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Not even Illinois lawmakers are dumb enough to outlaw guns - huge backlash by public would sweep out Dems

Illinois couldn't pass a gun ban, even trying for a semi-auto ban looks like it won't happen. The backlash on Democrats around the country would be swift. It would make the 2010 Republican sweep look tiny in comparison.

The overwhelming majority of Americans want guns (all of them) to be legal to own and buy. It's the one spot where Union members, the poor, the Libertarians, women and the GOP crush the opposition.


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This single issue has swept gun control kooks from office in the past.

Anywhere you have a rural community that becomes threatened you will find out what they are made of.

In Illinois you have enough farmers with shotguns and rifles left to put the statehouse under siege.

They will rise up and vote their servants out of office before it comes to that.

But if it must I believe they will go after the "gun grabbers" first at the ballot box and then by whatever means necessary to defend the constitutional rights of their children and grand children.

A single shot 12 gauge with high brass #4 turkey shot can make an awful mess out of those who might prefer to appoint someone else to come take it from you.