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Reality Check: Gun and Homicide Rates

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One word:


How many Chimpanzees can

How many Chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin.. LMAO!!!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


Is the MAN!!! :)

Ben does it again!

Is there a way to send this to Piers?

Oooops.. left out the 74% comment that Alex made

That's very pertinent being that they are trying to ban guns for law abiding citizens. Morgan is liar.. sure he wants them banned like that whore feinstein.

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"Ba-ba-ba-Benny and the facts...."

Bump, bump, bump-bump, bump....

Get this info out there to

Get this info out there to Piers Morgan

he would say

"we're not talking about crime. we're talking about mass murder. THINK OF THE CHILDREN."

We already know the obvious retort to that..