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Compliance vs Critical Thinking

Comedy should provide laughter and brevity,though sometimes comedy shines a light on dark subjects, forcing one to question a long held position however distasteful. Compliance is the subject of a movie review uploaded to youtube by `Deep Space`. In it he presents a very disturbing subject which is all based on actual events highlighting a serious mindset problem in modern culture. Far to many fail to question authority. Of course some people are excusable, for example the inexperienced or too young/naive. This review is directed at those that could learn what terrible possibilities can occur if we blindly do not question authority. A cliche example would be nazi Germany, too many complied unquestioningly and there were far too few dissenters brave enough to oppose hitler because that got you thrown on a train to a deathcamp or shot where you stood. I have no doubt Obama is taking the U.S.A. on a similar course into history. Critical thought is an absolutely essential prerequisite to establishing dissent and I try to instill it in my children everyday.
Deep Space provides another link, to a hitpiece on an abc show that covered this most heinous abhorrent crime, as i said before it is disturbing, you are warned. I will always encourage anyone that questions authority, I will never stop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZlttXngDdg

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