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The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting

The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting

by DAVID KUPELIAN Email | Archive
Published 2 days ago

Since last month’s horrifying and heartbreaking school massacre in Newtown, Conn., politicians and the press have, as everyone knows, been totally obsessed with firearms.

Indeed, President Obama has vowed to impose strong new gun-control measures on the nation – very soon, with or without Congress.

Other possible factors – from violent video games to the “failure of our mental-health system” to the unintended consequences of making schools “gun-free zones” – have taken a back seat to guns. Within hours of the gruesome mega-crime, the media had provided extensive, round-the-clock coverage of precisely which firearms, manufacturers and calibers the perpetrator had used, how he had obtained them from his mother, where they were originally purchased, and so on.

But where, I’d like to ask my colleagues in the media, is the reporting about the psychiatric medications the perpetrator – who had been under treatment for mental-health problems – may have been taking? After all, Mark and Louise Tambascio, family friends of the shooter and his mother, were interviewed on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” during which Louise Tambascio told correspondent Scott Pelley: “I know he was on medication and everything, but she homeschooled him at home cause he couldn’t deal with the school classes sometimes, so she just homeschooled Adam at home. And that was her life.” And here, Tambascio tells ABC News, “I knew he was on medication, but that’s all I know.”

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*Note: David Kupelian is an award-winning journalist, managing editor of WND, editor of Whistleblower magazine, and author of the best-selling book, The Marketing of Evil His newest book, How Evil Works, released to much critical acclaim in the spring of 2010

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deacon's picture

and then.....

he was reported as being a loner in school
who SAT by his friends by themselves
does this makes sense? how do you sit alone with your friends?
or an ex class mate saying"he was so smart he graduated 3
years early"
so are the neighbors telling the truth,or is someone else lying?
the news reported adam was missing for 3 years,like he was a ghost
i have never heard he was on any type of meds,if he was on them
wouldn't the news report this as apposed to saying "he was missing"
"there just aren't any records of him for 3 years"

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.