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Alex Jones likely did no harm nor good for our cause on Piers Morgan

It is my opinion that Alex Jones' appearance on Piers Morgan's show likely didn't harm nor really help the Liberty Movement.

When communicating ideas to people outside of your belief system, it is important to ask yourself the question as to whether your method of communication is effective in convincing others to your way of thinking. Just as Piers Morgan's filibustering and ranting is unproductive towards his causes, the same is true for Alex Jones.

When Piers incessantly interrupted previous guests regarding gun control, it is likely that those that agreed with Piers continued to do so while those that didn't agree just got annoyed at his derogatory style. By Alex employing a similar style, he probably didn't win any new hearts and minds either.

Had Jones remained more calm and stated his points calmly, dissenters may have given him more consideration. After all, it is true that when people don't have guns, they resort to clubs, hammers, or knives. Further, mass shootings only account for a miniscule percentage of unnatural deaths. Plus, during the 20th century, democide was the leading cause of unnatural deaths - surpassing 250,000,000 murders.

Hopefully, some people decided to fact check AJ and had their eyes opened as a result. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about if he hurt the movement or helped it.

If you would like to learn to communicate ideas sincerely and effectively, I suggest a great, short book - How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. You won't regret reading it. Trust me.

If you're only speaking to those that agree with you, you aren't changing any minds.

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