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read the comments yourself and decide if Alex "hurt the movement".

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all the while they keep losing more of their rights to mush mouth PC Liberals who spin these arguments out of context no matter how you debate them. Alex is doing what more people should do. Time for playing nice is over. How much freedom have we lost in the last 8 years? How much more are you willing to lose before you quit with the Mr. Nice Guy BS act?...Alex did the right thing and rammed as much information through as he could without letting Mrs. pc Morgan "spin" it his way..
Like i said, your way isn't getting the job done or we would NOT be having this debate right now...time for men to act like men again instead of a bunch of diminished pc mangina's....You cant reason with these paid pundits, have you not learned that yet ?

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

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The goofballs or sheep or neocons or socialists or whatever you want to call them are really potential future libertarians.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

oh, as I was just reminded...

...can we please get back to the issue of pleading with people/parents to say NO to psychotropic drugs....sure, Alex tried to make mention of it; but giving the NWO a bloody nose was more his goal.

We on this forum HAD IT NAILED as we were exposing how the drugs destroy the human mind....it wouldn't matter what the weapon is, or the age/socio-economic status of the victim or community....

Just last month, the wife of a friend of mine, just killed herself and left two toddlers without their mommy....we suspect it was the drugs....and if this gun debate comes about between me, him, and his co-workers because of all the fuss last night's show caused...I am going right to the drug argument!

We gotta ALERT the people not to the NWO cabal, or the bankers, or the left-leaning foreign journalists; we need to tell them that without Christ, life is HARD....and without Christ, the cares of this world, the angst of this world, the boredom of this present world system is SATISFIED by pharmaceutical HUMANIST means...and Satan wants it that way, because he hates all of humanity, since we are made in the image of God!

We can reach people this way, everyone knows these drugs are suspect; never mind the Obama/gun confiscation scare...that's a distraction, and highly unlikely...we stop the next shooting, by getting every last young person OFF these pills ASAP.

Fresh off the presses ... http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=18131824413&ta...


This is being downvoted???


Happy to say the Ron Paul activist thinking compasionate members of the DP, not the AJ loyalist trolls, made this the issue..

Yeah I'll confess. I downvoted.

I think blaming psychiatric drugs as a scapegoat for society's problems is equally as anti-intellectual as blaming guns and video games.

Anti-depressants are unquestionably over-prescribed, but blaming them for mental illness and violent behavior and lack of ethics is not logical.

Peter Breggin has GOTTEN PEOPLE OFF FOR MURDER for testifying that the drugs caused their behavior. Murder. Peter Breggin gets posted here every single day. He is not the only person with an opinion on the matter.

"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. H. L. Mencken"

I never heard of Breggin before today....

...and...I'm still a fan of Benjamin Rush's approach to curbing criminal behavior in a free society....

“In contemplating the political institutions of the United States, I lament that we waste so much time and money in punishing crimes, and take so little pains to prevent them.  We profess to be Republicans and yet we neglect the only means of establishing and perpetuating our republican forms of government; that is, the universal education of our youth in the principles of Christianity by means of the Bible.”

Alex's performance is easy to decode

There is x% of the population who like and listen to AJ (which includes me btw).

However, y% only knows about him and z% does not.

I.e., Alex's current audience is x% * y%.

Alex knows he can get x% of z%. He was pandering to the z, in an attempt to get his x% of them to add to his existing audience.

That's the long and the short of it.

He was there to self promote and he did it.

I would again just like to

I would again just like to clarify that I agree with Alex's positions, I just wish he had presented himself a little better. That doesn't mean I, or anyone else, is being an "Alex hater". It is easy to agree with someone's positions without agreeing with their methods. It is what makes us all individuals.

Yesterday i was concerned for some cringe feelings

I watched it again and Alex Jones kicked his ass, totally.

We won this.

Piers could only pathetically bring up the stat about gun deaths in Britain over and over again.

Jones had the real knowledge.

If you'll notice.. they left out his

fake story scandal.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

What's up with this one Joker?

