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Karen Quinn Tostado wrote:

First of all, Thank each of YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the time, effort, energy and support through your participation in the United We Strike/United We Win Marathons. We could not have done it without you, and we are grateful for all these broadcasts...over 3 years worth! It has been a labor of love, which is a good thing, because the labor has been extensive, yet we've shown up once a month and put out some groundbreaking material we can all be proud of. (we could use help with archives)

Our countries and our world are falling quickly into the abyss of lies, war, fraud and corruption, without much, if any light at the end of the tunnel. Every day we continue living as usual, more atrocities are thrown at us from every angle and some we cannot even conceive of, but drones, never ending WAR and the threat of poverty to all of our children, should be motive enough to Unite us, at least one day a month, in peaceful non-compliance. Profit is clearly God for politicians, and dropping theirs will be noticed, monthly, as we grow and understand that we've all been turned into their corporate slaves. Well corporations only run as long as the employees show up.....

So what do we do? .
We educate ourselves. We follow the money. We learn and we share and at the same time we prepare ourselves for the worst by stocking food, survival and protection gear, water, generators, etc. And we send a message, once a month, by not participating as much as possible in the financial fraudulent system; we bring our lunch if we must work, we don't buy gas, we don't purchase the newspaper, and we turn OFF our televisions...(that in itself will send a message). We take a day to step back from the collective brink until our numbers become so great that no longer can the criminals in power ignore us. When profit drops steadily they will pay attention, and when enough of us participate, we will be able to DEMAND the changes we seek!

Imagine millions if not billions of us, safe within our homes (those who have homes) tending to our children, our lives, our communities, fully prepared to live off the grid. Imagine having enough to sustain ourselves so we're not out marching, or picketing, or being targeted individually, but leaving whole cities with empty streets, banks, corporate stores, and no big profit for criminals. Imagine these empty streets for a consecutive number of days......will it be uncomfortable? Yes. but not as much for those who are not prepared, and there is NO WAY to reverse our situation without personal sacrifice. Imagine growing our numbers to millions who refuse to participate in ANYTHING until:

All fraudulent debt is cancelled and an immediate Global Cease Fire is declared, with all military sent home to their countries to help rebuild.
All geo engineering, fracking, and destructive practices are stopped, etc, etc, etc.

And in the meantime all of the projects we work on individually can also be connected to action plans we take on the 15th! Maybe it's phone calls, or writing letters, or articles, whatever it is, when we take collective action, we empower ourselves, regardless of our differences. It can be day of Resistance for all activists!

So this year we're evolving and the marathons are as well. If you'd like to participate, we'd LOVE to have you, but we want also to support each other. We'll post your banner and you can post ours, which will help "brand" this movement. If you want to come on live and participate in Round Table discussions that promote action steps on the 15th, as well as the site and action you're promoting, then let me know and we'll figure out times. If you are not behind the 15th but want to promote peaceful non-compliance and UWS you can record a segment and we'll play it after our live portion on the marathon.

Right now we're going to start in German at 9am EST, 6am PST, then in English at 11am est, 8am pst. We'll continue with Detlev in Switzerland and be joined by other friends and activists in the UK. Then we'll have a segment of American voices, and we'll see where we go from there. No set time to end yet, we'll play it by ear, but this is not going to be an all day marathon, more of a new beginning with ideas and exchanges. We will debut our newly updated site, thanks to Alan & Scorpion,and the great new chat room which can be used to make international connections and get news out. If you want to listen, tune in and join us. If you are interested in helping us grow, or produce, or archive, or host, contact me. KarenSQT@gmail.com

Again, Thank You, each ONE of you, for your help and support of United We Strike. Now in 2013, it's back to our roots and basic message:
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why?

Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!

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