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Indian Women & Guns: What I took from the Alex Jones Interview

While the Alex Jones debacle caused quite a stir here, there was one thing he said that made me do some more research. Alex discussed how women in India are trying to get guns after the brutal and deadly rape that happened in December. I had been following the story as best I as I could, but of course few news outlets point out that the women there would like to have guns.

I found this article on it. Thought I would share.


In the article one officer says that he has to turn women down for their right to have guns because apparently your life has to already be in "clear and present danger" to have access to a gun (at least from what I understood of the article). Seems like simply being a female does put your life in clear and present danger over there.

To the female members on this site (the few and far between), if you have not been paying much attention to this story it is pretty heartbreaking but I think it is important.

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I am

so saddened for the people of this world. Thanks for the article. I was curious about it too.

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I am an older woman,

and use guns (mostly to kill coyotes who have decided that our free range chickens are for their dinners). In fact, it is almost impossible to kill these coyotes with a one shot gun, so I always use my semi auto mini 14. They are wily creatures and don't stand still, and one cannot get close enough for a shot gun. I am fortunate to live in Wyoming, one of the only states to have open carry, withOUT a permit. I am not however concerned for my safety, except mountain lions, maybe, as almost everyone has guns in Wyoming, so we have very little crime. In fact, just a day or two before the Sandy Hook massacre, in Casper, WY, a gunman went to a nail styling place and pulled a gun out. But one of the women having her nails done, saw his gun, and pulled hers out, and he saw it, and left in a hurry.

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Thats a great story!

I love the story about the lady in the nail salon! I did not grow up around guns, no one in my family had them, and I really have never felt like I needed one for safety. I carried mace with me for a while until my friends fiancé pointed out how little use it would be in a dire situation. Now I am just considering carrying around a machete and chainsaw lol