off the grid", live outside "the system", gain access to mass media technology with enough funding until we persuade the masses that the official 9/11 story doesn't add up....and the expansion of government over us since then is really making the point. C'mon, who doesn't mock his tantrums? He gets in character" nowadays...he did so in that during the appearance!

I'm not stupid, I know what just happened .... Brace for it .... My argument/plea has always been, "architects, engineers, firefighters, and pilots have damn good questions....I'd like to see them answered"...in the meantime, government cannot be trusted based on the exponential increases in spending since Ronald Reagan took office.

This post

needs more praise. I only disagree in that we are labeled "9/11 was an inside job" party.

I think I've seen the word "domestic threat" a couple of times.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Yes. This IS the most important post

It is clear to me also that the gameplan is thus:-

1. Promote Alex Jones over Ron Paul
- Already you cant search a topic in Google without his disinfowars coming up full of half truths and conspiracy. Always lacks sources.
2. Trolls on here are turning Daily Paul into the Daily Jones
- There are now 50% posts about Alex Jones. And its clear this guy is not very honest. He also provides no answers, just fear.
3. Any comment, like mine, against Alex Jones gets instant -10 downvotes. Pro AJ posts get massive upvoting.
4. Alex Jones claims movement. Also Ron Paul'ers and truthers, or anyone really who "thinks different" gets associated with Alex Jones.
5. Alex Jones goes on rants. More and more extreme. ... Pro-Gun but also incorporating all conspiracies. Some made up.
6. Public associate the good things (Ron Paul, Constitution, Truthers) with Alex Jones and the idea of 'LiveWires' or people that are unstable / nuts. Same with David Icke.
7. In future event Alex Jones promotes even more civil uprising and resisting the state using force, resistance or violence.
8. The circle is complete. And Alex Jones gets his big payoff from the 'friends' that pay for his TV and radio shows, and website and back handers. He has pleased his handlers, and also has provided 'lists' of names and polluted the public perception of free thinking.

Quite an Anti-Paul I think!

we will be labelled as such....

....from here on out....as we get close again to "gaining ground"....this is what Alex's stunt was meant to do....and the incessant replay of it, or more exposure of him on other media outlets will in fact make us a lunatic fringe, despite our knowledge and love for Dr. Paul's steady and consistent warnings, and final courage to end his career on the platform of "end the Fed"/central banking and fractional reserve banking creates MONSTERS out of already sin-depraved, money-serving, God's laws-hating, undisciplined human persons with desperately wicked human hearts.

Accountability, backing our infinite credit system so that there would be LIMITS on people/political leaders, self-serving persons who believe they are gods(like the Caesars of old) was what the man taught....he was wise, and he woke a lot of people up to what we must do once we know what is going on....and once you got in the game for real, in your own backyard, you tried to make MORAL gains and credible arguments within your local party about monetary and fiscal policies out of our concern for our posterity and this nation's reputation....you didn't hand out Alex Jones documentary films!!!!

It's quite obvious I am right about this....he hurt us BAD!!!

The government failed us on 911...

It makes no difference whether they were involved or let it happen... they failed us.

Billion dollar budgets prior to 911 didn't protect us.

AJ only talks about the government being involved whereas many of us just believe the government is incompetent.

Why give an incompetent government more money. That should be the issue.

Instead AJ gets people all worked up over things that do not matter in order to help government isolate and go after its detractors.

Now he is helping to label "gun owners" as "crazy shooters".

AJ is a tool of the CIA.

".... many of us just believe the government is incompetent."

In that case, many of 'us' are still asleep.

The current system cannot be saved.

The Goverment failed

NO, they succeed beyond their wildest hopes and dreams, the never could have believed that the NDAA would be upheld year after year, so full of tyranny. That the american people would fall so deep into slumber that they could steal elections, start wars, en-prison with out due process, Murder US citizens on foreign soil, and print FRN's until the world swims in them.
Not to mention Architects and Engineers for truth

Tasers are Torture, Deism.com

the platform of building 7....

That'll get someone a nomination!!!!

another idiot thread.

another idiot thread.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

We've always been branded as


Haven't you heard?

Any Veteran, Pro-Liberty Activist, Food "hoarder," "Silver Producer," ammo stock-piler, anti-Federal Reserve speaker, Oath Keeper, RON PAUL SUPPORTER, third party delegates, Vitamin C-IV advocation etc. etc. etc. is now a "POSSIBLE domestic threat."

And we didn't get punked. Honestly, Patriot, I've read your other posts on other threads about AJ and it's very close minded.

Just admit that you hate Alex Jones and Infowars and you don't have a good reason to. Unless you want to show me something I haven't seen before...

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I never supported the republican party anyways

I supported a candidate who just so happened to be running as a Republican. I think parties are a waste of time and no reason to claim republican democrat or anything for that matter.



nuff said

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I must plagerize LFOD.me because it could not be said better...

"I never supported the republican party anyways

Submitted by LFOD.me on Tue, 01/08/2013 - 11:25
I supported a candidate who just so happened to be running as a Republican.

I think parties are a waste of time and no reason to claim republican democrat or anything for that matter.



nuff said"
AND PERFECTLY SAID!!! (That was my comment).

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Is this the same Justin Amash

that was kicked off the budget committee by Boehner LAST month?

Badge of Honor

The GOP is dead.

He's not a Republican.

So I guess it does not matter if he is "banned".