Batman movie's final cut has a map of Sandy Hook in it. Wow next a hurricane Sandy. Then a shooting at a Sandy Hook school. I'm getting worried about the name Sandy.


does not subscribe to the Doctors peaceful resolution. It hurts the movement in the moment, it sets it back thats all. But overall his tirade will get people talking. If 10k people find there way to a Ron Paul you tube video, mission accomplished in my book. But Alex, it is time to tone it down a little.

Yeah, uh huh

Just be polite - that's how the republic was born. Maybe more fluoride to calm the masses. Be nice to the men in the black suits, be nice to the nice men who will take away everything you have. Don't forget to use your napking and cover your mouth.

Seriously this "fluoride to calm the masses" quip is getting old

I used to think this was poetic, but it has become apparent to me now that people actually believe this. Fluoride doesn't make you docile. That is lithium (which companies used to put in soda in the early 20th century by the way and people liked it).

Water fluoridation is a misguided, over-reaching attempt to control and benefit public health. It's not intentionally sinister, it's NOT Nazism, it's not used for mind control. These are the kind of claims that makes non-conspiracy theorists roll their eyes.

**And if anyone is tempted to jump on me for this, I've read the 2 major journals suggesting a possible correlation between IQ and water fluoridation. I oppose water fluoridation for a myriad of ethical and scientific reasons, but I think those studies were faulty and do not form the basis for a strong argument.

You lack information...that's all

The link between overexposure to fluoride and lower IQ has been proven...around the world and in numerous studies. Visit Fluoridealert.org and get educated. Facts are important.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
- President John F. Kennedy

I lack information? Your arrogance is astounding.

I guess since you read fluoridealert.org that makes you an expert and an academic scholar, right?

It hasn't been "proven" because the idea of IQ is controversial to begin with. Epidemiological studies intending to measure the IQs of populations are extremely difficult to do with any precision, let alone adding in the factor of fluoride exposure during development(another difficult factor to know with much certainty) and trying to link them. Some of the studies are interesting, but far from conclusive.

This is the exact mindset that pisses off doctors and scientists. "Get educated about your field, man. I sit at home and read the internet and I know the facts."

Your pride in your intellect...

clouds your judgement. I've spoken...personally...with the world's leading expert (Dr. Paul Connett) on Fluoridation and have myself authored several published articles (newspaper...not scholarly) on the practice of Fluoridation. Like I said...you lack information. Once you've seen the plain...simple and accepted facts you'll see there is no other logical conclusion on Fluoridation.


But that is just IQ. Learn more about the other, more detrimental health affects of fluoride. Let's be clear though...fluoride is not the enemy...fluoridation is.

Oh...and quite frankly...I have no care for whether a Doctor gets pissed-off. A large majority of Doctors are completely bought-out by Big Phara and do little-to-no critical thinking. I'll give you a recent personal example. My wife developed an umbilical hernia. It had to be fixed. The weakness was about 1cm. The Doctor said he tries to fit mesh (foreign object...not even bio mesh) into every patient that he possibly can. We told him "no"...we don't want it unless the weakness is 3cm or greater. He said "fine". What he doesn't tell his patients is that:

1. Mesh is not necessary for openings less than 3cm.

2. Mesh can...and occasional does...cause infections which can be very difficult to get rid of.

3. Mesh is a synthetic material which can be "rejected" by the body. The ill affects may not be immediate...and the patient may never make the connection between symptamology that appears years later and the mesh.

4. Mesh does not dramatically reduce frequency of hernia recurrence.

So, Doctors don't really look-out for their patients. They just follow the traditional procedures...without critical thought. Then, when you show up years later they throw drugs at you. So...if I piss them off then good! Just because they have a PhD doesn't mean they're smarter than me...it just means they spent a shipload of $$ and worked hard. Most Doctors are mindless...and any "Scientist" that supports Fluoridation is either bought-out or likewise mindless. Being pro-fluoridation is not an intellectual position...

