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This info says Priebus only has 75 votes, not the 85 he needs nor the 150 he said. Our guy has 4 needs 6 to be nominated. Help?

(Mark Willis is our National Committeeman in Maine, one of the elected Ron Paul delegates not seated at RNC)

Info here, at the RPF

To quote the conversation from elsewhere:

Originally Posted by sailingaway
He said he needed six votes, can we get those? Yes, if he needs costs covered we should think about that as well. When is it?"

Posted by eleganz:

"Here is what I know. He has 4 of the 6 written nominations, he needs 2 more from 1 other state to complete the 6.

"Here is a list of States that have come in support of Chairman Priebus:

New Jersey - Including Gov. Christie
New Hampshire
West Virginia
Puerto Rico
New York
New Mexico

This makes 75 votes.. not the 150 that Reince Priebus claims he has. We still need 2 RNC members from 1 state to secure the nomination for Mark Willis for RNC Chair. Get at it!

Here is a list of at least the rules members on the RNC, so you can contact those in your state if it is not on that list (or, heck, even if it is) very politely - note this is from August: http://www.rlc.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Conv...

here is a link that HAD been of voting RNC members but it seems to have gone dead: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/95122650/rnc-members/rnc-members-20...

It had been posted at RPF and here, also, by Jinn, if anyone knows how to reach him. http://www.dailypaul.com/250057/help-the-oregon-alternate-de...

Now it just redirects back to the thread it is posted in.

Any ideas or contacts to get those two votes?


Someone yesterday, on a thread I can't now identify, asked if this process weren't over yesterday, so that if we hadn't gotten the support, were we done trying to support his facebook and send emails/calls to national committeemen from our states in support.

I have been told that no, people are very busy on this, help is needed and appreciated, and the deadline is Friday the 25th for the 2 more votes (and as much other support we can get). Note Mark Willis's original letter states the date:

"Violet, I let Bryan know that due to the fact that no one has stepped up to the plate, I would in fact run for Chairman of the RNC, provided I would receive, in writing, the support of at least 2 RNC members in 3 states (minimum of 6 persons) in order to satisfy the RNC nomination requirements. The election takes place on Friday, January 25th, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If this requirement is satisfied by the time of the election, then ladies and gentlemen, we have an election to win. However, let me be clear that I would not be running for RNC Chair out of malice but at the behest of the grassroots of the Republican Party.

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THIS is the straight-forward activism I love Daily Paul for!


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Go get him


Nothing would make me happier than to see Priebus out.

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