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Piers Morgan Wants To Have Alex Jones Back On His Show

From: SaveOurSovereignty3
"Of course he does, prob the best ratings he has had in his show's history"


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Round 2... Get in the ring!


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

My first thought on seeing

My first thought on seeing the title: I guess he got good ratings. hahaha

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

would make the circus

would make the circus complete.

Ron Paul 2016



Just as long as

Morgan physically comes into the InfoWars studio for 15-30 minutes.

I want Piers Moron questioned like he questions everyone else: aggressively. I don't listen to Alex as much as I use to, but I think it would make for great radio.


"You can't ban the iron rods, Piers."

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

video~ Veiled Threat: Piers Morgan Guest Says Shoot Alex Jones

Veiled Threat: Piers Morgan Guest Says Shoot Alex Jones With Semi-Auto Weapon


Don't do it Alex.

Unless it's live only. And forget Piers questions, but use the opportninty to spout facts and point to alternative media.

Screw Piers. Deport him and all the politicians behind this effort to undermine the nation, and our freedoms.

I can't even stand listening to this guy.

As a brit he doesn't get the principles of American freedom. Of course, he's the type we rebelled against 230 years ago.

I can't stand either of them,

I can't stand either of them, but together they are like Siskel & Ebert. Fireworks!


Repression of freedom is in his cultural DNA, freedom is not.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

of course

of course he does,,, i'm sure ratings went up and webhits and traffic back to cnn increased substantially

and alex will fall right into the trap,,,,probably even upstage his last appearance,,,, as jones is a media whore and will never pass it up

they will get him to expand on all the conspiracy stuff to discredit him more,,,, and make most of america say---wow he's crazy,,,,sign that gun ban yesterday

because jones can't control himself he will again instead of info/enlighten just shock

but of course he's so scared of the goons he saw he'll never chance it twice right???? they were under direct threat according to jones so why tempt fate right
is media buzz worth his life as he said---sarcasm

How about AJ goes back on Morgan's show?

And knocks him out?


Come on down to Texas, Mr. Morgan

You should be safe in San Fran Austin.


My hometown is not THAT bad!


but there is not a more leftist town in Texas.

I can see it now...

Piers is having his "Jerry Springer" epiphany. From abysmal failure TV personality to king ringmaster of sensationalism. Yes, ratings ARE that important.

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Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan: Good for CNN Ratings

Tonight, Piers Morgan continued his bald-faced lies, hosting various guest, anti-gun shills from the lunatic left. At the core his discussion is pro-gun advocate, Alex Jones...

You can be sure CNN TV ratings have never been higher...

The stinking representative of gun-control incorporated has made more verbal attacks against Alex Jones than I could count..

Lets send this Jolly Roger back to where he came from, HELL!


exactly right,,,, thgey used him and WILL continue to use him,,,,, and he knew that,,,, knew he couldn't control the debate,,, the timing, the after segments,,,, follow up use of the clips,,,, and HE STILL WENT
why did he do that
why walk into a hungry lion's den????common sense says stay away

but ego and being a fellow media whore he just couldn't resist

does it really take talent and brains to do what he did,,,, couldn't anyone just --act a fool,,,,, i bet everybody could
robert deniro playing rainman comes to mind

Jolly Roger?

Piers is a pirate? I thought AJ just misspoke and meant to say Union Jack....

You're catching up


Frazier wants a rematch with

Frazier wants a rematch with Ali...


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

pierce needs to go on his show

I would love to see how Pierce would deal with questions asked of him

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Live and Let Live

Do a skype connection.Tell them NYC is unsafe.

Too many cops with guns, but not enough citizen's armed.

Texas is safer

Free includes debt-free!

Big chance for Alex to show some class IMO.

I hope Alex refuses the attention for once and passes the ball to Ben Swann. He would win the "attention whore" argument witch many accuse him of by passing the ball, and he would provide Morgan with an other BIG ball sack to choke on.

Happy days. :)



I try to change people every day. Do You?

some good stuff

that stuff your smoking to think jones would pass up the limelight,,pr to anyone but himself

i know it's a wish and a huge unrealistic one at that

it's about jones,,,, everything is,,,, egomaniac,,,,I,I,I

i told you so---i predicted this,,,, i've been telling you,,,, i said a year ago,,,you punk,,,i'm tough,,,, ill beat you up

me me me me me

if only ben swann had done it,,,that would have been great,,,, that would be awesome in fact
caalm,,,real facts,,, in a thoughtful way---what a novel idea,,,right????

Now THAT is a petition I

Now THAT is a petition I would sign:

Piers Morgan vs Ben Swann. Ben would dominate Morgan on the topic and outclass him by a mile.

Totally agree.


let's pass the ball

to Stewart Rhodes.
piers needs to be smacked around with the Constitution a little.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Old media is dying

Let it go. What could a follow up do?