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On 1/20/13 Make My Day By Opting Out & Filming The TSA!

We here at this little libertarian website have provided no shortage of in depth coverage of the abuses of the TSA. Whether it’s detailing my own Memorial Day groping and subsequent conversation with a TSA supervisor, or pointing out how the TSA’s policies are just another example of the follies of central planning, this three lettered government bureaucracy seems to find itself in our crosshairs fairly often. This is of course with good reason, as they are on the front lines in representing the rapidly expanding police state , and are certainly the most obtrusive example of it for those who travel by air. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to get on a commercial airplane without either having to submit to a full body scanner, which produces a near nude to nude image with questionable and unknown health consequences, or submit to a groping that would surely qualify as sexual assault anywhere outside the confines of the TSA security zone.

Having myself endured humiliation at the hands of the TSA, I’m especially exited to join with WeAre1776.org in promoting their “Opt Out & Film The TSA” monthly protest, the first of which takes place on January 20th, 2013. Please take the time to visit the Facebook page for group and also check out the event page for this first protest on January 20th.

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Bumping for Activism

Because teaching the public about the TSA and their rights will have a lot more of an effect than talking about Alex Jones all day long!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


bet, as a result of this protest, the TSA utilizes only the metal detectors and keeps the groping and body scanning to a minimum on January 20. Great project though.

Makes me want to book a flight

Just to take part

You don't have to

Book a flight. You just print out flyers and go hand them out at the airport. You can film that or any interactions that occur, but the main point is to encourage OTHERS who would otherwise not to opt out & film their encounter with TSA.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*