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
- President John F. Kennedy


41:1 .... Fourty one to one RATIO gang....according to the CBO...taxes to spending cuts in the fiscal cliff bill....and we KNOW Obama and Geitner want no more debt ceiling after the next authorized one....and we know from Peter Schiff that if interest rates go to 10% it will consume total revenues....and we're supposed to care about the bed Alex Jones made for himself if that stunt wasn't planned or scripted to DISTRACT us all????

Seriously? Are they really going to take the guns BEFORE the next infinite spending event occurs? Get the priorities in order, and screw this circus....

I'm a NASCAR fan, I know NASCAR got a bailout from the pork in this bill because the unemployed fans can't afford to fill the stands, and get the owners/teams/tracks their revenues...so, you guys keep watching Alex's back; and I'll go write these Southern Baptists a letter about whether or not they really understand how to handle money God's way, and ask them how they can reconcile putting this NASCAR bailout(and the next, and the next after that) on their grandchildren....plus INTEREST!!!

Yeah....I'm the joke around here who doesn't get it....my ingratitude to Alex Jones ought to cost me my DP account!!!

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Comments continue to pour in. Now: 25,200

Comments are coming in as fast as the 'fast and furious' fully automatic weapons that were sent to the Mexican drug gangs by our government.

Thanks Alex


Good, bad or indifferent reaction - Is that our main concern?

Haters or followers, no one can deny Alex Jones kicked up a s**t storm that has many, MANY people outside the movement talking.

To those newcomers I say, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the debate!!! Glad you FINALLY made it to the table!

And to my fine friends here at the DP... Now what do you plan to do about it? Are we going to stay here and fight each other over our opinions of Alex Jones and what his influence means to the liberty movement?

Instead I suggest we seize this glorious opportunity, join in the discussion while its still hot and open some minds by focusing on the message, not the messenger! Granted, it may be difficult to defend Alex Jones but it should be a cake walk for any of us here to defend the message of liberty.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

The Alex 'haters'

... on here, just like the Rand haters, are probably paid trolls.

That's funny.

Because right now, I hate Alex. Conversely, I like Rand (and have never said anything bad about him.) Kind of moots your "point," there patty. Perhaps the Alex haters have good reason.

Alex treated Morgan

the way Morgan has treated every pro-guns rights advocate he has had on his show since Sandy Hook. I think CNN knows how volatile and passionate Alex can be and they purposefully allowed him to go off like that to try to make him look bad.

The first time I saw it I thought Alex went too far and looked like an idiot. After the third viewing, am changing my mind. He said what needed to be said and had he not done it in the way he did; he never would have been allowed to say what he did.

Go Alex!!

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Exactly! He got people's attention, and they will look up his

website out of curiosity and find out more. Maybe they will be listening tomorrow when the Good Doctor is on!




I think most of the pro-Alex

I think most of the pro-Alex comments on there are probably from people who already listened to Infowars.


DUH!!! but more will now see listen and understand and that's the point.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

The pro Alex and pro gun comments

severely overwhelm any other comments. At least at the time I just checked.

I love AJ...

...but find him most persuasive when he dials back the volume and paces himself.

His mistake was to agree to enter an arena that he knows is rigged. He knew that they could pull the plug at any moment, and probably would given his responses. That, in turn, impelled him to take a shotgun blast approach just to get as much info out as possible before they did pull the plug, which made him appear manic and unhinged to the uninitiated.

I could have done without the mocking British accent at the end, but I also know that there is a significant portion of our countrymen who are more responsive to WWF-style antics than sober, intellectual exchange. That is the reality of our popular culture. As such, Alex's visceral reactions and "Larry the Cable Guy" (as one poster likened him to) antics might actually reach more of our fellow citizens with the message of liberty than the measured and polite exchanges favored by those of us who are more cerebral.

One thing about AJ's performance -- it put the effete East Coast elites on notice that there are regions of this country that consider their assault on the 2nd Amendment as a virtual declaration of war against our Constitutional Republic. At least now they can't say that they had not been warned, and it might back them away from the precipice of inadvertently setting off a second civil war.